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Cybersteampunks is a huge success! I had no idea it would become so popular when I started it on Jul 11, 2013. Thank you to all the amazing artists inside our many many galleries!

One of the things I've neglected because I don't like being pushy is sending membership invites, but there are so many great artists out there making awesome Steampunk and Cyberpunk artworks & I'd love you to join or become a contributor.

If you want to be a member go for it! It is automatic.

If you want to be a contributor post below and I'll look at your work and maybe you'll become one.
[EN] CD PROJEKT Group - FY2017 financial results conference webcast

"I terribly want to tell you about Cyberpunk, but today is not the time. Not today."

On E3 2018: "I can’t announce the announcement. We will announce just before."

Confirmation: A large sprawling open-world RPG without micro-transactions. Character creation, Classes.

Unconfirmed: MP.
Every year I add the last years Featured Images to the many folders that we have here at Cybersteampunks. So if you're looking for great art don't forget our other folders!

It takes a long time to do. WIP.
Deus Ex series has been placed on indefinite hold after slower sales and the feeling that other games have copied the original game so often that they have become samey.

Why cancel a great cyberpunk series because you feel that other games have copied you. The answer isn't to cancel the series. They should add new innovative gameplay to make the copiers say "Wow we better step up our game!"

If you want to see another Deus Ex Game go on Twitter #SaveDeusEx and tell @SquareEnixMtl @SquareEnixUSA  @ DeusEx to keep the series going!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays from the Cybersteampunks!

Enjoy this video of Bladerunner 2049