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:iconcylynix:Cylynix posted a status
im sorry
im so god damn sorry
i wanna go back and change it i really do for fucks sake why did i do it
what was i thinking
was i even thinking
im just so sorry
i hope you can forgive me someday
ill try to better this

Devious Comments

Chickenbread-Designs Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I know this feeling.
When I f*** up big times, I usually let a few days pass (like one or two days) and then try my best to excuse my behavior and hope that the others forgive me.
Doing Mistakes is just part of being human. In my experience everyone get's a second chance.
Like I was bullied in school and the same bullies actually came up to me in 8th class to tell me that they don't want to see me suffer anymore.
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