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Bald Eagle WallPaper

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus).

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© 2008 - 2022 cycoze
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I used your image for a tumblr I created. [link]
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Hey! I loved this pic. I used it as a reference for a vector piece. Check it out over here:)

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Can I Draw it ?
I've been looking for a picture of an eagle to draw
but had not found any
until I saw this
Take Care
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I don't mind you drawing it, no tracing though !
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man just look at him. honest and brave, smart and handsome. :)
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Thanks, I agree :)
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Bad Eagles are cool. Nice shot....

Sometimes I see bald eagles on a road I travel every week but normally they are too far to get close since they are across a field and I only have an 80-200...
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You will have to see about loaning a longer lens or getting closer.

Thank you :)
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Ya, It was cool today because there were two sitting in a tree.... I couldn't look long since I was driving lol...

I would get closer but I'd probably want to ask permission since its right near someone's house....

What do you think about tele-converters? Its a lot cheaper then buying a lens, even though a lens would produce better results...
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Omg!! your pics are amazing!!
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Thanks very much :)
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Nice work. Its perfect.
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Thanks very much :)
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I have no words to say how I love these animals >.< yours photos are always perfect
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Thanks very much :) glad you like it.
Wow ! Amazing .. My new wallpaper for a long time ! Thx .
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Thanks very much :)
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Absolutely stunning!
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wow! how did you get that close? great detail!
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Thanks very much, telephoto lens and pretty close to start with :)
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Look at those eyes - marvellous!
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Thanks very much :)
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