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Summary of 2015

Ok let's go for a summary of this year

January : it's a colorisation of this art and I never posted it anywhere so it's the only quality you'll be given. I wanted to keep it secret because I wanted to do some artbooks about my comics but never did at the end because I'm not able to spend any money, I'm so weak...
I could have shown : the fairy too
February : A gift to Clea mae because she likes this character of mine so I undress him every time x)
I could have shown : the demon, Katia and the star too
March : a drawing of honey lemon I did for a meme (drawing the same character with our style) results here
I could have shown : Geoffroy too
April : an illustration for the contest "Alys has 1 year"
I could have shown : A sketch of elements too
May : not interesting, I just subscribbed to a role play forum...
I could have shown : vocaloids too
June : I was supposed to prepare myself for exams... lol 2 weeks on this and I failed... I passed anyway. I'm a goddess
Comic page
July : My mum got worried about me passing. I was like "yeh, gotta make streaming and sketch things I'll never color" I cannot color this because I don't like to fail.
 Ismène - March 
August : a psychedelic themed drawing. did not draw a lot. it was summer vacations, I never draw a lot.
Cody animated
September : Getting stuck in Role playing with my kid
Lyandre and Mali - RP2
October : don't want to work, drawing a lot.
Horses secret satan - collab with Man
November : Xeno and kirmin to Man, because birthday with adds the ultimate constant point of my every year. anyway the same as usual... thinking about the fact that I'm definitely losing my futur to drawing (I am an engineer undergraduate, remember ? just because drawing need relationship and I'm like really bad at it) but that's ok... I'm gonna draw ah, and train to make games to show around to find an internship, good Idea *opens flash*
Draw the crew LMA - Meme Alys
December : vacations to finish all the started pieces. I wanted to do a platformer because I did a catching game between november and december. Don't know if I'll do it one day.
secret santa LMA - Character meme - collab with Man - Cody AU1

- Slowly mastering bases of animation
- still searching for a style of coloration but I think I'm on a good way
- I like my proportions
- Horses are quite good without refs
- feel more at ease drawing males
- did a catching game, quite happy, still need one or two more feedbacks

- No comics uploaded this year...
- No realism, no much portraits etc. My training on anatomy is quite low this year
- Still too much styles that I like using
- I lost my habits on watercolor sketching too much
- Not enough backgrounds, urban landscapes taking too long, no coloring technique on these
- Why can't I draw Phil in clothes ?
- Should I choose urbanism of informatic ? I did not finish my Monty Hall programm and not motivated to


- backgrounds ! (details are my ennemy but I need to try it out)
- long animation ?
- SCHOOL , maybe ?! 
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Tu es si productive T___T
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
Beaucoup trop pour mon bien ._.
En ce moment c'est ma période déni de la réalité je peux presque rien faire de responsable xD
Mistigrilolita's avatar
J'trouve que t'as bien évolué, je t'encourage pour cette année o/ (popopo j'ai pas eus la flemme de faire un comm)
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
en plus ce mois ci j'ai compris que j'aimais vraiment très beaucoup ce [… type de colo 8D et je l'ai maitrisé pour les line d'une autre couleur que le bleu x)

Ouah, c'est beau *3* l'année commence bien xD
Mistigrilolita's avatar
Faut continuer comme ça alors xD
Bah maintenant j'ai la flemme xD
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
La flemme te tueras !
LualaDy's avatar
Justement, j'allais dire que je ne connaissais pas le premier
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
Je rattrape chaque année ce que j'ai pas fait dans les vieilles années x)
LualaDy's avatar
moi chaque année je change complètement de style/technique
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
si ce n'est tous les deux mois D8
LualaDy's avatar
faut que je retouche à la tablette, maintenant qu'elle marche ...
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
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