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ATG 2016 Day 2 - The Chainsaw Helped

"I set a new record yesterday, eighty-six kills. Granted, the chainsaw helped."
(I don't remember the exact quote, but I'm too lazy to look it up.)

I told myself that I wouldn't spend more than an hour on any ATG piece, but I made the mistake of looking at the prompt the night before. So, once the idea got stuck, it had to be finished.

Day 2: Draw a pony moving / Draw a pony in action.

Props to those who get the reference.
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Oh... I know that reference. Crap... I can't remember it though!?!?!?
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Here's your hint:   "Well, that didn't work."
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Hm... nah, it's not coming to mind. Thank you though; I'm guessing I'd heard the quote from a friend or something and was told waht it was from... thus it's only familiar enough for me to know I'd heard it somewhere.
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Another hint: time loop.