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So this is just like me... I struggle for months to draw at all, and when I finally do, I come up with this!

Most of you won't realize why this is so hilarious to me. My husband told him to "draw him something awesome," so I did a little fanart for him... sorta. His character is obviously not a pony. That is the product of my crazy mind, a lot of caffeine, and a late night, ha ha. The original character is an ancient, Tremere vampire (Demitrius' grandsire, in fact) from my husband's Vampire: the Masquerade campaign (no, his name is not actually Frosty... inside joke :)).

Seeing such a serious character as a cartoon pony makes me giggle so... =P

[col-erase blue pencil and mechanical pencil colored in Photoshop. Brushes by ~dollfie-chan.]
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The color scheme is excellent, as always. Definitely gets the icy feel across.

The focus on expression over anatomical accuracy (to the extent that such a concept is meaningful when dealing with My Little Pony ponies) is interesting. Seems to me that's not how you usually do things, and it's fascinating to see you let loose a little. It turned out rather well, in my estimation.

Also: Shiny, shiny hair. :)
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Thanks! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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You not only drew a pony, you ponyfied his super dark creepy character into a pony!!!
And it looks cool. That's the spirit!

that is :iconawesomedashplz: AWESOME!!!
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Thanks a lot! It was so fun too... LOL! :D
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This could be the start of a whole new project.
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LOL, seriously... I think I should :D He was too fun to draw!
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I guess if there's a Simon pony he'll be a bit cuter to glomp...
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Good to see you still got it!
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You too?
Aw well, at least you're drawing :heart:
Simon: Thank God it wasn't me.
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LOL, pony Simon! What a great idea! :D
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Simon: Dios...No!
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Try and stop me!
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Me: I'll glomp him and hold him bsck for you! :glomp:
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*grabs pencil and runs off* Hee hee hee...
crystal-of-ix's avatar
Oh god.
I want one! :heart:
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