Fixed Post-Transforms in Apo C++

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The infinitely wise and observant Joel Faber was kind enough to point out that post-transforms were broken in the previous C++ releases.  Why?  Well, you may remember me saying that Apo 2.05b2Z+C++ runs slowly, because I haven't figured how to compile the asm blocks?  Turns out there was a bug in the non-asm code in the regular Apo2.05b2 code.  This is all a round about way of saying I've fixed the post-transforms.  I think you'll find that this will make tiling with the shapes variation much easier and more interesting!  Download the new version here:

Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++ executable
Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++ source

Happy tiling =)

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it seems both links are dead; is there any other way to download it?