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Dusk Wood is, as of writing their story, 23. They are gender fluid, and don’t mind if you accidentally misgender them. (However, if somebody misgenders them on purpose they won’t be particularly pleased.) Generally Dusk is polite, though they speak monotonously an never smile, they are 6’4, and muscularly built. Dusk is the result of a few stray numbers in Undertale’s code, and so do not particularly value their life, calling themselves a ‘mistake’.
           Their early life wasn’t the best, when they glitched into existence, the monsters around them regarded them with fear and alarm; deciding the best course of action was to capture the child, and restrain them with force. They were passed round, eventually coming to a secret fighting ring, where they were pit against other monsters and forced to fight. In the beginning the simply survived, trying their best not to fight, and getting badly beaten because of it. Eventually they couldn’t take the beatings anymore, and in the arena let it all out. Discovering shapeshifting powers, turning to a wolf, then a bull, and finally a dragon. They ripped their opponent apart, splattering the walls and audience with blood, gore and dust. Winning a fight so explosively increased their value. The monsters that owned them rented them out to the highest bidder, where they discovered they were genderfluid, when they changed form to an adorable female form, (up until that point they had a male body, and was referred to as a he) a lot of those they were given to treated them well, causing their happiness to show in the form of their female body. However, not everyone treated them well. These monsters were sick and twisted, with revolting sexual desires. These creatures had been known to rape children, and Dusk was no exception to this. It was relentless, and nobody cared if they were hurt. If they ever lost a fight, or didn’t win violently enough, they were taught to win with beatings and threats of rape, many of which weren’t empty. The constant stress and fear caused Dusk’s hair to go from dark blue to white.
               This torturous life went on until their 15th birthday, (If you can call it their birthday) the hidden ring was busted by a group that rescued monster children from abusive situations, a woman with white hair and matching wolf ears and tail took Dusk from their cell, introducing herself as New Moon, she took them home to meet her son, Blood moon, a crazy redhead with fox ears and matching tail. New Moon brought Dusk up again, showing them love and care, giving them the right to feel loved and safe, a few black streaks began to appear in their white hair as they rediscovered their smile.
               Years later, Dusk turned 19. On the 7th of December, they returned home to Blood and New Moon, hugging them both. BIrthday celebrations followed, continuing late into the night. The small family fell asleep on the sofa, snuggled up together, soon to be ripped apart. A mystery monster or human (it is still unknown to anyone which) crept into the house, and killed the mother and son. Dusk was awoken by the feeling of a blade gouging out their left eye. Their perfect, ice blue left eye, their normal eye. Not the weird one with a green sclera and white pupil and black iris. The pretty one. Dusk screamed. They screamed and screamed and screamed. Screamed and cried in pain and anguish as not only their eye was gouged out but they had a moment of glitching, their body convulsing until it was all over. Surrounded by the dust of their family, it all seemed over for Dusk.
                 They fled their home, searching for a way out of the underground, until a human came along. Their name was Frisk. They managed to help the monsters out, and destroy the barrier keeping the monsters trapped. Dusk left soon after the others, beginning a new journey, to find someone to reignite their smile.
      Two years later, at the age of 21, Dusk came across a grim reaper named Shadow..
Dusk was created a while ago, only now written up their backstory
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December 11, 2017
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