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Fire Colossus Final Image

By cyl1981
From the ashes of inferno it emerged...
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© 2011 - 2021 cyl1981
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Really Nice work !

BTW WobbleCraft brouth me here
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Thank you 4 such art
the style/design matches the Destroyers from guild wars

Either way, a really awesome piece :) I like that this one doesn't have as much a human shape as most titans are drawn. it looks a bit like a pinchopper/centipede thing
the best colossus entries i've seen depict them as elemental and insurmountable, exactly what you have done here
Nerdy-Viking's avatar
This is how I imagine Surtr to look
manaista's avatar
Too hot and so cool at the same time 8-)
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Bring it on, beastie! XD Amazing job!
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Thanx Gurch ~ :)
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The dragons are like omg
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Poor red-caped knight!
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Even awesome-ER!!!
AnulkaD's avatar
Frost dragons, great idea.

I put up a Fire Colossus also. Best of luck to you.
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Simply amazing!
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So sick! So Original!
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Thanx everyone, I will post a WIP for this as soon as I come around, am working on something else right now, will keep you guys updated as soon as new stuff comes around, keep well ~ ;)
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Really good, but... Isn't a duplicated entry a disqualification? jajaj just kidding dude, it's great
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