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Published: October 26, 2006
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To be honest, I have not read Eragon at all, but i knew it is a popular novel. But well, today, during the toon boom workshop, i was watching the trailer of Eragon and I felt in love with it in an instance. I'll definitely watch it when it comes out in Dec. Hope i'll finish all the work by that time.
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VAZ0RHobbyist Digital Artist
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KunYKAHobbyist General Artist
Is is Saphi-san?
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Through-the-moviesHobbyist Artist
Maybe one thing I liked from the Eragon movie (which sucks and which I hope they will completely reboot it) was only Saphira.
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LordValeStudent General Artist
comes to think people will think rebooted movies are better then the classics, yah sure dream on my friend
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´Only my voice is gentle`
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When I first saw the movie, I was stunned, it was the best movie I've seen. I went to the internet and read about it, and could not miss the hate. Everybody seemed to think the books was way better and the movie was corupt. Because I loved the movie so much I bought three of the four books right away. Wow... That was the first book series I read for fun rather than school-forcement or learning, it was so amazing. If you liked the movie, don't hesitate buying the book.
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WindsweptEagleHobbyist General Artist
I liked the books better but the movie was okay too, I heard Christopher Paolini was going to write a 5th book about Alagaesia after he finished his sci-fi novel
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I liked the movie too but the book had way more in it. I'm current ly reading the first book
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MeiwaJaegerHobbyist Digital Artist
I try to ignore that the movie is based off the books.... but the movie really ruined how I thought the characters looked like and all... nnnn.... I'm not gonna be a mega hater though... I only like the movie because of Saphira.
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Yes, Saphira was MVP!
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MeownimatorHobbyist Digital Artist
I really hate the movie, so much of it has changed from the book, but I don't blame you for liking it. The graphics and acting were pretty cool.
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lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
This is amazing!
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DerpyDragon223Hobbyist Artist
Beautiful dragon! You should really read the books.
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mrsuperdiamondHobbyist Traditional Artist
movie is bad its so not the true eragon and sapira
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Well, some characteristics are just the same, right? Saphira's calmness and kindness, and Eragon's curiosity is perfectly reflected in the movie too. Don't you think? When I think about how bad the movie is, I more think of the story and scenery...

Like where is Isidar Mithrim in the end? Why do Angela tell Eragon his desteny in Daret? Why is Murtagh found AFTER Aria? Why is Aria a human ginger? Why do Saphira have bird wings? Wtf is that smoke dragon of Durza's? Where is Nasuada? Why is Eragon blond and 17? Did Roran even meet Katrina? Yeah, things like that...
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ZAchTheHegeHogProfessional Traditional Artist
omgee i luv eragon
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olaola206Hobbyist Filmographer
Sweet XD >.<
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Amazing, but you need to read the book, the movie is terrible compared to it!
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The movie is very good! But still your statement is true. THE BOOKS ARE AMAZING
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EvaLawlietStudent General Artist
That's...simply breathtaking. May I set this as my background on Facebook please? Kitty begging 
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AwesomeSauce5YoloHobbyist Artist
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