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Commission Journal [ASK]

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2016, 3:31 AM
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Because I've had a couple of commissions lately, I thought I better get around to one of these! <3 (Please note that I don't have examples of everything because I don't tend to upload a lot of my art, and I also don't like to share it either)
I take payment in USD, unless you are in Australia, in which case I will take AUD
I will also take points. $1 = 100 Points.

Icons: $3
Page-Dolls: $7
+ Simple Animation: $1
+ Complex Animation: $3
Audrey Icon by CylaDavenport  Niru Icon by CylaDavenport

Flat-Coloured: $5
Shaded: $7
+ 1 Character: $3
If I Could Fly by CylaDavenportDo you really want to know me? by CylaDavenportHeaded Straight For Your Heart by CylaDavenport COMM: Steal My Heart by CylaDavenport

Headshot: $3
Bust: $5
Full-Body: $7
+Grey-Scale Colours: $2
+ Flat Colours: $3
+ 1 Character: $3
I'm On My Way by CylaDavenport Kitten Moretti by CylaDavenport  I found a bee! by CylaDavenport Stop by CylaDavenport

Headshot: $5
Bust: $7
Full-Body: $10
+ 1 Character: $3

Headshot: $10
Bust: $13
Full-Body: $17
+ Shading: $3
+ 1 Character: Half of full-price (i.e Full-body, shaded = $20, $30 with 2 characters)
+ Simple Background: $5
+ Complex Background: $10
Come And Get Your Love by CylaDavenport[COMM] Look At The Stars by CylaDavenportContest #5 - Melted Butter Bath by CylaDavenport Very Griffia Event - #13 Gingerbread House by CylaDavenport
(^This is not an example of a simple background. Simple shapes
and colours in the background are free of charge, you just have
to ask!)

Ref Sheets:
Simple (Full-Body, outfit, feral version where applicable, 1 headshot): $30
Moderate (2x Full-Body, 2x outfits, feral version where applicable, 2x headshots): $40
Complex (2x Full-Body, 4x outfits, feral version where applicable, 2x headshots, 1x bust, 2x chibi/anthro, 1x your choice): $50
+ Design: $10-$20 (Depending on complexity)
I am able to add small things onto any of these sheets - for example, if you wanted some accessories, I do that
free of charge. I will also add on companions - depending on their complexity will depend on how much I charge.

Digital Painting:
Hey Angel by CylaDavenport  Just Let Your Heart Be Free by CylaDavenport

*** NOTE FOR SOOSH COMMISSIONERS: Because triptychs technically only count as 1 character in the soosh community, a chibi triptych would not be +$6, but would remain at +$3

Depending on length + frames + animation complexity + character's design! 
Something like the example would be around $70
DTA Entry - Rhino by CylaDavenport

Order Form

Method of Payment: (points, paypal - paypal strongly preferred)
PayPal Email: (If applicable)
Character Reference:
Commission Type:
Additional Info:


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CylaDavenport Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
c: Thank you so much for ordering! I can't wait to do these >o< And I'm sure her bell will be fine ^^ No need to pay extra
Sarenidy Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! Thank you so much and I can't wait! <3
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March 6, 2016


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