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After the police were alerted of the gator777777 account, it was found har Glenn Glatz had violated his peobation and it was shut down. This month it's said he's had a hearing in court. I'm waiting to see what happened.

This, people, is the power of spreading a warning to others. It wasn't the cleanest operation, but at least we got the word out and warned more kids before they got hurt.


Glenn is back, and he's under this user: :icongator777777: I love how when I tried to question him on it, he immediately went back to insulting me... Classic Glenn Glatz... Get off of deviantART, and tell your little Tsukino to get off of my page. I see her in my StatCounter all the time.

It has come to my attention that Glenn is now in the custody of police. The FBI tip worked.A huge shoutout to :iconteslarossa: for letting me use this screenshot. And a huge shoutout to all of you for spreading this like wildfire. Thank you so much for helping us put this terrible man away... And to those who in the comments says he "repented for his sins" he's going to pay for his crimes yet again because he committed them yet again... Here's hoping this time, he goes away and never comes back out...

   Now, this does not mean that this journal will be taken down just yet. Honestly, if any evidence from here can help the FBI then they can look all they please. Once I know for sure that Glenn has been convicted, this will be taken down. Just make sure he goes to jail, please. We don't need someone this dangerous roaming the streets.

Glenn Is Arrested by Teslarossa

PeterGriffinIsLove, better known as ManGlenn, is a REGISTERED. SEX. OFFENDER. Stay tuned till the end of this video for proof. Spread this around. PLEASE. We don't need another one of these monsters on deviantART...

And Glenn, if you're reading this... You obviously have not learned from your past mistakes. Stay the FUCK away from those girls, get off the internet, and GET. HELP.

This just makes me sick to my stomach... The fact that a 60 year old man is going after a 14 year old GIRL. Not woman, GIRL. Normally I would say pathetic people such as you aren't worth the gunk off the bottom of my shoe, but you know what? When you've got two or possibly more girls wrapped around your boney finger (Yuki, I'm looking at you) YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO PRISON AND ROT THERE.

Links to other journals:

<da:thumb id="580643292"/>
ManGlenn: Serious Pedophile! Please Read! + UPDATEI'll start from the beginning. Remember my journal from a couple days ago? When I was accused as a pedophile defender? Well after that, a bunch of us from that list made a group on skype and we've been talking. :icondisappointed-gastly: was bored and started creepin. She was just looking at the profiles on the list and found :iconmanglenn:. His profile was creepy!! He had a picture of himself showing he's an older man (he's 59) plus many stamps that said things like "I love pink panties" and "donate me your panties". That's where it started. We were messing around and I looked through the stamps he favorited. 2 of them really caught my eye. One said "Little girls x monsters" and the other said "make awkward sexual advances not war".
Here's all the stamps I found to be creepy; 

Oops I didn't circle it, but this one is the first stamp. "virgin and loving it".

UPDATE: This is what happened when I tried talking to him. I will admit I got a bit violent/salty, however I have a sister about the same age as his "lover" and it's downright disgusting... THIS. Was what happened.Convo Glenn 1 by Feza-Kitsune

Convo Glenn 2 by Feza-Kitsune

Convo Glenn 3 by Feza-Kitsune
That last link is to his file in the sex offender database. I would have continued, however he blocked me and hid this entire convo... Other than a comment about the "fetishes" I have. Apparently, I'm "perverted for breathing life into something that is not real" when we have PROOF that he's a sex offender. Seriously. Note me and I will give you his name.

And another thing. I looked back at the video Tesla did. GLENN COMMENTED. WE NOW HAVE HIS GOOGLE. The nail in the coffin is in his favorites, where THAT GIRL is the very first thing you see. I have warned her and I hope she sees. She may be of age, however you should be aware of what your "friends" are doing.

Some of the photos are suggestive, it is the girl's right to post as she pleases. I only used her in a screenshot as more proof that this is Glenn. Please understand I hold nothing against the woman and her photos, I wouldn't do them myself, but as long as she's of age that's okay.

Glenn by Feza-Kitsune


Hey everyone, so I decided to look into Glenn's page... Well not only did he make an indirect about me being a slut (and possibly a big fat ho) but it appears he's not learning. He's treating all of this AS A JOKE. Here are the screenshots, I will get them in order when I get to my computer again. Also, just so you know... Glenn apparently has a fan! I sure hope they're a troll. -3-"

Well there's this. Which, he indirected her in his own comments calling a 14 year old a vile woman. After saying she has a "nasty mouth"... Really? With the shit that you spew, you're saying SHE HAD A NASTY MOUTH?

I was told to give credit by :iconxxsnekerdoodlexx: who showed me this conversation. Glenn tried to split up two friends by talking shit about both of them. Smooth move.

So he basically tells each person to be careful of each other... When it's stated they're friends. Not to mention, this will show up a lot... He's asking everybody if they want candy. GLENN. BAD. NO.

This next one was just... Ugh. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Then again, all of these did so... Yeah. Just read. Someone tried to trick him into criminal acts because apparently he can't keep it in his pants- I mean what? Sorry. It's late. I'm tired. When I'm tired I get VERY sassy.

Glenn. Really? You do realize by going along with this troll, you just make yourself look WORSE!? And it only gets better from here folks! There will be a space break between each convo.


Keep in mind, the recent comments get pushed to the top... So he sent that sweet one then went back to dig in his claws... Smooooth...

And finally, the coup de gras... The supporter. They came onto my journal trying to say I had no proof and I was just giving him the publicity he wanted. Well, this publicity could get him jailed, sooo... Yeah. Anyway. This is the screenshot. I'm not making this up.

EDIT: So this was given to me by someone who had come to the journal... I thought it would be rather useful. There are five screenshots, please click on the link below.

And... I thought I would add something else. See, I contacted LoisGriffinIsLove about this. I wasn't abrasive or trying to be offensive, just voicing my concerns about the situation... This is what I sent her.
Lois Convo 1 by Feza-Kitsune
Not too bad, right? Well... I was checking deviantart and I saw a note from her. Sure enough, I opened it... At first I thought it was her agreeing with me... Until I got past the point where it said that "most of the girls do not know what they are missing." Sure enough, she sent me THIS NOTE. Not only am I angry that she's talking down to me, but apparently her and Glenn were talking about my hair. About how it was "so stiff, it could cut something" and how it was a "mop"... I'll let you guys read the note and everything else before I go off about a slight tangent about that. Which by the way, I tried to reply but she now has me blocked. Although, chances are she's been on my page and probably will be still.
Lois Convo 2 by Feza-Kitsune
Lois Convo 3 by Feza-Kitsune
Lois Blocked by Feza-Kitsune

...Okay, FIRST OFF. I know that she just did that whole hair thing to piss me off, and it fucking worked. -_- I am sorry for the language, but I will admit I am not in a good mood. For your information, my hair is actually quite soft and I take very good care of it. It's been growing out from the very shaggy boy-cut it was and I am currently letting it grow out so I can do more with it. Sorry if you don't like it, but I happen to enjoy my blue hair and how poofy it can get.
  Second off, calling yourself beautiful and sexy... Then saying you laugh-farted. Um... Doesn't that contradict itself right there? And finally, you probably didn't even read what I had written to you. Most likely you saw it was me, told Glenn, then he went to town bashing me. Just like he does to everyone else. And furthermore... I was trying to HELP YOU. HE'S 60 YEARS OLD! He's old enough to be your GRANDFATHER!

Anyway... I'm not going to make this any longer because if I do I might get even more catty... And I'd rather not bitch to you guys about it. Just please look at the new evidence.

UPDATE 2..? Maybe?

Hey everyone, I apologize for updating again. However, my friend Tali decided to cover it. It's a hangouts on air, a simple livestream about a half hour long. She was uh... Long story short, not too happy about the fact that someone like this is on deviantART.
 Tali thank you for adding your input. GO watch this girl. She's a major sweetheart. :icontalithestrange:


And now... Something I should have done in the first place. I just didn't have all the accounts by their current names and things of that nature. Really, I should be thanking you guys for covering this. All I did was spread the word. In fact, it was THESE people who pulled back the layers to show who Glenn really is. Please, go watch them. Don't just go and watch me, which by the way I've gained a total of exactly 72 WATCHERS in these three short days. I was lucky to get that many in three months... Thank you for that. I'm glad morality hasn't completely gone down the drain.

Here is the list of the people who put together the other journals and the video... I just added onto them. Sweating a little...

:iconzhengjiuyishu: :iconsataen: :icondisappointed-gastly: :iconcandiitea: :iconjustsquidsyay: :iconunusualkitten: :iconnixlasher: :iconkeik-arkinshock: :iconsh-productions: :iconyanderepimp: :iconjessi-matsu: :iconteslarossa:

These people here are the real reason this got out here, not me. Go watch all of them. They definitely deserve it after all that hard work.

Another thing- I'd like to thank you all reading this and sharing this around. Because of you guys, this very important journal is now under the popular section... Which means so many more people are going to see it. All of you are amazing.

For now, we'll just have to keep reporting him to deviantart and the authorities... He can't stay hidden behind his screen forever... Glenn, you will be going back to prison for what you have done.

This has been Luna and the awesome people who helped me learn about Glenn's terrible deeds in the first place... Stay safe, stay sane everyone :) (Smile)


UPDATE: Okay, so clearly through the continuation of evidence being given to me I have to keep updating. I'd like this to be the place where all of our evidence is kept. If you have anything against this user, please send me a note and I will put it all in here. I can check comments, and I will every now and then however I can't go hunting through the stash links and things like that. I'm just a college student trying to get the word out. Every screenshot will be added onto the bottom to keep it simple whenever someone sees this is updated. 

First off, this one rather alarmed me. I will say this girl is underage that he said this to, she doesn't want her age on dA which I respect. This was especially disgusting... Telling a girl to be put in chains? And calling a virgin a slut? Meanwhile this man is grooming girls who might be younger than her for sex... Oh just wait. There's so much more.

PEDO ALARM by KamashiHaimura

Second, someone found his alternate account if he tries to come back if dA finally bans him.… but I should say this: DO NOT ENGAGE. As much as you might want to give him a piece of your mind, I should have said this before. If he runs to this account, simply report. Please.

We also have a comment stack someone wanted me to share. This user is quite young, I assume between 13 and 15? Either way. He's threatening people for messing with his underage friend... Not cool man. :| (Blank Stare)…

Oh this next one... I can't even. He's trying to defend a stamp about sexualizing little girls and boys. I just want to say this- He appears to be trying to go against that stamp however with all the stuff on his page... We think otherwise. And the fact that he said people would burn in hell with their master Satan... I'm starting to think that he's highly religious? Oy... Not to bash on people who are heavily religious, but when you have people randomly shoving it down people's throats that annoys me.

Here's the link:…

And now this one... Okay, :iconyukichandesu: I want you know you're not alone. I know you're afraid of him. If you block him now and his "lover" you'll be safe. I promise. I know we had our creative differences, but you do NOT deserve this. Now, this was sent to me by one of the people who looked into Glenn more than I did... Honestly Yuki just sounds afraid at this point. And after reading the notes I can see why... This is proof that Glenn is outwardly seeking young girl's locations. Also, I understand these notes are from November, however they are still relevant because he's continuing his acts and Yuki is too afraid to leave him... Listen, dear. You're the same age as my sister. I will NOT let someone like this come after you. He doesn't have your location, he's got nothing on you. Block him and feel that weight lifted off your chest.

Editing done by Zhegnjju.

1 by ZhengjiuYishu
2 by ZhengjiuYishu
3 by ZhengjiuYishu
4 by ZhengjiuYishu
5 by ZhengjiuYishu

Okay Yuki, Zheng saved these because she was concerned. You don't deserve something like this... Block all of his accounts if there are more than two, stay as far away from him as you can. Keep all your private info offline, you may give your age but always ask for theirs. That way people like Glenn don't come back and then I have to make another rant about them...

This one was brought to my attention again, this was my convo with Yuki and well, Glenn commented on it... He's clearly just "talking smack at that point" I mean... Really. You're sixty. Please act your age and not your shoe size.

Yuki and Glenn 1 by Feza-Kitsune
Yuki and Glenn 2 by Feza-Kitsune
Yuki and Glenn 3 by Feza-Kitsune

I also took other screenshots of the comments he left on her face reveal, and the way he replied to someone else trying to warn Yuki...

I might barf by Feza-Kitsune
Creepy by Feza-Kitsune
Oh Gawd No by Feza-Kitsune

The fact that he WENT BACK TO HER FACE REVEAL and looked at the convo we had only to insult my hair (which is very childish...) then left another comment... I just- No. Bad Glenn. BAD. And Yuki, you must be a damn good actress...

And after everyone going to warn Yuki... This is how she responds to people on her page. Yuki. People are concerned, you admitted in notes that you were afraid. You might not "want to hear it" but it's NOT A GAME. This guy violated a five year old girl... And don't think he's not above doing the same to you. 
Yuki Come On by Feza-Kitsune

Another thing that alarmed me VERY MUCH SO. Yukisama24, who I will not link, tried to stick up for Glenn. At first I wasn't gonna show this, but this is a notestack that went between her and Glenn... And the fact that you're moving near where he is, is very alarming. Please note, supposedly she could not screenshot on her tablet so I am not sure how "credible" this is. However, with the mounting evidence against him and the fact that this girl tried to defend him is still cause for alarm. She has stated in a comment to me she will no longer be moving near him, but I still worry.

Please do not go off and harass this user. I would like it if you left your opinion on this alleged notestack in the comments below.
Conversation #1----------
PeterGriffinislove said the following:
i will do anything i can to help,  everything i can
but i dont see how i can help until August 4!
yukisama24 said the following:
Well I'm still deciding
Manglenn said the following:
it is just not possible for me to come get you until you are 18. i cannot risk getting in trouble. i wish i could, but i have to stay out of trouble with the law.
yukisama24 said the following:
I don't think I can
Manglenn said the following:
are you gonna hang in there for me? so maybe you can come stay here with me? all you have to do is hang on for 9 more months, then you can start living a fun and good life here. you won't have to worry about paying bills if you don't have the money.
yukisama24 said the following:
I don't know and I don't care anymore
Manglenn said the following:
so done, as in you are quitting school? what will your parents say?
yukisama24 said the foll

In she takes down the stash link, I have it screenshotted. Read from bottom to top please.
YukiSama and Glenn 3 by Feza-Kitsune
YukiSama and Glenn 2 by Feza-Kitsune
YukiSama and Glenn 1 by Feza-Kitsune

Anyway... That's it for now. Be sure to send in those screenshots.


There is a petition to get Glenn removed from dA. Please sign this!…

Also, there is this very extensive journal about pedophilia. Please read this.

Original journal by



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