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:iconcylynix:Cylynix posted a status
god the almighty mythical being; lord and savior to the mortal that follow, creator of the sky above, the ground below and the soul within. i am a too a mythical being, origination none and follower to nobody. the savior of the mortals fears the power within me, the power i uphold and create, the potential within me. i am the true leader. the dark powers below, the blackness in the hearts of the cursed and dammed, Satan himself, my own kin, the father that created me, rejects me, as all knows that the power i withhold is too great for his world. i have been outcast and shammed upon by those who created me, the mortal sins ive committed and the atrocities ive created have deemed me too evil for my father, the ruler of hell and blackness and hatred that fuels him, too powerful to be mortal and too demonic to be a demon. although my time here is not in vein, i have a prophecy to withhold, i will return to the blackness that i emerged from, and take leadership once more from my father, the ruler and creator of hell. for these reason the father of the mortals and the creator of all fears me, god himself is against me for i am too powerful for my own good, and history will repeat itself once more. and i will once again commit the atrocities that lead me to be exiled, no matter what i do.

this needs to be remembered thank you @/wolfhowler9880 for this wonderful thing

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