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when your best friend is fire
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Burn all your problems away~!
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No one from you guys are pyromaniacs... 
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They said it was a phase when I set stuff ablaze.
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but it still hurts me
I play with fire all the time at my cabin XD
JackXAngelicaforever's avatar
LOL~! I am not the person who set's everything on fire. But I have a great love for fire, love looking at it, playing with it, and seeying it as life. :XD:
JackXAngelicaforever's avatar
Oh my, you reacted to such an old comment of mine haha.
KatryArt's avatar
Lol yeah, I like old stuff
snazzie-designz's avatar
Cool! Could i use this stamp on my page please?
cynders-song's avatar
yes, of course ^^
snazzie-designz's avatar
Wohooooo! I'm so going to burn things, I mean put that stamp on my page ;D
The-Chibbles's avatar
Wow. I'm honestly offended you would actually encourage such an awful form of mental instability. It's because of people like you that our societ-
*Piles of burned magazines, newpaper, books and lighters fall out of closet*
I...uh...I'm holding them for a friend?
cynders-song's avatar
You should be giving your "friend" a talking to then, not me ;)
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Pyromaniac here! Love it!
cynders-song's avatar
lol XD
glad you like it ^^
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It burns so pretty...
kitvor's avatar
I'm not a pyro~
*shoves lighter collection further under bed*

So using this stamp :heart:

cynders-song's avatar
And of course your not a pyro, just like im not
*shifty eyes*
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HOMG ^^ :love::love:
FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
(i ud use it bt i int gots subby )(can that count for an ego boost???)
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pyros-dream's avatar
i :love: fire ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!
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