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Aint It Funny by CynFinnegan
Mature content
Aint It Funny :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 4 2
Hilde In a Gundam Astrosuit by CynFinnegan Hilde In a Gundam Astrosuit :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 4 1 Gundam Wing Remastered, Ep One: The Meteor She Saw by CynFinnegan
Mature content
Gundam Wing Remastered, Ep One: The Meteor She Saw :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 3 0
Mondays by CynFinnegan Mondays :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 2 1
Snippet Saturday
From The Meteor She Saw...
Quatre, Sahara Desert
A squadron of fifteen Leos progressed through the desert spreading across the Arabian Peninsula, heading to investigate the crash site of one of the capsules sighted on the surveillance radar.  They couldn't see any of their surroundings but the endless desert sands, rolling like the waves of the ocean.
Minutes later, they found the empty capsule half-buried in the golden sand, its parachute fluttering in the wind behind it.
"You're sure this was where the enemy transport fell?" the troop commander asked over their comm link.
"Yes, sir," came the reply.
"I don't see anything here."
Three hundred meters from the crash site, the scene changed completely as the platoon found themselves surrounded.  Some ten mobile suits had been lying in wait, and they rose from the sands and assumed formation around the Leos, their weapons at the ready.
The mobile suits were built for the purpose of deser
:iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 1 2
Mature content
A Space Between the Stars, Part One: Cat's Side :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 0 2
Where the Heart Is
Where the Heart Is
Chapter Summary: Catherine finds out that what she's felt was true all along.
Pairing(s): None
Rating: T
Chapter Warnings: Some angst, three paragraph challenge.

Catherine Bloom smiled as she hung up the phone.  She knew it all along, but it was still a pleasant shock to hear what she'd felt was true, that Trowa was really her long-lost baby brother, Triton.  She thought he might be after their first performance together, when he'd stripped off his clown's vest and she saw the small, white burn scar near the nape of his neck.  Hell, she'd had a DNA test done during the war, shortly before he took off with Hiiro, but due to a screw up at the lab, it had been only seventy-five percent positive.
He never did ask her about the new toothbrush, and all it had taken to get a better test done was Trowa applying for a job with Preventer after saving the world for a third time.
Doctor Po had informed her that she'd tell Trowa of their relationship
:iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 0 2
Chapter Summary: Sally waits for the results of five special DNA tests. Part of theplottinghousewife's Three Paragraph Challenge.
Pairing(s): None.
Chapter Warnings: None.

Sally Po sat at her computer, waiting for test results. Unbelievably, all five Gundam pilots allowed their DNA to be entered into the Family Reunification Office's database in the hope that someone out there knew who three of them were. Within minutes, a pinging noise alerted her that the tests were finished running.
"Well, I'll be damned," the pretty Chinese-American doctor said to a lab tech with a grin as she checked the results on the monitor. "I'll be double damned. I expected results for Hiiro, Duo, and Trowa, but not for him, too. I'd better print these up and get them to Director Une, but first I need to make a phone call."
Sally hit the print tab on the screen, and while she waited for the test results to finish printing, she made a vidphone call. Cathy Bloom was in for one hel
:iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 0 3
Liam Hemsworth as Treize Khushrenada by CynFinnegan Liam Hemsworth as Treize Khushrenada :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 2 0 For All Tomorrow's Lies, Chapter1 by CynFinnegan
Mature content
For All Tomorrow's Lies, Chapter1 :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 1 0
Shatter Me, Chapter Two by CynFinnegan
Mature content
Shatter Me, Chapter Two :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 1 0
Danielle Rose Russell as Relena Peacecraft by CynFinnegan Danielle Rose Russell as Relena Peacecraft :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 3 1 Shatter Me, Chapter One by CynFinnegan
Mature content
Shatter Me, Chapter One :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 3 1
Let Slip the Gods of War, Chapter Seven by CynFinnegan
Mature content
Let Slip the Gods of War, Chapter Seven :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 5 1
Bruce Campbell Birthday Card by CynFinnegan Bruce Campbell Birthday Card :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 2 0 Not a Space Heart Wimp - DTS English vers. by CynFinnegan Not a Space Heart Wimp - DTS English vers. :iconcynfinnegan:CynFinnegan 10 3


Miraculous:AU!Lady by ChibItaliaSweet91 Miraculous:AU!Lady :iconchibitaliasweet91:ChibItaliaSweet91 43 3 Mari the Witch by SonderCabbage Mari the Witch :iconsondercabbage:SonderCabbage 8 0 CatNoir by Altair1272 CatNoir :iconaltair1272:Altair1272 21 0 ladynoir by ChooHee ladynoir :iconchoohee:ChooHee 11 1 squad by Copiani squad :iconcopiani:Copiani 49 5 Nathalie by scorpiuzz Nathalie :iconscorpiuzz:scorpiuzz 23 6 Ladynoir Being a Generally Bomb Couple by SonderCabbage Ladynoir Being a Generally Bomb Couple :iconsondercabbage:SonderCabbage 31 3 Ladrien Chibi! [Miraculous Ladybug] by RomynaMusicbright Ladrien Chibi! [Miraculous Ladybug] :iconromynamusicbright:RomynaMusicbright 30 3 Visiting the Ancestors by SonderCabbage Visiting the Ancestors :iconsondercabbage:SonderCabbage 16 3 Miraculous Aaah Kawaii05 by heitor-jedi Miraculous Aaah Kawaii05 :iconheitor-jedi:heitor-jedi 118 6 Queen bee by heitor-jedi Queen bee :iconheitor-jedi:heitor-jedi 46 4 Stolen - page 216 by RenRou Stolen - page 216 :iconrenrou:RenRou 26 28 Stolen - page 215 (English) by RenRou Stolen - page 215 (English) :iconrenrou:RenRou 22 3
Black Eyes and Broken Teeth: A Miraculous Fanfic 4
Ever since Marinette gave her friends their Miraculous back, they had all agreed to take shifts together during nightly patrols. Tonight was Chloe and Marinette’s turn, but Adrien, lonely and wanting to be with his Lady, decided to tag along, not that the girls didn’t mind his company.  They were just about to wrap up with one more hour of patrol, however, Chloe, AKA Queen Bee, seemed very distracted. Something was on her mind, and it was making her upset.
“Something wrong, Bee?” said Chat. “Yeah, Queenie. You’ve been quiet all night.” said Ladybug. Queen Bee sighed. “I’m just worried about Sabrina.” she admitted. “Sabrina?” said Chat. “Oh yeah, she’s been really sick, hasn’t she?” said Ladybug. “Yeah. She’s been bedridden all week, and I haven’t heard from her since I last saw her.” said Queen Bee. “I’m so worried about her. She means a lot to me, yo
:iconsamvadar:samvadar 1 0
Shinji crying over Robin Willaims' death by menslady125 Shinji crying over Robin Willaims' death :iconmenslady125:menslady125 10 17 Genie (Speed Drawing) by CHCHcartoons Genie (Speed Drawing) :iconchchcartoons:CHCHcartoons 21 8


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Normally, I don't use prompts, but this dialogue one was too good to pass up.  It's told from Quatre's first-person perspective.
"I should go," I said, grabbing my jacket off the back of the chair.  Coming up to Trowa's apartment was a big mistake and I knew it, but some part of me was looking for... what... closure?  A happy ever after?  Sorry, but if life's taught me anything, it's that closure is a joke, and happy ever after is for fairy tales.

"Yet you'll end up staying anyway, Cat.  We both know it," the man in question replied sheepishly, and I felt laughter bubble up in my throat.

"That's not true. I can't be that predictable."

"If you were going to leave, you'd already be out the door.  When you do something you aren't sure about, you always do it fast to get it over with before you can overthink it.  You're predictable because I know you."

Suddenly, my mirth turned to anger.  How dare he presume I was the same hopeless, lovesick boy whose heart he'd crushed a year and a half ago?  That guy died in a shuttle explosion nearly a year ago with no one to care either way, and I wasn't him anymore.

"You used to know me, Trowa," I snarled.  "I'm not the same person I was.  He's dead, and I'm leaving."

"And if I was the person I used to be, I'd let you go.  But I'm not.  You're staying."

"Wow, talk about a reversal of roles.  Now you're the one who cares too much."

"I've always cared, Cat."

"Not enough.  And not about me."

And with that, I walked out and closed the door, then ran for the sidewalk as fast as my legs would carry me.
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Cynthia J. Finnegan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Let's see ... I was born in Salinas, California in 1963, eight days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy; discovered that I wanted to be a writer at the tender age of ten; discovered the original Captain Marvel (who was the inspiration for many manga characters) a year later, and started writing my own Marvel Family stuff soon after. Discovered manga and anime in the late 1980s, thanks to Macross and Voltron, and remain a fan of mecha.

Writing wise, like James Patterson and Mercedes Lackey, I tend to work on several stories at once, and yes, I can keep the events of each separate from the others.

After rediscovering Gundam Wing and Rurouni Kenshin (two animes I hadn't seen since they first aired on Toonami) last month, I felt they would be good series to broaden my writing palette on, instead of being "stuck" in a rut on one subject.

My future series will include:

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Heroes of the Future, which kicks off with Project Neverland, after that, an expanded "novelization" of Episode Zero: Preventer Five (which takes place on Relena's 17th birthday).

The second, The Archangel System, has new Preventer members (an OCs, the boys from G-Unit/The Last Outpost and one very surprising one), and the boys trying to write a replacement for the ZERO System.

The third, The Hand of Sorrow, revolves around the return of OZ. It's fairly Quatre and Trowa centric and darker than the others, but it has some humor and a few surprises, too. I won't be publishing the FULL version of HoS here because while I consider its rating to be an "M," this site will probably consider it an "MA" because of violent content. The ORIGINAL title of this was "The Phoenix Faction," which I might change it back to. There are a LOT of fics with the title "Hand of Sorrow".

Universe-S: The Director's Cut, though self-explanatory, are expanded rewrites of my Yahoo stories.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: A New Generation involves the children of the original After Colony Gundam pilots, and ties into Heroes of the Future.

Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of the Wanderer, most of which take place between the ending of Trust and Betrayal and Chapter One of the manga.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Band on the Run, where the regular AC Relena receives a head injury from an accident, and dreams she's an orphan named Cecile who becomes a Gundam pilot herself.

There's also a series of GW one-shots that will cover some stuff, including how Hiiro wound up with his biological father, Odin Lowe, and how Quatre's parents met.

Completed Stories:

Let Me Sleep

GW Crossovers:

Finding Triton: A Harry Potter/Gundam Wing crossover based on an idea I'd been playing around with, that of Trowa being Harry's and Ginny's son, born while they're still at Hogwarts, in-between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.

For the Love of a Boy: Don't let the title fool you; it's another Harry Potter/Gundam Wing crossover that plays with another trope, the boys "adopting" Harry during the War, and was inspired by SC Round Robins "Everybody Needs A Hero."

Gundam And Thunder: Based on another idea I've been toying around with. Don't know if I'll include Zechs.

Other crossovers will be with Fullmetal Alchemist, Doctor Who, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (thanks, Sapphie & Blaze!)

Alternate Universe/Alternate Reality:

Guardian: (Time After Time arc) Alternate Universe; takes place in modern-day New York City. A lonely boy, made homeless by a violent, unforgiving father, plays his violin in the subway to shut out the horrors of the world. Another lonely boy, alone but for one sister, wants to protect him.

The Hawk and the Wolf: The tale of a pair of lovers: a knight errant and a foreign prince, cursed to always be together, yet eternally apart. They are joined by a thief, a wandering swordsman, an assassin and an old priest to fulfill a prophesy and destroy the curse. Loosely based on the movie Ladyhawke.


Gundam Wing: Hiiro & Relena, Duo & Hilde (sorry, 1x2 shippers), Trowa & Quatre, Wu Fei & Sally (though more as friends), Zechs & Noin.

My Gundam Wing Page on Facebook: Gundam Wing - The Pilots

My fansites: The Fawcett Universe and Gundam Wing Fans



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