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August 13, 2009
The reaction of the pink emote in :badteethhug: by ~CYCLER has been created brilliantly to create an amusing and adorable emote that certainly gives a twist to the hug emoticon.
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Your heart/love art was featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing your work!! Keep loving! :love:
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Man, this is the first emoticon I've ever felt the need to favorite. Apparently whenever I need a pick-me-up, all I need to do is look at that blue guy turning around and lifting his arms over his bad-toothed head. Cracks me up every damn time. He's just so enthusiastic... :D
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Wow, thanks ! :lol:

To be true, this is the first COMMENT i feel the need to fav :omg:
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Aw, how flattering! I wish I could give you a big nasty bad-teeth hug just for that... :D
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Sory for my language -." So sory hehe.Im say Hhahahaahahahah *love this icon xD
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makes sense now =P
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hahahahahahhahha *wybija do końca zęby xD*
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those hugs are the best! truly cool people arent obsessed with how they look! if someone like that hugged me, i would hug them even harder right back! :hug:
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*laughs* is there really a way to use that in text?
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Well... it can be used in dA chat if you have dAx & `Zikes's script installed for Firefox :shrug:
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no idea. but ill ask. hah. thanks!
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Reminds me of someone I know w/ no teeth 0_o
Hugged me so hard I lost balance and fell into a wall...very awkward =___=;
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congrats! this is very cute & well done:w00t:
I like the expression on the pink one. It is like me when my friends hug me randomly. :pissedoff:
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