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A group for all Transformers fans, all generations! Here we share artwork of all the Transformers universes, suggest :+fav:s related to TF, and share the TF love with everyone else on deviantART! :heart:
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Comic Scripts
Beast Wars: Dark Glass,DARK GLASSIssue #1 (of 1)24 Page IssuePAGE ONEPANEL ONEA desolate, rocky landscape stretches out into the distance.PANEL TWOA large pillar of rock bursts from the barren ground. 1 SFX (ROCK) GRNKKPANEL THREETM2 Dinobot, in robot-mode, slices the pillar of rock in half with one of his large claws. 2 SFX (CLAW) SHOOPANEL FOURAnother pillar of rock bursts out of the ground. TM2 Dinobot blasts it with his optical laser. 3 SFX (ROCK) GRNKK 4 SFX (LASER) TZIWPANEL FIVETM2 Dinobot looks up the hill next to him. Three large boulders are careening down towards him. 5 SFX (BOULDERS) KRACHAKPAGE TWOPANEL ONEAnother pillar bursts from the ground, knocking TM2 Dinobot off his feet. 1 SFX (ROCK) GRNKKPANEL TWOOn the ground, TM2 Dinobot looks towards the boulders with a snarl on his face. 2 SFX (BOULDERS) KRACHAKPANEL THREEDual-streaks of green laser-fire hit each of the boulders, and they explode into smaller pieces. 3 SFX (LASERS) GRRN-GRRN-GRRN 4 SFX (ROCKS EXPLODING) KORWNPANEL FOURTM2 Dinobot, still on the ground, holds a hand up to shield himself from the smaller pieces of rock that hit him. 5 SFX DING-DUNG-DANGPANEL FIVEThe same angle as the previous panel. TM2 Dinobot has lowered his hand as the incoming rock has stopped. He looks up, as the shadow of a figure stands over him.PANEL SIXFrom TM2 Dinobot’s POV. Original Dinobot, in robot-mode, looks down at TM2 Dinobot, offering his hand to help it up. He holds his sword is his other hand.PAGE THREEPANEL ONEThe snow-capped Mount St. Hilary stretches into the night sky above the surrounding jungle. 1 INFO PANEL Earth. 2 INFO PANEL The Beast Wars. 3 DIALOGUE PANEL (OPTIMAL OPTIMUS) I distinctly recall you and I having a discussion about your idea, and I also recall ordering you not to pursue it. PANEL TWOWithin the makeshift Maximal Base inside Mount St. Hilary, Optimal Optimus towers over Transmetal Rattrap. The Maximal Commander glares, arms crossed, at his diminutive crewmember. 4 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Or am I mistaken?PANEL THREETransmetal 2 Cheetor approaches the two, but is cut off by Optimus, without him breaking his glare at Rattrap. 5 CHEETOR We were just- 6 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS I’ll get to you, Cheetor. Right now, I want to hear from Rattrap.PANEL FOURA close-up of Rattrap. He’s looking at the ground, not wanting to meet his Commander’s eye. 7 RATTRAP It could be a… eh… tactical advantage.PANEL FIVEA close-up of Optimal Optimus’ face. His glare has softened. 8 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS It’s okay to miss your friend, Rattrap -- we all do -- and the clone is a painful reminder of our loss. But it’s not Dinobot, and never will be. PAGE FOURPANEL ONETied to a table on a slope is Transmetal 2 Dinobot, in beast-mode and offline. Rhinox is examining it with some scientific instruments. 1 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS (OP) Implanting it with his memories is just giving it more ammunition with which to hurt us. A tactical disadvantage. 2 LINK PANEL Your spark is in the right place, but you’ve put the lives of your crewmates at risk.PANEL TWOTransmetal 2 Dinobot is framed by Rattrap and Optimal Optimus’ legs in the foreground. 3 RATTRAP Yeah, well, it’s done now. So what do we do? 4 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Rhinox?PANEL THREERhinox nears Rattrap and Optimal Optimus, having finished his examination. Cheetor joins them. 5 RHINOX A blank Maximal Protoform, hijacked by Predacon coding, seeded with cloned cells, bombarded with alien radiation and powered by half a mutant spark. It’s incredible it ever came online. 6 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS I’ll be sure to pass your compliments on to Megatron.PANEL FOURRhinox turns to look back at the body, which is off panel. The other Maximals are also looking toward the body. 7 RHINOX Whatever balance existed between these forces, the downloading of Dinobot’s data tracks has thrown it out. Stasis Lock is the only thing holding it all together until either a new equilibrium is found, or… 8 CHEETOR Or?PANEL FIVEA close-up of Rhinox’s face, wearing a sad look. 9 RHINOX System-wide failure.PAGE FIVEPANEL ONEAn angle looking down over Optimal Optimus’ shoulder to Rhinox. 1 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS What can we do for it? 2 RHINOX Any external damage these two did, the body has already healed itself. The fight now is on the inside. 3 LINK PANEL All we can do is wait.PANEL TWOOptimus doesn’t take his eyes from the body as he speaks to Cheetor. Cheetor looks up to him, keenly awaiting orders. 4 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Cheetor, get in contact with Depth Charge. Unless he detects two of Rampage’s spark signatures in here, he can relax. The last thing we need is him blasting the doors off. 5 CHEETOR You got it, Big Bot.PANEL THREEOptimal Optimus returns his glare to Rattrap (off-panel). 6 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Rattrap, you’re confined to the base until further notice. 7 RATTRAP (OP) Oh, but the pussy cat just has to play secretary?PANEL FOURRattrap, with arms crossed, angrily fights the urge to talk back. 8 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS (OP) Should I make it confined to quarters? 9 LINK PANEL … 10 LINK PANEL That’s what I thought. Dismissed.PAGE SIXPANEL ONEWith Rattrap walking off behind them, Optimal Optimus and Rhinox look back towards the body. 1 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Could we try to remove Dinobot’s data tracks? 2 RHINOX They’ve already begun to integrate with the body’s systems. And besides, any secure information they held would be obsolete. Access codes for the Axalon aren’t going to do it much good now. 3 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS I just don’t like the thought of it knowing… us. PANEL TWOOptimal Optimus’ composure drops for the first time, as his optics fall to the ground. 4 SFX (OPTIMAL OPTIMUS) *SIGH* 5 LINK PANEL Maybe I was a little hard on Rattrap. 6 RHINOX The possibility of bringing someone back carries a large temptation.PANEL THREEOptimal Optimus and Rhinox share a small but warm smile. 7 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS You did it for me, old friend. 8 RHINOX That had unique circumstances. This… This is like trying to rebuild a rectifier coil with none of the original parts.PANEL FOUROptimal Optimus walks away from the scene, leaving Rhinox with the body. 9 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Well, let me know if there’s any change.PAGE SEVENPANEL ONETM2 Dinobot, getting to his feet, slaps Original Dinobot’s hand away. 1 SFX (SLAP) KSH 2 TM2 DINOBOT You! 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Yes. Me.PANEL TWOTM2 Dinobot stands at full height. He is a full head taller than Original Dinobot, and looks down at him with a smirk. 4 TM2 DINOBOT But how can you… Ahh. So that’s what they were trying to do.PANEL THREEThe two Dinobot’s glare at each other. 5 ORIGINAL DINOBOT And what are you? Another of Megatron’s deranged clones? Not his best work. 6 TM2 DINOBOT I am what you should have been. 7 ORIGINAL DINOBOT The last one said something similar…PANEL FOUROriginal Dinobot’s eyes glow green, and he wears a large snarl on his face. He has his sword in one hand, and the rotating shield in the other. He’s ready to fight. 8 ORIGINAL DINOBOT … before I turned him into a wall decoration!PANEL FIVEA number of large pillar of rock bursts from the ground between the two Dinobots, as if two hands were reaching up through the ground trying to grasp them. The pillars send the two Dinobots scrambling. 9 SFX (ROCK) GRNKK-KRRRNCHPAGE EIGHTPANEL ONEOriginal Dinobot, crouched on the ground, points his sword but there is no target. The large pillars of rock have formed something of a maze, obscuring the wider scene. There is no sign of TM2 Dinobot. 1 TM2 DINOBOT (OP) Tell me. What’s the last thing you remember?PANEL TWOAn extreme close-up of Original Dinobot’s optics. They’re looking to the left. 2 ORIGINAL DINOBOT The Fuzor was lost in an energon storm. PANEL THREEAnother extreme close-up of Original Dinobot’s optics. They’re looking right. 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Optimus and Cheetor left to search for him, spurning the opportunity to take the fight to Megatron. PANEL FOUROriginal Dinobot, with his back to one of the pillars, sword in hand, stalks his prey. 4 ORIGINAL DINOBOT And then… The rock beneath my feet attempted to scrap me.PANEL FIVETM2 Dinobot has scaled one of the rock pillars. He is rounding the top, looking down on Original Dinobot. He is like a Xenomorph or reptile. 5 TM2 DINOBOT You’ve missed a lot, in the scheme of things. And yet, for you…PANEL SIXOriginal Dinobot spins around quickly and blasts the pillar with his optical lasers. TM2 Dinobot has disappeared. 6 SFX (LASER) GRRNPAGE NINEPANEL ONEAn angle from behind Original Dinobot. He looks down beside him at a small pile of rocks. 1 TM2 DINOBOT (OP) … you’ve hardly missed anything at all.PANEL TWOTM2 Dinobot stalks around a pillar. 2 ORIGINAL DINOBOT (OP) Explain yourself. What is this place?PANEL THREETM2 Dinobot’s attention is grabbed by a small noise coming from the other side of the pillar. 3 SFX (ROCK) GRK 4 TM2 DINOBOT It is not real. And nor…PANEL FOURAn angle from in front of TM2 Dinobot. He has launched himself around the pillar and unleashed a beam from his optical laser. It’s as if he’s firing at the reader. 5 SFX (LASER) TZIW 6 TM2 DINOBOT … are you!PANEL FIVEAn angle from behind TM2 Dinobot. There is no target in front of him. He has hit nothing.PAGE TENPANEL ONETM2 Dinobot sees the rocks on the ground that made the noise. He’s targeted them with his laser.PANEL TWOOriginal Dinobot launches from the side, grabbing TM2 Dinobot. 1 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Raaargh!PANEL THREEA panel of memory. Original Dinobot and Optimus Primal, standing on the land bridge, weapons drawn, facing each other in battle. From the episode Beast Wars (Part 2) – Season 1, Episode 2.PANEL FOURA panel of memory. Original Dinobot holds the two Golden Disks aloft. From the episode Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1) – Season 2, Episode 2.PANEL FIVEA panel of memory. Original Dinobot, kneeling, offers his sword to Transmetal Megatron. From the episode Maximal, No More – Season 2, Episode 5.PAGE ELEVENPANEL ONETM2 Dinobot, snarling, cradles his head in one hand, having seen the memories. 1 TM2 DINOBOT Graargh!PANEL TWOOriginal Dinobot looks at his own hands, lost in thought. 2 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Memory. Then… I am dead. PANEL THREEOriginal Dinobot’s hands have become fists. His angry optics have raised to TM2 Dinobot. 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT How?PANEL FOURTM2 Dinobot steadies himself by leaning on one of the pillars. 4 TM2 DINOBOT You were… cast out by the Maximals and left to face the amassed Predacon forces alone. 5 LINK PANEL You stood no chance.PANEL FIVEOriginal Dinobot looked skyward in contemplation. 6 ORIGINAL DINOBOT A punishment for my misdeeds, perhaps. Or… PAGE TWELVEPANEL ONEOriginal Dinobot’s face is etched with anger. His clawed hands ready as he looks towards TM2 Dinobot. 1 ORIGINAL DINOBOT … a lie peddled by a powerless fool!PANEL TWOTM2 Dinobot readies his own clawed hands as the two Dinobots approach each other. 2 TM2 DINOBOT Powerless?! You are nothing but disused data! A desperate, futile attempt to subvert me from within! 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT An infusion of honour for one so severely lacking!PANEL THREEThe two Dinobots grasp claws. Their respective optical lasers glow to life. 4 TM2 DINOBOT You lost all honour when you betrayed Megatron, Maximal! 5 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Blind loyalty holds none to begin with, Predacon!PANEL FOURBoth Dinobots engage their optical lasers. The beams meet between them. 6 SFX (LASER) TZIW 7 SFX (LASRER) GRRNPANEL FIVEThe meeting of beams explodes, sending both Dinobots flying off in opposite directions. 8 SFX (EXPLOSION) KRA-SHOOOOM!PAGE THIRTEENPANEL ONEOptimal Optimus, Rhinox, Cheetor and Rattrap and gathered around the body of TM2 Dinobot, who is still strapped to the table, and is still offline. 1 RHINOX There might be a scenario we hadn’t considered. With the programming in flux, the spark may start to exert control over the body. 2 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Rampage.PANEL TWORhinox and Cheetor share a pained expression. 3 RHINOX We could, in effect, end up with two of him to deal with. 4 CHEETOR One is enough.PANEL THREEAll optics turn to the approaching Depth Charge. 5 DEPTH CHARGE One is too many.PANEL FOURDepth Charge joins the other Maximals at the table. 6 RHINOX At some point, we may need to take a step back and think about what we’re dealing with here. Is it really alive? And if it is, is it one being, or more? And would we be doing any of them any favours by keeping it online? 7 DEPTH CHARGE You could lock up the spark, but X would come for it.PAGE FOURTEENPANEL ONEDepth Charge glares down at Rattrap. 1 RATTRAP Ain’t that your job? Stoppin’ him? How’s that goin’?PANEL TWOOptimal Optimus glares down at Rattrap. 2 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Shut up, Rattrap.PANEL THREEDepth Charge addresses Optimal Optimus. 3 DEPTH CHARGE I say we kill it. Right now. With any luck, it might just take X with it. 4 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS That’s not how we do things.PANEL FOURDepth Charge steps around the table towards Optimal Optimus. 5 DEPTH CHARGE Do you want to win this war or not? You could remove one, maybe even two obstacles from your path, and you’re stopping to worry about the moral consequences? 6 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Stand down, Depth Charge.PANEL FIVEOptimal Optimus, now glaring, bends down to go nose to nose with Depth Charge. 7 DEPTH CHARGE No wonder you’ve been stuck here so long. 8 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS I said stand down.PAGE FIFTEENPANEL ONEDepth Charge leaves the group.PANEL TWOWith Rhinox in the background, we’re focussed in on Optimal Optimus’ face, angry, watching Depth Charge leave. 1 RHINOX If and when it wakes up, given we don’t know what may emerge, it probably shouldn’t find itself in here. We can move it outside and continue to monitor it. PANEL THREEThe same angle as the previous panel. Optimal Optimus’ optics fall towards the ground in sadness.PANEL FOURThe same shot as the previous panel, as Optimal Optimus is lost in thought. 2 RHINOX Optimus?PANEL FIVEOptimal Optimus turns to address his fellow Maximals. 3 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS That’s good advice, Rhinox. 4 LINK PANEL Let’s make it happen, bots.PAGE SIXTEENPANEL ONETM2 Dinobot sits propped up against the foot of one of the rock pillars. His upper body is heavily damaged. A pulsating tentacle of white and maroon-coloured energy is emanating from its chest. 1 SFX (ENERGY) GWARLPANEL TWOThe tentacle wraps around TM2 Dinobot’s chest, which shines brightly. The energy pulls him upwards by the chest. 2 SFX (ENERGY) LAWRGWARLPANEL THREEThe energy disappears, leaving TM2 Dinobot standing, perfectly restored. 3 SFX (ENERGY DISAPPEARING) WHF 4 TM2 DINOBOT Grrrr…PANEL FOURLooking over the shoulder of TM2 Dinobot, Original Dinobot is struggling to get to his feet, using the rock pillar as support. He is showing a lot of signs of damage. 5 ORIGINAL DINOBOT What are you? 6 TM2 DINOBOT I am a Transmetal 2. 7 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Transmetal 2? PANEL FIVEA close-up of Original Dinobot’s face, in shock. 8 ORIGINAL DINOBOT You blew up the second moon?!PAGE SEVENTEENPANEL ONEOriginal Dinobot lumps back down to the ground, unable to stand under his own power. 1 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Urgh… 2 TM2 DINOBOT No, you fool. I am the result of Megatron’s mastery of an alien technology.PANEL TWOAn angle looking up. Original Dinobot is on all-fours on the ground. TM2 Dinobot looms over him. 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT From… tempest’s fury… 4 TM2 DINOBOT How do you know that? 5 ORIGINAL DINOBOT I can see your memories, few as they are.PANEL THREETM2 Dinobot wraps one of his clawed hands around Original Dinobot’s chest. 6 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Your… urgh… spark is not your own. You say that I am not real, when you… PANEL FOURTM2 Dinobot lifts Original Dinobot off the ground and glares at him eye to eye. 7 ORIGINAL DINOBOT You exist as nothing more than an extension of Megatron’s will. A means of control. Over Rampage. Over me. PANEL FIVETM2 Dinobot places Original Dinobot back on his feet. 8 SFX (FEET HITTING GROUND) DRM 9 ORIGINAL DINOBOT And so explains the reality we find ourselves. His spark is fighting back!PAGE EIGHTEENPANEL ONEAn earthquake shakes the area. The two Dinobots struggle to retain their balance. 1 SFX (EARTHQUAKE) BBBWWWRRRRRMMMMMM 2 RAMPAGE (OP) Oh-hoho-ho… Two little friends.PANEL TWOA great rift opens in the ground from the tremors and Rampage’s voice echoes out. 3 SFX (RIFT OPENING) KKRRRNNNCH 4 RAMPAGE (OP) At least you’ll have some companyPANEL THREERampage, in robot-mode, emerges from the rift in the ground. Dust falls from his body. 5 RAMPAGE … when you’re trapped down here.PANEL FOURTM2 Dinobot charges towards Rampage, who stands unarmed. 6 TM2 DINOBOT Raaargh!PANEL FIVETM2 Dinobot delivers a diagonal slash to Rampage’s chest. One of the antenna is cut in half. The slash reveals the spark within Rampage’s chest. Rampage looks down at it. 7 SFX (SLASH) SHOOPAGE NINETEENPANEL ONERampage, laughing, delivers a heavy punch to TM2 Dinobot’s head. 1 SFX (PUNCH) GRNCH 2 RAMPAGE AH-HAHA-HA!PANEL TWOTM2 Dinobot slides along the rocky ground from the impact of the punch. 3 SFX (ROCKY GROUND) KRRRRKPANEL THREERampage stomps on TM2 Dinobot’s chest. TM2 Dinobot’s optical laser glows to life. 4 SFX (STOMP) KRCH 5 SFX (OPTICAL LASER) WRZZZ 6 TM2 DINOBOT Urrrgh!PANEL FOURRampage shoves the barrel of his massive blaster into the side of TM2 Dinobot’s head, pinning it to the ground. Looking sideways, TM2 Dinobot is unable to fire. 7 SFX DNG 8 RAMPAGE Uh-uh-uhh…PAGE TWENTYPANEL ONEOriginal Dinobot, leaning against a pillar and holding his damaged chest, looks on. 1 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Formidable.PANEL TWOAn angle over Original Dinobot’s shoulder, looking towards Rampage and the stricken TM2 Dinobot. 2 RAMPAGE You look as well as when I last saw you. But you don’t remember that, do you? How could you -- those data tracks were destroyed along with your body. 3 ORIGINAL DINOBOT You played a part in my demise?PANEL THREEOriginal Dinobot approaches the two Predacons. 4 RAMPAGE We all did. Death by a thousand cuts, as it were. 5 DINOBOT Torture? 6 RAMPAGE Only that which you put yourself through.PANEL FOURAn angle from below. Original Dinobot and Rampage look down at the stricken TM2 Dinobot. 7 RAMPAGE What your devious duplicate told you is true -- in part. You did indeed face the Predacons alone, but you were triumphant. 8 LINK PANEL You saved the fate of the universe, for those that have an interest in such things.PAGE TWENTY-ONEPANEL ONEAn angle over Rampage’s shoulder. He looks to Original Dinobot. 1 RAMPAGE We both have our reasons for destroying this abomination. Would you like the honour? 2 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Doing so would release you, who would waste no time in taking your revenge against Megatron.PANEL TWOA close-up of TM2 Dinobot, still struggling under the blaster barrel. 3 TM2 DINOBOT Do it, and you doom the Maximals to the same fate.PANEL THREEA mid-shot on Original Dinobot, looking down, in contemplation. Rampage looks down over his shoulder. 4 ORIGINAL DINOBOT True. And yet, if I aid you, returning you to Megatron’s side… 5 RAMPAGE You would be assisting in his march towards victory in the Beast Wars.PANEL FOUROriginal Dinobot turns from the scene, still looking down, lost in thought. We can see Rampage and TM2 Dinobot in the background. 6 ORIGINAL DINOBOT My choices are my own, and yet, how ironic, for I now find…PANEL FIVEThe same angle as the previous panel. Dinobot has looked up (at the reader). His eyes are glowing green. 7 ORIGINAL DINOBOT I have no choice at all.PAGE TWENTY-TWOPANEL ONEOriginal Dinobot blasts Rampage with his optical lasers. Rampage is knocked backwards, and his foot is removed from TM2 Dinobot’s chest. 1 SFX (LASER) GRRRRRRRN 2 RAMPAGE Gaaagh!PANEL TWOFree, TM2 Dinobot, still on the ground, blasts Rampage with his own optical laser. 3 SFX (LASER) TZIWPANEL THREEOriginal Dinobot delivers a heavy blow with his sword to Rampage’s shoulder. 4 SFX (SWORD) KRSHPANEL FOURTM2 Dinobot trips Rampage over with his tail. He falls backwards. 5 SFX (TAIL) WA-KSH 6 TM2 DINOBOT An unexpected choice.PANEL FIVERampage is lying on the ground. Original Dinobot plunges his sword through his arm to restrain him. 7 SFX (SWORD) SHNK 8 RAMPAGE Aaargh! 9 ORIGINAL DINOBOT The Maximals have thwarted Megatron for this long.PAGE TWENTY-THREEPANEL ONETM2 Dinobot rips the remaining whole antenna from Rampage’s chest. 1 SFX (ANTENNA) CRNK 2 ORIGINAL DINOBOT They may still win the day.PANEL TWOTM2 Dinobot plunges the antenna through Rampage’s other arm. 3 SFX (ANTENNA) SHNK 4 RAMPAGE Weeergh! 5 TM2 DINOBOT Or deserve to die trying.PANEL THREEAn angle looking up. The two Dinobot are atop Rampage. They look at each other. 6 ORIGINAL DINOBOT You carry me with you. My name. My memories. Reflect upon them. Let them quell the conflict within you.PANEL FOURAn angle from above. The two Dinobot’s look down at the partially exposed spark in Rampage’s chest. 7 ORIGINAL DINOBOT Learn from the lessons of a life already lived.PAGE TWENTY-FOURPANEL ONEAn angle from above. The offline body of TM2 Dinobot, in beast-mode, lies on the jungle floor. His optics are dark.PANEL TWOA close-up. The optics of TM2 Dinobot glow to life as he comes back online. 1 SFX (POWERING UP) TZOOPANEL THREETM2 Dinobot holds its beast head with one of its front claws. 2 TM2 DINOBOT Urgh…PANEL FOURWith TM2 Dinobot in the foreground, we can see Optimal Optimus, Rhinox, Cheetor and Rattrap looking on. TM2 Dinobot has seen them. 3 TM2 DINOBOT Hn?PANEL FIVEThe same angle as the previous panel. TM2 Dinobot walks towards the reader and away from the Maximals. 4 TM2 DINOBOT Maximals.PANEL SIXAn angle across the four Maximals, watching TM2 Dinobot leave. 5 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Well that’s just prime.--- END ---
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2022 is coming to its end and it have been great year to me and to group and i hope that it have been also good to all members to this group :)
So as Primus of Cybertronians I wish to you all happy holidays and may your end of this year be full of laughter, good company and celebration!
And here are December birthday heroes!
December 16
Excellent aim!
Pride [2021]
December 17
Can You Kiss Me More?
Fly Butterfly Fly
Chibi Kimiko (commission)
December 20
The Warlock and the Witch
Bloopers Part 1: 'Cool Guys'
Jedi Council Members
C-2N0 and R9-T8
Ray-Al Kendo
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K4nK4n Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2022
Is this group still alive?
Macross x Transformers crossover (2) by K4nK4n   Taste my axe by K4nK4n    Ultra Magnus by K4nK4n   Ironhide by K4nK4n   Bludgeon strikes a victory pose by K4nK4n  
ailgara Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its alive this group in 2022???
ailgara Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need an explanation of why was rejected mi oc drawing if I can see the folder of oc,drawings??? 1 and 2 and oc with canon characters  =( 
Mediziner Featured By Owner Edited Jun 13, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
My response is a bit late but the reason we only have OCs, Drawings 2 folder is because the 1st OCs folder is full. If a folder gets full, we'll make a new one with a number label.

Yep, group folders surprisingly do have limits, something the 2nd Primus found out about.
ailgara Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok thanks
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