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Cymra Versus Witches Page 05

By cymra
Entering the witches' pithouse, Cymra finds himself facing an inescapable danger.

See the comic here:…

Created with C4D and Photoshop.
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© 2017 - 2021 cymra
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Can you link me to the sixth page? The link doesn't appear to lead to it?
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Sorry.  I had to take down the 6th page.   Too much for DA.
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Can you share it with me on
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Not without breaking DA guidelines.   

You can certainly see more by following the links on my profile page or the link above - just remember to remove the "s" from "https://" if the link seems broken.   Still, it's a 14 page comic.  So seeing page 6 alone doesn't get you much further in the story.
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I'm afraid I don't have any cryptocurrency.
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While cryptocurrency is an option, you'll find links (at the top of the Cymra Vs Witches page) to Drivethru Comics, Renderotica and vyx.cybrotica.   All of which provide many payment options.

You can see all the options available in more detail at my blog.…

Drivethru Comics being the cheapest with $2.50 PDF comics.
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