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Here it is and here. We. Go! Commission prices are as follows:

To make a request note me either here or on Fur Affinity…. Whichever is convenient for you.

General Pricing:- Character limit is two. Any additional is $25.00 per character via color.You will have to pay the sum difference ($15.00) when upgrading
Additional characters via Digi-Sketch are $10.00.

Digi-Sketch – Simplistic quick sketches for a very low price. It’s an ideal for concepts or redesigning your fursona or character(s). These commissions can be upgraded for the other commission options as well. Upon completing a doodle and later upgrading, it’s a very high possibility that your desired colored commission version will look 10 times better. See each category pricing for the price difference you’d have to pay.
- Level 1 Sketch - $20.00 No shading, no background, just lines and… scribbles!
- Level 2 Sketch - $35.00 Minor shading included just enough to bring some life into the pic.
- Level 3 (MAX!) - $50.00 Includes a full background and shading details needed!
Flat Coloring add-on is +$10.00 to which ever Digi Doodle you choose. Adding 1 hue color or gradient overlay to the image is FREE OF CHARGE
Upgrading within the Digital Doodle categories? Just pay the difference from their prices IE: Level 1 upgrading to Level 3 = $30.

Line Art – If my coloring style isn’t good enough or you wish to experiment with colors on your character, you get the PNG file format version of your line art (You can have it as JPEG, TIFF, or BMP upon request). That way, you can get a better coloring artist to do his or her awesome photoshop/gimp/sai/corel… WHATEVER magic on the drawing. Also, you can UPGRADE this into a coloring commission at a later time when you feel like it! The price difference varies however so see the coloring commission section. The price additions are in parentheses. Backgrounds from Level 3 sketches are excluded from this option.
- Line Art - $45.00
($15.00 for upgrade from Level 1 commission)
($5.00 for upgrade from Level 2 commission)

Coloring – This is where your options are broken down into multiple categories here. All are based on the background type really. Your money, your choice, your picture. Gallery 

No Where category – A simple gradient background with maybe some lettering in the back is added. Y’know- just to break the plain look of the background unless you request for it to be that way.
($10.00 for upgrade from Line Art commission)
($20.00 for upgrade from Level 2 commission)
($35.00 for upgrade from Level 1 commission)

Abstract D-Zine category – From grungy to technical, this background style will bring out your character and make an excellent idea for poster printing or even a desktop background! See submission to pick your preset backdrop. Customization is optional for each preset like changing the color hues or layout.
($5.00 for upgrade from No Where commission)
($20.00 for upgrade from Line Art commission)
($35.00 for upgrade from Level 2 commission)
($45.00 for upgrade from Level 1 commission)

Reference Sheets - Character creation sheet by the users and for the commissioned artists. All ref sheets are done in flat colors with no shading. By default, the maximum dimensions I will draw a single character are 2 sides: Front and back, (side IF necessary upon my decision). There will be a break down of a color table for all important areas of the character displayed and a small bio (optional) as well. Please note that I will correct any and all grammar on character bio. The only exception is if something is intentionally spelled a certain way like "Kombat" instead of "Combat" or "CylenX" instead of "Silence". On top of that, you can construct your ref sheets through upgrades as well. This category is basically similar to that of an Abstract D-zine or or No Where category commission depending on what style background you wish to have. Please note that I allow one character per ref sheet and of course- SFW only.

$30.00 Level 1 Digital Doodle Style Ref Sheet
Flat Coloring add-on is +$10.00 to which ever Digi Doodle you choose. Adding 1 hue color or gradient overlay to the image is FREE OF CHARGE
Upgrading within the Digital Doodle categories? Just pay the difference: Level 1 upgrading to Level 2 = $15.

$50.00 Line Art Style Ref Sheet
$15.00 for upgrade from Level 1 Digital Doodle

$70.00 No Where Style Ref Sheet
($35.00 for upgrade from Level 1 Digital Doodle)
($15.00 for upgrade from Line Art)

$90.00 Abstract D-Zine Style Ref Sheet
($55.00 for upgrade from Level 1 Digital Doodle)
for upgrade from Line Art)

Character Props via coloring are $10 per. Digi Doodle is $5 per.
IE: Close ups of hair details, Markings layout, Close up of eyes for details, or making an alternate outfit.
You do not have to pay the sum difference when upgrading this.

E-Z Grounds– From open sunny grass fields to an eerie dark room with a wooden floor, you’ll get a nice simplistic backdrop for your furry character to add some adventure into whatever they’re doing!
($30.00 for upgrade from No Where commission)
($40.00 for upgrade from Line Art commission)
($60.00 for upgrade from Levels 1 and 2 commission)

Buy or accumulate 3 of these commission styles and get the 4th No Where style commission FREE!

Full D-Tail – This is where you get the whole shebang like a V.I.P. treatment:
- Free concept sketches
- Option to get a line version of your character and
- Option to get a free preset (non-customizable) of Abstract D-Zine type background of your solo character

You can’t beat that for paying such a price! That’s basically 3+ free pics AND your fully detailed background featuring your character. This is where I put my all into the picture as I do with my own artwork on a daily. With no stone left unturned, your picture will have every detail that I can possibly throw at it.
($70.00 for upgrade from No Where commission)
($75.00 for upgrade from Level MAX! commission)
($85.00 for upgrade from Line Art commission)
($110.00 for upgrade from Levels 1 and 2 commission)

Buy or acquire 3 of these commission styles and get the 4th Abstract or No Where style commission FREE!

deviantART NOTICE deviantART 

At any time, I may do a “Free Recall” on your paid commission to make it look better. This benefit is for all categories except for Digi-Doodle. You will be noted for permission to do so. Likely-hood for it to happen is very slim varying on my time schedule.
When I submit my copy, the places that will show up will be the following web sites:

- FurAffinity
- Deviant Art
- SoFurry
- Weasyl

You have the right to disallow posting on any or all of those listed. Any other web site posting is not done by me what so ever. Any other web site I’ve opened an account on for posting will be listed here in this section.
When working on commissions, I will high and likely send you a link to my stream so you can have a look at the progress and even correct me if I make any mistakes on your character.
Pictorial character references are highly encouraged over text description. Either or will do just fine nonetheless. Please link me to the refs if need to be. No, I will not look through your gallery to find the character you want me to draw. That is your responsibility to provide the refs up front, not me taking time away to go treasure hunting for your refs.
Once transactions are complete, all sales are final. There is no refund for your picture(s). There will not be a fully redrawn image after sending you the original. You can only request to have certain things readjusted to an extent no longer than a month after it has been completed. Consider the picture having a "warranty" ^_^

FAQ: The Cans and Cannots (Please Read!) I've got too much work to do. 

Q: Do you draw PrOn?
A: Not at all. That includes tasteful nudity as well. Teasers are accepted though! And off subject, but still a "No Go" in my books, no... M... L... P.Okay... Moving on now... 

Q: What about tasteful nudity?
A: Same applies. The farthest I will go however is nudity with no bits- males included. Police 

Q: How long does it take for you to finish a drawing? Ohm... Ohm... 
A: Like most artists or people in general, this isn’t my job profession so therefore time is not guaranteed. Sometimes it can take anywhere from a day to nearly a week when fully focused on the project. All depends on work and whatever else happens around me.

Q: Do I pay up front or after you finish a picture? Buy My Prints Please 
A: You pay AFTER the picture is done. Once it is completed, I will link you to a stream so you can get a look at the picture. If you’re satisfied, send payment via Paypal (note me for address) and I will immediately send a Dropbox link of your picture as soon as I get the notification that you sent payment. If you are somehow unable to recieve the file, then I can E-mail it.

Q: Upon my picture's delivery, I don’t want to give my personal E-mail out to other people. Can you post it and I download it from there? Email 
A: I respect that option greatly. Your privacy is never shared with others. It's a 99.9% chance that you will get your finished picture via Dropbox link since I can quickly send you the file from there.

Q: Why can’t I pay up front? Buy My Prints Please 
A: Same reason why you don’t pay a cashier up front when you go shopping. I prefer for you to hold on to your money so that way if I take too long on a pic, then at least you have the option to drop the commission request. Or if you’re in dire need of cash and the commission money is all you have left, then by all means use it! Furry pictures can wait, real situations can’t.

Q: Can I post the picture in my gallery? OMG MOAR POEMS! 
A: Absolutely! Once the picture is out of my hands and into yours, I don’t care what you do with it. All I ask is that you don’t alter the stamped signature. However, the entire image IS digitally watermarked by Digimarc so my identity for proof of who drew the picture is there. Nonetheless, I ask please do not alter the signature. The signature’s opacity will be set to where it won’t obstruct the picture.

Q: My computer crashed and I’ve lost my copy of what you drew!  Grr. 
A: I have all artwork backed up in various ways. God forbid if you face such a dilemma, I will send all paid artwork to you. If I lose everything for a backup… well… we’re both S.O.L. aren’t we? LoL

Q: I don’t have the funds to pay for the picture at the moment. Angered 
A: It’s ok. There is no time limit to how long you must pay. I can wait for your payment before sending the picture. Situations can happen and I fully understand. Like I mentioned before, pictures can wait, real life situations can’t. I will not submit my copy online until payment is complete.

Q: I’ve waited months to get that pic from you! What’s the deal?  Bored 
A: If you have waited for over 2 months, a free Level 1 will be done for you or I will reduce the price of the commission. If you’ve already requested a Level 1 commission, then it will be upgraded to Level 2 free of charge. Level 2 purchases will be upgraded to Max. Anything above Digi-Doodle will only be Level 1 or reduced price. Sometimes, you may be lucky to have the sketch be upgraded to a No Where commission free of charge! *Ahem* But please understand that this all depends on the mood and time though. This only applies to those who have registered in the official slot commissioning, not under-the-table. Under-the-table requests does not apply nor take priority over those who have officially registered.

Q: I’ve realized an error in the pic you’ve sent me. Can you fix it?  omfg 
A: Absolutely! No customer should walk away with an inaccurate drawing of his or her character. Please notify me within a month after completion of any errors. I cannot fix what is not pointed out so please speak upon completion or forever hold your peace... with errors. I will also not adjust or correct an image that may as well be redrawn. (This is why it is imperative for the user to arrive during streams even if it is for a moment.)

Q: I want to include someone else’s character into the commission, is that okay? Hug 
A: Yes, it is but please have the original owner note me giving me the ok to do so. I cannot draw someone else’s character without their direct permission.

Q: I want this picture to be a surprise picture for my friend. How can I do this with their creation?  :happybounce: 
A: The same rules apply. The best way to go about this is to ask if it’s ok to let “someone else” draw their character. Screen cap that reply you got from the owner and send to me as proof. If the user has anything that relates to saying, “…you can draw my character at free will…” link me to that user’s page so I can see for myself. If nothing relates to drawing their character at free will, then I cannot draw their character unless you show proof.

Q: Honestly, I’ve paid for 3 commissions. No, really! Nod 
A: The best way to show proof in case I forget is to link me to the 3 pictures I’ve drawn for you. That’s pretty much like your “receipt” to get that freebie. No proof, no freebie.

Q: I want to give my free commission chance to someone else. Is that ok? Thank you! Thank you! 
A: Yes, it is ok (and very thoughtful of you!) Note me about it and include who it will go to if you do. I will wait for the other user to note me on what they want drawn.

Q: Can I save up my freebies? Thank you! Thank you! 
A: As long as you show proof of your previous count of commissions, I’m ok with it.

Q: What other themes do you draw? Clap 
A: I can draw the following themes with no problem:
Vore (soft, hard, medium rare, whatever it’s called)
Gore/blood... DEATH
Teasers that is so damn close to labeling it as nudity and/or barely see-through shirts for nips only.
Asian theme, which is my favorite thing and…
All in all… no prOn materials. Mature is the highest level I will go.

Q: Can you draw popular themed events and/or cosplay characters? Nod 
A: No problem!

Q: I cannot see what you’ve done via stream. How can I verify that you’ve drawn the pic to my satisfactory?  CURSE YOU! 
A: A small version of the picture with annoying “Cylenx” logos stamped everywhere will be submitted in my gallery. I’ll link you to it.

Q: Do you draw males or herms? If so, do you draw their genitals bulging? No, I disagree! 
A: Been drawing some for people for a while now. If your character is made to have a huge bulge all the time, then I cannot draw that. Sorry, no extreme bulging through clothing or anything. Small or nothing only.

Q: Can you and would you draw humans? Nod 
A: You betcha!

Q: How do I win free art if I can't afford a commission?  Clap 
A: Random things are posted via journal. What I like about it is that people don't read them because 90% of the time, it's about nothing from most users. I will caution this: If I post a journal, it's a 95% chance that it's about some artwork for free or commission updates. Keep an eye out on any journal I post. Even headlines can be of something off topic which is really about free art... Just saying...
Other ways is finding hidden messages within any submission. If you find it and it instructs you to say or do something, it's up to you if you wish to do so. First person to find the hidden message gets free art (prize's art style may vary upon my choosing).
...And there's other ways as well...

Q: What resolution do you work on?  I am a dummy! 
A: Always at 2080 x 1300 @ 150 dpi. Sometimes, 2658 x 1662 if I really want to do some serious details. All artwork from me will usually be formatted for widescreen monitors. If you have a request to have your commission at a certain resolution and canvas size or orientation, please include that into the request note.

Q: What if I want to have a crowd or audience in the back? Will I be charged a ridiculous price for EACH person??  Innocent 
A: No. Way! Crowds are considerably a part of the background and is charged as a "Full D-Tail" commission ($100). When I draw a crowd, I randomly generate their appearances and such. If you want everyone to have a certain appearance, I can go for that at no extra charge. Being character specific will cost you extra though. If you request for someone to wear say for example, A blue vest with a white T-Shirt, has big muscles, wolf type, has cargo pants with camoflauge, spiky hair, wears a gold chain around his neck, and so on and so on... And that be for just ONE character? Then yes, that's being character specific and will be charged per.

Q: What are my limits to purchasing commissions? CURSE YOU! 
A: Limitations vary upon monthly openings. Please read the "Commission List (Status)" journal for its monthly rules.

Any other questions, feel free to ask away. I will reply as soon as I possibly can. Thank you all for your time reading this and in advance for commissioning!


Commission Catalogue (Image samples changes every 15 seconds) ->

Abstract D-Zine background Catalogue
Abstract Catalogue by CylnX


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All art displayed are either commisioned work for folks from here or FA. Enjoy the viewing! ^_^
Excuse me if I don't say much and most of all THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for the +Watch and/or +Fave if I don't find myself constantly repeating that generic dialogue XD


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