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I've just been playing around with a variation based on this mathworld.wolfram.com/Epispira… I found at Wolfram MathWorld.    

I've put a rough render made using this variation in my scraps www.deviantart.com/deviation/6…

Here's a download www.megaupload.com/?d=VB5Z14D3 for the plugin if you want to play with it too.

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hmm, looks like the megaupload link doesn't work.
yo man the Dropbox link is screwed as well. gonna need some help here getting this plugin
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Seems like megaupload has been seized. Is there a mirror?
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You can download it here: [link]
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thank you for that :heart:
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You're welcome!
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Greetings :-) I will include this plugin in the next JWildfire release
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Super! I'd not seen JWildfire before... great work!
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Thank you very much :-) And there is much more to come :-)
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I look forward to it :peace:
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Here is an image from the new 0.44 BETA: [link]

Enjoy and happy Easter :-)
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Cheers :beer:

A very happy Easter to you too =)
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Hello again :-)
I noticed that the current implementation of the Epispiral variation in JWildfire does not render all flames well. It seems that the code which I found in the Internet was not entirely correct. It is also different from my own implementation of an epispiral curve (which had no "holes" parameter). Could you help with your original code or formulas or something like this? :-)

Best regards
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Here's a link to the old Delphi code (I hacked this thing together a long time ago, before there was a C interface for Apo plugins)...


Good luck!
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would have loved to download this plugin but FBI have siezed the site its hosted on
como instalo los plug in, no me cargan, alguien q ayude
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tienes q crear una carpeta "plugins" en el mismo path donde esta instalado apophysis, ahi guardas todos los pluginsy el soft lo reconocera
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Ihave downloaded the plugin -epispiral-
but I get an error,
about -source position 21 31-
Have you any idea????
what can i do.
i have aop2,08 and 3d hack.
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Sorry, no clue :shrug:
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Um, all my antispyware and antivirus programs went nuts, and now I am running a bunch of scans and trying to get rid of adultfriendfinder spams. Would you like me to host this plugin on my Live page(Microsoft)? I can have files there supposedly, and it's quite a bit safer...

I really want to try this, but I am probably not the only person who couldn't get past all the uh...clutter. Some DA members are underage, too and probably shouldn't be ending up on the adultfriendfinder site when they click the button to download your file after the wait, which is what happened to me.

Thanks for making the plugin, and your sample looks awesome. I just wish I could use it.
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ALL I get at either link is a 'MegaUpload' page wanting me to look for singles in my hometown.......(!).....
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Yes, there's a lot of clutter on that page, but, if you look closely, you'll see that there's a code for you to type in the upper right hand corner. In the lower left hand corner (in very small text) you'll see some text indicating that this is, indeed, the page for the EpispiralPlugin.dll.

Good luck.
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Thanks - I didn't look closely. Unfamiliar site, too worried about virii and being bot'ed, I guess....
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