I did a good deed yesterday
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Published: November 4, 2017

I'm going to share this, as I'm proud of what I did. Mostly because I'm a plush buyer more than a plush maker, I follow lots of them on different platforms. Being a buyer, I had setup ebay to notify me when certain keywords are used when new plushes show up there. I like to follow and watch them to see how they did on selling them and if I find unique deals.

Yesterday, I get the email from ebay that showed a Tempest Shadow being up for sale. I check it out and was surprised to see what they were asking. Reading the description and only looking at the one pic they posted, they only wanted about $20 for a 28" handmade minky plush.

I new right away that this has to be a trick. The seller had a zero on their rating (no sales). They were also selling from China. I first sent an email to them through ebay asking for more pics and to prove the height.

After that, I thought I saw that same image on DeviantArt. I quickly did a search and right away found the post. They had cropped the compile image of different angle pics just to one. AND, they had also copied the same text. I noted the person of this post, asking if they are the one selling it.

They quickly replied back stating they are not. I went straight to the posting and reported it to eBay about being a fake post. I shared the link to the plush maker as well.

Later that night, I found the post for the plush was fully removed from eBay. Not sold status, just fully removed. I'm relieved that I help save someone from buying this and getting nothing.

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