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Bagbean Meme!

Thu Dec 22, 2016, 3:04 PM
1. Do you have a bean?
I have 12! (Well, currently 14 but I'm selling 2 of them so I don't count them :3

2. If so, what's his/her name?
Their name's are Annette, Aurora, Belladonna, Chana, Elizabeth, Gemma, Hermione, Louella, Luna, Marie, Tiffany, and Tuxie

3. Why did you name them that?
I don't generally have a reason to name my characters certain things, I just scroll through names until one feels perfect

4. Favorite bean(s) ever? 
#336 Mythical Bagbean w/c - Christmas cat by griffsnuff #286 Bagbean w/m x2 - Spix's macaw by griffsnuff  112 - Snawfus by TheKingdomOfGriffia #320 Nomnom Bagbean - Candy cane by griffsnuff
But ofc my actual favourite beans ever are my Gemma and my Luna <3 (Macaw and Rhino)

5. Least favorite? 

6. How many bagbeans have you drawn?
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh about 25? A lot of them are just sketches in my sketchbook

7. If you get a bean, what will it be based off?
I'll never tell

8. What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean?(someone else's)
Bedtime story by griffsnuff

9.What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean? (Yours)
I have two you can't make me choose
[chibi] - story time by Fayfia
Harvest Dance Prompt - Let's Escape! by Kitkabean

10. which is your favorite category:
common, floral, nomnom, celestial, mythical, flora mythical, item, geo.
Tale >v>

11. What do you like best about bagbeans? 
All the sprouts! Everyone is so lovely and I adore the community and the general feeling of Bagbeans ^o^ It's so positive and inviting, I just love the freedom to have control over your own characters and what you do with them. With a lot of CS, I feel very restricted in what I do, but never with beans. So the overall atmosphere around beans is my favourite part of being a mod and member!
12. Which is your favourite NPC?
NPC Bagbean - Market/Farming Bagbean by griffsnuff

13. Does your bean have any companions? (If several, do they have a favorite?)

My bagbeans all have lots of companions because I have lots of bagbeans >.< But my favourite is Marie's kitty cat, Missy 
Missy by CylaDavenport

14. Is there a trial you're most excited for, or enjoyed doing the most?
The soulmate trial <3 I can't wait to give it a go for Lamma and Shrubette 

15. Does your bean have aspirations of becoming royalty?
Tuxie desires with ALL OF HIS HEART TO BE A ROYAL. He is my special lil guy. The rest of them don't care all that much, and Luna is already a royal so! ^o^

16. Favourite beanutation? Least favorite?
Feather cloak, different tail, horns and soul sick for favourites!

My least favourite would have to be the undead/third eye mutations :S I'm really scared of zombies/undead things so... No thank you. And three eyes just give me the heebie jeebies xD

17. Floopdragons or Manyheadfloops?

Now tag 3 other bean lovers! 
BloomDoom Kitkabean twosheep 

Bagbean meme by TheCrazyCatCow and RestartBob
Tagged by lalacat2000 and TheHumanHeart 

Skin by SimplySilent
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natapew Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016   Digital Artist
cyla, you accidently put kit's drawing in the "favorite drawings (yours)" section :'3
CylaDavenport Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Twas not an accident, I interpreted the question as a favourite drawing of your own bagbean, rather than a favourite drawing you had done. ^^ 
natapew Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016   Digital Artist
ooh! it just said "of a bagbean (yours)" hinting that it was your drawing of a bagbean. but you can interpret it however you want :D <3
CylaDavenport Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know I can xD And I don't like my drawings very much, plus I've only done one of them, so it was more fun for me to pick a drawing someone else had done of my bean
natapew Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016   Digital Artist
you don't? i love your drawings >:0 'specially the moving Rhino dta !
CylaDavenport Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw >.< You're too sweet ahhhhh. I'm just not a fan of my art style D: 
natapew Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016   Digital Artist
<3 it's the truth! and i know that feeling all too well ;v;
twosheep Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooh this is the coolest bean meme! I'm totally doing this omgggg
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December 22, 2016