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Taranth Ref Sheet

Artist // Hobbyist // Photography
My Bio

*Profile last time updated 18th of August 2020*

Welcome to my DA profile and hopefully you take a good look of my gallery where I upload usually photographs from conventions (cosplay) + meetings where I've been in.

How old are you?

30 years old at the moment


Taranth (name of my dragon sona as well)

Where do you live?

Finland. For sake of my privacy irl I don't give more details here

You single?

for now yes but not interested in having a mate <.<

What kind of things you like?

Dragons (Of course), Furries (judge me based on this and its easiest way to get banned by me <.< ), Watching anime, Playing games with my PS4 or PC (depends on mood), Reading, cosplaying and going to conventions where I can meet new people. I just try cut this list short but don't be scared to approach me to ask do I like something


Trolls. Keep even stealing my socks!

What is your computer OS?

Windows 10 with win7 style

Can you be found from example, Youtube?

Yes. there is link to my Youtube channel below

Whats your real name, Taranth?

only closest friends get to know it.

Whats your Skype?

No longer active that much but available


Yes I got Telegram

Do you got Steam?

Yes but once again note me discord? yes

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to list here
Favourite Movies
Would run out of space if would start to list them all :D
Favourite Writers
AuraGuardianHadou and several others who i've met here in DA
Favourite Games
Mostly Racing games but many others too. not listing all
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4 or PC at the moment. I do have other consoles as well.
If want to follow more of my photos without DA, please follow me in Twitter: thank you people :)

Happy new year 2020 people (recap of 10 years too)

Happy new year 2020 people (recap of 10 years too)

Happy new year 2020! I thought about writing such journal for long time but decided to do it here in DA for those who have been following me, from 2009 to beginning of 2020. When I first time joined, I did it to follow people, with no plan of ever sharing much content but overtime, I felt I should do that. But why don't we go back to times of the beginning? 2009-2010 I joined DA, I more was curious of see what people produce here. Username Cynderfan35 was sort of random one I came up with as 35 is one of my lucky numbers but also was big fan of Spyro games. I think this website truly helped with several things I had been struggling with, wh

christmas cards 2019 and other info

christmas cards 2019 and other info

Okay so despite it being not even December, I already now ask how many want christmas card from me? I know some of my close friends do and they are already on my list but I ask this now because currently in Finland our post system is on strike and I gonna send everything earlier than usual to make sure they make it. What is the deadline? I put deadline till 8th of December so that just in case late one arrives, I can still do something. I will try send all cards by 9th of December. Of course week ahead I will already be buying cards and doing other preparations so that there should not be last minute issues :) Important info also here: I

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Hey I got discord again
cynderfan35Hobbyist Photographer
^^ well if want, ya can have my discord, I send it in a note for ya :hug:
TheHeiosLairHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey omg long time no talk!!
cynderfan35Hobbyist Photographer
yep been long time, can't remember last time ^^'
TheHeiosLairHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea same, I was going through my page and the old set up changing a couple things and came across a "good buds" list and ya were on there, so I thought I'd get in touch with you again ^^
cynderfan35Hobbyist Photographer
heh i guess I've not been completely forgotten then ;)
I do still have some activity on this website but less than used to publishing stuff wise, due to fact that I more find it easier sometimes go with Twitter (I tweet out some pics there or just use telegram to send the pics to people). but do have plans for my DA website, if just got time always for it. I thought to release some pictures this year here, depending on what is good enough etc.
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