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I've been so remiss with my DA updates. Now that Ysabel has her own, I'm thinking to rekindle my fondness for Photography.  Everything I've ever learned has gone. I'll be starting from scratch. It could be a good thing or  a very bad thing.  Just when I was thinking about these things... Ysabel and her Dad gifted me with a new camera for Christmas.
It's exactly what I wanted.  Nothing too expensive but with all the features I needed.  Easy to manage when shooting and easy to understand. I'm happy with my new camera.  My family really outdone themselves this Christmas. lol  I appreciate the gift. I actually love it already. I've named it : ____________. lol No name yet.. I can't decide.

On other things, I'm  selling contact lenses for cosmetics and cosplay.
If anyone is interested :…

Nearly everything is on sale because   I want to sell everything (if possible) so I can try my hand at  selling wigs.  I like trying out new things, whether it's a hobby or small business.  I do love selling the lenses because I've met several people from all over the world.  UK, Spain and even my neighbor from 3 streets away. hahahaha  I'd like to keep selling but I'm just too distracted.

Merry Christmas everyone.
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Wow, a new camera...sweet! :D Wow, I'm so late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

Peace Out! ^_^
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Happy Christmas and New Year Essa! :D I hope I can have an Alice in Wonderland shoot with you and Ysabel sometime :D
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I will look forward to your photography!
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Merry Xmas and best of luck with your plans
kairi-chan15's avatar
Merry Christmas. :)
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merry xmas...hahaha i hope u mix photography and cosplaying...would really love to see a mother and daughter tandem....
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Merry Christmas ^-^
Sounds like you're all having fun already XD Have fun with your new camera, I'd love to see some photography work!
As for names... you could name it after someone very special to you? That's what I'd probably do at least XD

Have a lovely Christmas~
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Merry Christmas :santa:
I wish you have a great time with your family and your friends!! :hug:
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