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Magus Doe Issue 1! by CyborgLucario, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
  • May 1, 1989
  • Sweden
  • Deviant for 14 years
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My Bio

I'm just a guy with asperger and likes games, cartoon/anime, comic/manga, tokusatsu, drawings and animals. I do have an interest in roleplaying too (but good luck getting me motivated for RPs, in which case I must apologize if I disappoint you).

And I have worked on a tabletop RPG of my own. It's called Tales of Three Kingdoms (it's a working title).

Actually, I'm doing a lot of projects, some I don't want to tell yet due to reasons (it would probably help to get those published in some way if I don't upload them online, or it's just a bunch of horseplop).

But one of those projects is a comic series named Magical Guardian Magus Doe, which is a superhero series with a doe with magical powers that has to defend the world from invaders from another dimension. I hope I can make it big.

You can buy the first issue here:

Anything more personal? Uhm.... I'm male and I hope I will improve my skills even more before I turn into an old man (currently 28, so I have two years left).

I'm probably bisexual, but I'm still more attracted to women (sorry guys).

And that's all I will say about myself.

Please don't ask for requests. It will just make you look like a fool or a jerk.

Do I RP? Well, I do play games like Dungeons & Dragons and the likes, but roleplaying through Skype, Discord, or notes? I'm sorry, but I have to decline your offer as I feel like I will only disappoint everyone due to not having the time or motivation for it most of the time.

I got a twitter where I'm usually talking about how I feel at the moment more than here:

Watch my videos on Youtube:…

Ask me stuff on Curiouscat:

I currently have a hard time finding a proper job, so it would be nice to earn money from something I enjoy doing. Drawing!… (Send me a note if interested)

Please support me through Patreon if you like my works:…

Or you can buy me a coffee on Ko-fi:

Close buds:

If I forgot anyone, please tell me because I didn't mean to forget or ignore anybody.

If you want to talk with me so can you do that either through notes, Discord, Skype, or Steam (you need to send me a om first asking about the latter three).

Favourite Movies
Lords of the ring trilogy and Transformers the movie
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Akira Kushida, Endo Masaaki, Jam Project and Tenacious D
Favourite Games
hard to decide
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, DS, PSP and Playstation 2.
Tools of the Trade
Gimp and my hands.
Other Interests
animé, games, transformers, Kamen Rider and robots overall
First of, Happy Pride month everybody, be proud of who you are (except if you're a pedophile or ebephile, because you should burn)!Secondly so do I want to tell you that work on issue four of Magus Doe have been slower than expected (because I procrastinate a lot it seems like), but I'm slowly getting back to streaming regularly on Twitch. So far it's just Fridays, but I do try to find the time to stream on more days per week.I'm currently streaming Miitopia, so don't miss them out. ;3You can find my Twitch channel here: thing I want to mention is that I might raise my prices for commissions. Like, a fully coloured single character drawing with shading would cost €30 instead of €19, I know it's a big jump but that's economy for you. I did have some people who said they understood why I'm doing that and that I would do whatever, so I may do it soon.Other than that so do I wish you all a happy June!Posted using PostyBirb
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Yeah, it's my birthday today and so far it's been good, had many people and friends wish me a happy birthday and have gotten some nice presents.As for the rest of May so do I hope to work some more on Magus Doe and not procrastinate any longer, and m...
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I have put some more designs of Kiroo and I.N.A.R.I. on Redbubble and Teepublic. I hope you'll consider taking a look at my stores and maybe buy something that strikes your fancy. ;)
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Hollaaaaa afternoon! Take this llama without question. llama cancan

I have an art trade:

Make a comic of WaterCat water inflation.

The Elemental Cats

Sorry, but I don't accept art-trades at the moment, and even if I am so am I picky with who I trade with.

Thanks for the fav

Thanks for the fav:)

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting my deviantart page before. If you liked what you saw, then don't forget to give me a watch!

I also have a youtube channel where I make videos about my beautiful motherland, Bangladesh.

Channel :

And if you can, please click the bell Icon too :D It will really help me out.

Stay home, and stay safe.

I pray to god for a better new year.


Hi, You like role play?