Fixed Post-Transforms in Apo C++

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The infinitely wise and observant Joel Faber was kind enough to point out that post-transforms were broken in the previous C++ releases.  Why?  Well, you may remember me saying that Apo 2.05b2Z+C++ runs slowly, because I haven't figured how to compile the asm blocks?  Turns out there was a bug in the non-asm code in the regular Apo2.05b2 code.  This is all a round about way of saying I've fixed the post-transforms.  I think you'll find that this will make tiling with the shapes variation much easier and more interesting!  Download the new version here:

Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++ executable
Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++ source

Happy tiling =)

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it seems both links are dead; is there any other way to download it?
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Apo run with C++ :o, can't wait to try! damn it i no longer have to deal with Delphi again! thanks

uh oh, can't download, link died.
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Is Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++ still available? Having trouble with the link. Please help :(
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I just found this thru a tutorial and can't wait to try it out... *If I can figure it out... I'm kind of tech stupid* Anyway, thanks in advance! :)
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Thank you! I did!!

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Wow, that's great... it looks like a photograph!
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Thank you, very much, hon. I had a lot of fun with it. :)
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I can't find the program anywhere.
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the link for the exe is broken D:
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See below 4 msgs down for link to Apo beta2z+c++.
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Got it from this other link. Thanks Million for this version!
& Kisses
IncognitoArtz's avatar
Can't download..get error..the file does not exist..
Wpuld love this version.
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I'm getting an error that the file isn't there to download. :(
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I've seen some nice results around da with this version....I think I'll have a try with it :D
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hope you enjoy it =)
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hey im tryinh to get executable one and it says file not found
Yin-Yang-Completed's avatar
thank you
i now have three diff Apophysis lol
and i love them all
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Downloaded it but won't open, like Stephenxzap it says not valid win32 app. Disappointed.
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I can assure you, it is a valid win32 app. You may need to rename the extension to .exe. Some folks have had trouble with that, I think.
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physis205beta2zplus_cplus_r5.exe is what I downloaded from your last link in Comments above. I still get the knee jerk not valid Win32 app. So I've downloaded Gygrazok's Apophysis 2.06b z+ version. It works, but how does it differ from yours.

What I'm actually looking for is the Joel Faber version with the Image tab in the Transform Editor Window that will allow me to import bmp files as shown in Michael Faber's tutorial here: [link]

It's all pesky I know, but I'm hoping you can clarify as I'm getting no response from M&J Faber at present.

Don't actually feel gloomy, just thort its a fun emoticon to decorate the page. LOL.
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