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This is mega badass

    C_Y_B_E_R W_O_R_L_D
I know that this is pretty damn old but it is quite possible that Overwatch may star a new Turkish Overwatch character. In fact there is actually a cannon Turk character in the OW universe named Emre. (I believe his nickname will be "Ray")

I mean like don't you remember when OW finally released Doomfist? There were so many easter eggs of him and it took him a very long time for him to be finally revealed even though we were aware of his cannon existence and lore and, arguably, this is what is happening to Emre. This character seems real badass considering he may be a tank with an exo suit like the ones from COD Advanced Warfare
SNL did a Fortnite parody XD
(check this out)

A useful note for any Sci-fi writer:
Knowing the difference between sentience and sapience. First things first sentience and sapience are quite heavily different, so when you make a fictional race with human like intelligence, don't say that it's "sentient" because that would make you look foolish (note I've done this before lol). Cuz you see sentience just means that something can feel and see and smell (to be aware consciously) and basically that means pretty much all life is already sentient (most plants/animals). However sapience would mean to think intelligently like a human (to judge, observe, create, civilization) (that's why a human is called a "homosapien"). So if your a sci-fi/fantasy writer and say that your fictional alien/fantasy race is "sentient" then that just means you actually meant to say "sapient" so if you didn't know before now you do!
NickYoung Confused Meme Stare [Supernatural] 


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Yusuf K.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm some Turkish college student illustrator and animator, and I like to draw superheroes and video game characters. Most of all I totally dig science fiction (specifically cyberpunk) and almost anything badass

I also love dubstep and metal :D (Yeah I'm quite a metal head)
(Here are a few)………

I'm a pretty good traditional artist though I'm still trying to develop my digital art skills as I develop new techniques

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