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Neonahuatl Xuli vs Ketz by cybertrevil, visual art

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Neonahuatl Meanwhile in Neo Japan. by cybertrevil, visual art

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Deltarune Ralsei Beyond 2019 by cybertrevil, visual art

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My Bio

Hernán Trevilla E., Mexican Graphic illustrator, Professor, and the Creator of the comic Neonáhuatl and Galax uni.

I make comics, Characters, Science fiction vehicles, and 3D modeling.

I like to draw my characters and when I design vehicles or spaceships and anything of science fiction, I always go first for functionality more than for aesthetics, as my favorite designers like Syd Mead, Ron Cobb, Aeron Beck (robots) and Daniel Simon.

Since I was a child I always fascinate the animated series like the samurai pizza cats, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, etc. And films like TRON, Blade Runner, and the fifth element.

From there I drew comics, but they were not original, they were as rare crossover between

Cartoons and science fiction subjects, that I saw on TV, these comics I lost them over time, but I still have the idea of combining anthropomorphic animals with science fiction, a current example would be to combine Zootopia with Tron Legacy ... yes ... it's weird but interesting.


Ilustrador Gráfico profesional, profesor y creador del comic NEONÁHUATL (historia y sus personajes), especializado en Diseño de personajes de carácter ficticio, comics, modelado 3D, Rendering, naves espaciales, futuristas y si algo de fanart.

me gusta a dibujar a mis personajes con expresiones faciales y cuando diseño vehículos, naves espaciales y cualquier cosa de ciencia ficción, siempre me voy primero sobre la funcionalidad que por la estética, como los diseñadores Syd Mead, Ron Cobb , Aeron Beck(robots) y Daniel Simon.

Desde de niño siempre me fascinaba las series animadas como los gatos samurái, animaniacs, tiny toons, etc y películas como TRON, blade runner, y el quinto elemento.

De ahí dibujaba comics, pero no eran originales, eran como crossover raros entre caricaturas y temas de ciencia ficción que veía en la tele, estos comics los perdí al paso del tiempo, pero me dio la idea, de que a mi, me gustaba la combinación de animales antropomórficos con ciencia ficción, un ejemplo actual seria como combinar zootopia con elysium…si…es raro, pero interesante.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
TRON, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Oblivion 2013, Elysium, The Secret of nihm, Blade runner, Interstellar
Favourite TV Shows
Animaniacs Tiny Toons Rescue Rangers Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Shaka Zulu
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hybrid, Solarfileds, Daft punk, Powerglove, Paperwhite, Complexystems
Favourite Books
Arte Prehispanico Paul Gendrop, Ready Player One , 3001:final Odissey, Who framed roger rabbit, Akira
Favourite Writers
Ernest Cline, Isaac Asimov
Favourite Games
DOOM, QUAKE, MARATHON, Mirror Edge, Ev Nova, System shock, Megaman X4, F-ZERO, Resident evil 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Vintage Macintosh, xbox
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
addicted to imagination, spaceships, and other realities
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Hello everyone, this is the alpha raffle in celebration of the +1000 followers, there will be three sketches as a prize: Examples: 1st Prize: Full-body 2st Prize: half-body 3st Prize: Headshot How do you participate? complete the four tasks (B.L.S.I) 1.- Be a watcher (those who already follow me just follow the following rules) 2.- Like this journal 3.- Share journal either in your account or in a group 4.- If you become a winner, anticipate how your sketch will be in the comments below, simple without much text, and with references would help a lot. They include Creative Limitation: * No vehicle design or architecture, scenery * Not NSFW * No Gore * No Hate art * Humans I can
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Neonahuatl Saga


To see chapter 01 click here:

Para ver el capítulo 01 click aqui:


To see chapter 02 click here:

Para ver el capítulo 02 click aqui:


To see chapter 03 click here:

Para ver el capítulo 03 click aqui:


To see chapter 04 click here:

Para ver el capítulo 04 click aqui:


support us with the following chapters of the saga:

apoyanos con los siguientes capítulos de la saga:


To see chapter 0.5 click here:

Para ver el capítulo 0.5 click aqui (solo en ingles)

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Hey man, can you unblock me on my other account (the UndertaleFratricide one). Idk why I'm unfollowed to your account and blocked on it. If not that's alright, sorry for bothering you.

You gave me an instant watch & unwatch and I can interpret that as trolling.

Have any of you guys thought of making a comic dub of Neonahuatl?

I think it’s a great idea that would help Hernán gain more followers.

I'm really glad that you don't support NFTs.

hmmm...yeah...about that...He is considering using it, because it gave him anxiety when he find out about art thieves with nfts.

That Rhino Rowster made him change his attitude.

I really hope he won't do that though. Because there are many negative sides about that sh*t.

It has a bad effect on enviroment (not to mention your PC) because it consumes too much energy (it is the primary point in the arguments)

And I don't find this thing really reliable, IMHO, this will just give the artist more problems (here's the complete explanation on it, please read the whole thread). Also, the customers are not protected in any way, because when they buy the art, they don't actually own it. And the most important is this (Quote: "This means when the gateway operator goes bust I can buy the domain and start serving cat pictures" ©Jonty).

Not to mention, that now NFTs are used primarily for money laundering.

Anyway, I would be very disappointed, if Trevil decided to use NFTs. It would be heartbreaking for me, actually. I think that there are many other ways to protect his art from thieves.

That is why it is very important to support him on Patreon, we need more people to support his art and at the same time protect it.

We have to be aware that, he is working very hard to create content, ALONE, he has work the pandemic is making it worse, he is not full time creating comics so seeing new chapters is to wait months to years.

And those long waiting times are not good because people lose interest and move elsewhere, affecting Trevil economically.

If he uses it, I really won't be disappointed, it means that we failed to support him.

I get it, if the server fails the token loses value, but there are people who are investing a lot of money to improve this technology and make it more secure, it is obvious that they will see failures at first.

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