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Heyas, Mediziner here!

Sorry about another journal post... I'll stop after this. ^^; I've finally gone over and cleaned up the folders as best as I could (However I only left the contest folders untouched since those are a special case and I'd say those are precious memories to many who have participated in the past contests this group once held. :) ) though there is a possibility that I've missed quite a couple of things in the midst of cleaning up but I feel very pleased with everything being spotless and shifted into the correct folders...

Last thing I'll announce: Just in case, I've also gone and added a folder for fanart of the new Cyberverse Universe. :)

Now, there might be something of yours that may have been removed, but it's due to if something may be against one of the rules of this wonderful group, and I apologize for that.

But onto another matter I'm more eager to mention, I'm not quite sure if people have really read the update journal where I've mentioned in the mix asking if anyone would like to have the birthdays thing make a return, so I figured that I'll post this (Albeit empty because we're going for a fresh new start due to not being exactly sure who's still in the group and who's not.) This is completely optional and it's not a required thing if you don't want to of course! However the only important requirement for this, is that you need to be a member of this group!

So what do you wonderful people say? Want this to make a return? Let's fill this list up! Let the list grow and grow!

List your birthdays down below in the comments if you want to be included in the birthday mentions. :aww: I shall be watching this closely!
Important note: If you leave the group, you will be erased from the list because this is for those whom have joined the group as a member.

:heart: Please don't feel discouraged if your birthday has passed or is still ways away, you can still be added to the list! :heart:

:snowflake: January :snowflake:
January 5th Cybertronians
January 13 SonicGal390
January 20 CascadiaSci
January 26 FlashbackingArtist00

:heart: February :heart:
February 2 cher123456
February 6 SingingFlames
February 15 :trans-cats:
February 26 CinnaMonroe & Burningstarlight17

:bulletgreen: March :bulletgreen:
March 4 :zhorathewolverbabe:
March 8 Athenamus
March 18 Star10
March 20 yilingIaozu
March 26 zyuna
March 28 Kharotus (Prime/Tron)

:rose: April :rose:
April 1 ThalieXVII
April 13 saina-chan
April 15 StarryTiger
April 17 DarkPanik
April 23 SunsetsPastel

:bulletblue: May :bulletblue:
May 20 Opatoes

:bulletwhite: June :bulletwhite:
June 3 dragongillian
June 11 hiiacat
June 16 Deathcomes4u
June 18 MajorasMasks
June 22 WindySilver
June 30 StarKite1

:bulletpink: July :bulletpink:
July 15 Umbra74

:bulletyellow: August :bulletyellow:
August 11 ANDREAc
August 16 AbsentlyDreamy
August 20 Crystal119
August 28 CyberGut

:bulletorange: September :bulletorange:
September 3 Orion-Cross
September 9 The-Wrong-Alice
September 25 liadospetti

:pumpkin: October :pumpkin:
October 17 aim11
October 19 AgentRobot427
October 20 NiGhT-sTaLkEr13

:bulletpurple: November :bulletpurple:
November 11 Black-Hunter-666
November 13 Deaku
November 17 PumpkinaChai
November 19 XeketDarkhand
November 24 TheBlueBean1993
November 30 Ampliflier

:holly: December :holly:
December 16 DeceptiSpoon
December 17 Chaz4eva
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Mine's is June 11