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What it says on the tin, I will edit this journal with links when the time is right. As someone who's used this site for frankly too long, this isn't a choice I make lightly. Had a lot of good times here back then when it was the main art hub. I've enjoyed seeing works from talented folks here & interacting with them too. Of course, I'll still take a look at the forums in case I need help for special projects. Anyway, see you all on the other side.
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The Sustenance Festa (Print Edition) is now available from Amazon! The wait is over fans.
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Greetings, it feels right to start this year with news. The digital edition of the 3rd novella (Crossing-Over: The Sustenance Festa) is now available on Amazon:
The word count is a bit higher than the 2nd book. Now the print edition will be in the works and is expected to be available during the Summer. It's gonna look great and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I can write 'make a book trilogy' out of my bucket list soon enough. Other than that, I was able to get in touch with art partners to handle some stuff I'd like to get done... That said, I am a bit behind on some buffers even though I took December off. But yes, I can go back to focusing my efforts on catching up what I've missed for comic pages.

I think I will be mirroring Chapter 8 releases on Webtoons, just to try it out. ComicFury is a nice host but I could use more exposure. I will be sure to drop a link so let everybody know when it starts. Reminder to support the Patreon if you are feeling generous. Thanks!
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Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas all. Hope you all are doing well. Some news to show some activity before 2020 rings in.
Edits for the 3rd novella have reached the final 10k- words. It's the month of celebratory preparations so Ch 9 should be in soon enough, while the last Ch will likely bleed into the following year. I take Miyamoto's view when it comes to making stuff: A good game later is better than a lacking one now. As for the webcomic, we're on the usual break as new outlines and scripts are being made. Of course, there's something to clarify: I'll be taking an overseas trip next month which will affect the schedule a bunch. That's not the only trip on the horizon, I'll be doing another overseas trip late March. Surprising? I haven't been abroad since forever, so as much as I hate riding in airplanes, this must happen to become extra worldly (both places are in Asia). Jet lag is going to be trippy these next few months.

Something bigger now, the print edition of the 3rd novella will have a high chance of the original artist doing the graphics for it. This is great since they did the art for the 1st story and some webcomic pages. They're easily my favorite partner to work with. It's assuring to know that they'll do justice to this story like they did in the past. Might get started on it in a couple of months. Whoever is doing the next comic chapter's art is still in the air as these book edits have consumed most of my time and patience. Thank goodness we're getting close to the end, though.

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Page 210 is going to be late. It kind of already is. Will try to get it up as soon as possible. Thanks for waiting.
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