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Hi everyone.

I'll be removing the cosplay images of Ysabel and upload them where they rightfully belong - in :iconsavingsunlight:'s own gallery.

There hasn't been much time for photography. I spent the money I saved up for new lens. I've been busy attending to the little online shop. For those who know what the little shop is : a new website is in the works to give a better shopping experience. :)
I'm going on a business trip on the first week of March.  Hopefully I can find a good supplier for the wigs. I'm excited about that.  

My latest adventures in lala land led me to sign up for an 8 week  VOICE ACTING workshop. hhahahhahaha
I've met new friends. It's been hilarious.  There's nothing like standing in a roomful of people, holding a script you can't read because of your shaking hand - then talking into the mic where you voice sounds like your throat is being repeatedly paddled by an oar. hahahaha
Voice acting is like my very own regatta. hahahahha

I still can't believe that I signed up but, with Ysabel growing up and becoming more independent, she needs less mothering from me, I find that I am now able to do  things that I've wanted to try over 15 years ago but never got the chance. It's like a new found freedom. hahaha GO ME.

I promise that Ysabel and I will shoot something this February.
I've been getting a lot of notes about why don't I try cosplaying. Maybe this year. hahahahhahahahah
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yehesss! Gow Essa! Hahaha! Sayang talaga namiss ko si Ysabel. :< Aga niyo pala nung Sunday! Hahaha gumagawa pa kami cheesecake nun. LOL
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Heh, voice acting? Nice! :D Good luck with your shop and everything else you're working on!

Peace Out! ^_^
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May you find plenty of time to photograph your ysabel.
And plenty of time to cherish each other.
ZVMTTnaDeShIkO's avatar
Voice Acting ? Lucky you. I really love to try voice acting.

COSPLAY ~ !!! Seriously, you have to. Mother & Daughter Cosplay.
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Glad you're able to things that you never got a chance do before. ^^
It's better late then never.
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Go, Essa-san! Go! :D Good luck with the workshop and maybe you'd do voice-acting work soon.
enchantingnocturne's avatar
looking forward to see you in cosplay! And voice acting! ? wow cool~ =D gambatte
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Is this the year that our prayers would be answered? *waits for the cosplay pic of Essa* I hope to see more pictures of *SavingSunlight soon :D
Piong's avatar
awww Essa :heart: I'd like to listen you *3* /voice acting=amazing/

I'm sorry I didn't log lately plus I cought a cold I want to ask you about chibis, for start to draw them :heart: HUGS!
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I'm very excited about your shop too! And I'm glad Ysabel can finally display her cosplays in her own gallery (again). ^^ Thank you for all the updates and good luck in your voice acting adventure(s) <3
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