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Hobbit --- Thorin/Ariel --- Fluff
    Ariel breathed, in and out - in and out, taking the fresh breeze through her body as if it were a cosmic force. Scents of the earth at daybreak always seemed calm and potent. Even the slightest sound stood out among the light noises of the nearby forest. Such sounds as Thorin coming out to enjoy the quiet for however long it lasted. And that was never long enough considering the shenanigans the crew managed to stir up.
    "Weather appears to be holding to our favor for the most part." he noted. Which was important both on the speed for their missions and the accuracy of their weaponry against foes, especially Kili's bow. He would not admit it aloud but the dwarven king would refuse to have either of his nephews in combat where the wind would hamper arrows and twist sword or hammer-laden wrists. The hampering of speed and accuracy in such conditions had and would continue to be the difference between survival and death. There wa
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 1 2
Villainous Crackfest 4: Back To Crack
5.0.5: I am KING of the SQUIRRELS!
Black Hat: You're my favorite subject.
Black Hat: My sweet, submissive subject.
Dr. Flug: The question might be: ‘Would I give up on a regular life in order to pet 5.0.5 at all times, forever?’
Dr. Flug: And the answer is yes, of course, instantly, without regret.
Demencia: Going to rob a store. Want anything, Flug?
Dr. Flug: My freedom.
Demencia: What about some snackies?
Dr. Flug: Not today, Satan.
Black Hat: You've been canceling our plans for weeks now.
Black Hat: If it's something I said, please just tell me.
Dr. Slug: Honestly I'm just so evil. So full of darkness. I feed off the souls of the living. I strike fear into-
Clementia: You sleep with a giant living teddy bear.
Dr. Slug: He's my second-in-command in my army of darkness!
Demencia: There's three ways to do things: th
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 7 12
Mature content
Violent Ends :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 5 12
Villainous Crackfest 3: Ask About Super Crack
Black Hat: What do you want for dinner?
Dr. Flug: Your dick.
Dr Flug: *panics* I mean . . . your pick. Stupid autocorrect.
Black Hat: This is a verbal conversation.
As snug as Flug in a hug with his pet chub.
Dr. Flug: *shocked silence*
Black Hat: So, this is the infamous headquarters of H.E.L.L.?
Demencia: Yep! Heathen's Epicenter for Literature of Lust!
5.0.5: Disco Girl coming through! That girl is you! OOH OOOH, OOH OOOH!
So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you're falling for.
Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse!
Are you ready for, ready for - A perfect storm, perfect storm?
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine - There’s no going back!
5.0.5: I'm full of love!
5.0.5: And C4.
Black Hat: The consensus of the people in this room tells me I shoul
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 13 8
Villainous Crackfest 2: Release the Crack-en
Demencia: I got this feeling at like 3am while watching Netflix.
Demencia: I drew some porny fanart and I wrote some smutty fanfics!
Alan Ituriel: My boy is at that special age where there is only one thing on his mind.
PTA Mom: Girls?
Black Hat: Homicide.
Demencia: Oh no! My HiHiPuffiAmiYumi energy drinks were stolen by the 420 Bandit!
Black Hat: That's it, Demencia. Give me all of your weapons. Now!
Demencia: *throws bizarre assortment of weaponry to the ground; pouts*
Black Hat: I said all of them.
Demencia: Fine. *throws more bizarre assortment of weaponry*
Black Hat: *glares*
Demencia: *drops one more small pistol on top of the pile*
Demencia: I came here to eat jam and fuck Black Hat.
Demencia: And I'm all out of jam.
5.0.5: *is shaped like a friend*
Dr. Flug: Wait . . . so everyone is supposed to sleep every single night
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 9 24
Grey Hat Inc.
Fandom: Villainous AU.
No pairing. Violence, chaotic good rationalization,
Villainous is the property of Ituriel. For the love of 5.0.5 don't sue me.
    A lot could be said on the heroes and villains of the world. Heroes were mostly adored, being paragons of the right choice. Villains were mostly reviled as the worst humanity had to offer. And the citizens stood about cheering on the heroes to defeat any villain that threatened them. But such moral distinctions were not always clear. And the world could be a petty place towards those who did not fit their strict labels. They would stretch and twist what constituted as a "villain" and of what was considered "evil" so that they could label you as "dark" and "black". Change the label so you fit into their little assortment cubbies of reality.
    Grey Hat sneered at the latest social media outburst towards his work. "Hacking Masterminds Put City in Peril!" Well yes, one could argue that. But they also managed to preve
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 7 2
Villainous Crackfest
Black Hat: The MOST EVIL thing you could imagine was a FIDGET SPINNER!?
Black Hat then stabbed both deviants that nearly woke Flug up and, looking at the blood dripping from the cursed obsidian blade in his inky tendril, whispered "Aesthetic."
Black Hat: Say it, 5.0.5. "Master".
5.0.5: M . . . Mu . . . Ma . . .
Black Hat: *yes! it's working!*
5.0.5: My name is Markiplier!
Oh, Demencia! Mind In Absentia! Demencia! You will remember my name!
5.0.5: Awubwooo?
Dr. Flug: And underneath the paper bag is  . . .
Dr. Flug: . . . another paper bag.
5.0.5: Spaaaaaceeee is sooooo coooooool!
Dr. Flug: But my computer can't handle the rendering!
Black Hat: I'm EVIL!
Alan Ituriel: Hello, Evil. I'm Dad.
Dr. Flug: Alright, 5.0.5, roll over!
*5.0.5 rolls ov
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 19 44
Do It For 5.0.5 by Cybertronian-Unsub Do It For 5.0.5 :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 64 10
Caught in Corundrum
    A single eye looked over the scope of the ornate halls before her, the echoes of possibilities wisping at the edges of her mind. Despite her rather small size it would be hard to miss such a contrasting red-orange gem in an area filled with walls and gems of blue. The bangs of her short hair shifted ever so slightly as she moved towards her quarters. It had been a rather stressful day - as she had foreseen the deliberate sabotage by an otherwise loyal agate which would have resulted in the shattering of two of Yellow Diamond's highest officers. Said agate had been put to trial, and executed publicly. Sapphire was never for shattering, herself. Not after the cruel fate to befall her lustrous Diamond . . .
    Tears pricked at her eye. She had been intended for the court of Pink Diamond, but did not emerge until the war had ended. In all the chaos, little heed had been given to her. Thus she emerged overcooked, body more in line with the colors of a Ruby or Jasper
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 5 6
Temporal Trust ArtTade for Lunarie334
Temporal Trust ArtTade for Lunarie334
Pairing: Temporal Trust / History Lesson {Clockwork/Danny}.
Warnings: Homosexuality. Undead characters. Unspecified character ages.  Age gap. Teacher/Student. Referenced accidental voyeurism.
    It wasn't often that a history teacher was as old or experienced as Clockwork. Or that the teacher constantly corrects pre-concieved historical facts with slightly rant-ish revelations on cover-ups, history washing, and the general stupidity of the living. If there was one thing that stressed out Clockwork - other than temporal incidents - it was history being recorded wrong. Something Danny learned pretty quickly after accepting the elder ghost's offer of schooling. History, ghost powers, and the occasional delve into science were specialties of his and Observers be damned if they try to stop him. His ghost boy needed to be prepared and the living were ill-suited to properly teaching.
    An idea formed in Danny's mind, causing an
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 3 64
We're All Pretenders by Cybertronian-Unsub We're All Pretenders :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 6 2
HP OC: Seraphim Rosewater
---Seraphim Rosewater---
Wand: Vine & Acacia Wood, Phoenix Feather Core, Supple, 13".
House: Slytherin. (Almost Ravenclaw).
Favorite Classes: Flying, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Runes.
Extra-Curriculars: Broom Racing. {Product Guinea Pig}.  
Electives: Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes, Divination.
Dream Job(s): WWW Employee, Honeydukes Employee, Professional Broom Racer, Not-So-Evil Dictator, Teacher.
Friends: Ariana Poston :iconicosplaynerd:, Ashen Poston :iconiamthewhitereaper:, Fred & George Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Creevey Brothers, Sir Nicholas, Verity Black, Dobby, Millicent Bulstrode, Blaise Zabini, Theo Nott, Flora and Hestia Carrow, Hannah Abbott.
Enemies: Umbridge, Filch, Pettigrew, Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Amycus and Alecto Carrow.  
Male. Pygmy Panda {Magically Bred to be as small as a Pomeranian and 3 Stone in weight}.
Personality: Curious, Affectionate, Hungry,
Favorite Fo
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 1 0
Transformers Animated Meme by Cybertronian-Unsub Transformers Animated Meme :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 10 52
TMM Paisshu ArtTrade for Lunarie334
TMM Paisshu ArtTrade for Lunarie334
Pairings: Pai/Kisshu {Sardon/Dren}, Masaya/Ichigo {Mark/Zoey}, Keiichiro/Taruto/Pudding {Wesley/Tarb/Kiki}.
Warnings: Homosexuality. Angst/Fluff hybrid.
    *Pai and Kisshu are related by the marriage of Pai’s aunt and Kisshu’s uncle.
    **Taruto is Pai’s brother, and a cousin to Kisshu.  
    ***MPreg is possible with their species. So is FemPreg.
    ****Cousin incest is okay in their culture. Especially with their lessened population from war, disease, weather, and other causes of death.
    Kisshu was broken again. Koneko-chan had rejected him for the tree-hugger. He tried everything to show that he loved her. Nothing would change how she felt about the human. And though he was a sweet boy whom reminded the alien of his mother, it was hard to believe the inferior human could gain the affection he longed for. Every tactic failed. She would never love him no matter how
:iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 3 129
Remember Her Name by Cybertronian-Unsub Remember Her Name :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 15 6 My Squiby Mites by Cybertronian-Unsub My Squiby Mites :iconcybertronian-unsub:Cybertronian-Unsub 7 70


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

It seems to have become almost habitual - these long "excursions" from DA I take. And I'm very sorry about it but there were unforeseen complications. 
First my sister was becoming violently ill. Thankfully it was not, as we first assumed, stomach paralysis. As that would have been as good as a death sentence. However she did require her gallbladder to be removed as is was mass-producing stones and even putting those in other organs. Even more fortunate was that the supposed dark spot on her liver turned out to be nothing - when it was a very real possibility of it starting to die as her pancreas had. 
After surgery, which had been - bless the doctors - moved up, some after-pains showed up and it was plausible for there to be rupturing or infection. But now shes fine, safe, home, and able to eat homemade ramen again. She also was home and healthy for thanksgiving, which was originally the surgery date before it was moved up. 
This entire situation understandably had me in anxious fits before we were sure she was okay. Even now I still get a bit worried. And the world news compounded it all to rather unbearable levels. 

I will post my thoriel fic as soon as it gets overlooked for errors and then possibly my next crack compilation. 
If anyone wants to talk, about whats happened with my family or yours, my ears are open. 
Now its on to tackle the 7-thousand messages . . . 
  • Listening to: Disturbed - The Vengeful One
  • Drinking: Voltage


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