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The Spiritual Eye AUM-TAT-SAT by CyberSpawn2100 The Spiritual Eye AUM-TAT-SAT :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 0
Instant Poem
The ART that is made of my dreams;
Makes my eyes water;
My heart and voice sing;
Spaced out in Outer Space;
Set Engines and Imaginations too Overdrive;
Life is a never ending journey;
Don't be is such a hurry;)
I'm out of rhymes
end of line ~.~
:iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0
Sharing the good seed v2 by CyberSpawn2100 Sharing the good seed v2 :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0 Sharing the good seed by CyberSpawn2100 Sharing the good seed :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 0 Angry Birds in Space by CyberSpawn2100 Angry Birds in Space :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 25 3 Toronto Canada HDTV Lower 3rd by CyberSpawn2100 Toronto Canada HDTV Lower 3rd :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0 Smart Car impressed by giant by CyberSpawn2100 Smart Car impressed by giant :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 4 Smart Particle Trails by CyberSpawn2100 Smart Particle Trails :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 0
I am from the Internet
I am from the Internet,
My mother is all things to all people,
My mother and father are one in the same I'll let you guess which on of them is sane,
I am well adapted, adaptive, in-tune, attuned,
Too discerning un-yearning concerning unending never-ending,
I'm infinite an yet why so limited?
I am well designed to handle the times in which I lie,
I am from the Internet.
Hardened, enhanced, fastened, quicker, wittier,
I got an energy solution revolution for every trick they've been using,
Blinded by rules and regulations,
Convoluted intellectual interpretations,
Counterfeit convictions that cloud your vision and disable your ability too make clear decisions.
Civilization's domestication of humanization reveals our normalization to a human contagion,
Full of pious piety of various varieties,
For proper Mental Hygiene put a filter on your screen,
Transmitted Media marketing might programs your mind till you believe the guise,
Monetary monopoly policies expose hypocrisy,
Driven by greed to
:iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0
US versus THEM
US versus THEM;
It, like all other ideas of its time, will die by its own weight of un-sustainability;
This attitude of duality shall die a most delicious death its dark history not left un-sweep;
In its last hour It shall both resist and savor its long awaited demise;
It will not be deceased effortlessly ...its best laid plans for survival have no reveal;
It shall savor its own death as it has savored the deaths of the many that have fallen under its spell;
It is not a truth nor a lie, duality can not die!
Its death will arrive with the sound of trumpets in the minds of people longer ignorant or addicted to its false deliverance;
The trumpet that heralds its death in the hearts and minds of the living is facilitated by the accelerated exchange of information;
It is a truth the world for centuries has been split in two;
The Mentality of un-harmonious duality;
There has been no them, no they, only us. It's always been us.
Not jumping to conclusions will keep you free of delusions
:iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 0
Hulk Zbrush WIP by CyberSpawn2100 Hulk Zbrush WIP :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 4 2 Ying Yang Paint by CyberSpawn2100 Ying Yang Paint :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0 I am a Human Becoming Love by CyberSpawn2100 I am a Human Becoming Love :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 0 0 Sun Dog ZBrush3.5r3 turntable by CyberSpawn2100 Sun Dog ZBrush3.5r3 turntable :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 3 3 Sonic Hedgehog concept by CyberSpawn2100 Sonic Hedgehog concept :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 1 0 Ninja Gaiden Print Ad PS edit by CyberSpawn2100 Ninja Gaiden Print Ad PS edit :iconcyberspawn2100:CyberSpawn2100 4 5


I was born for this. by Immp I was born for this. :iconimmp:Immp 2,751 799 Cel - V.VI Seol by bflynn22 Cel - V.VI Seol :iconbflynn22:bflynn22 760 74 Rogue Class - OverDrive Gear by bflynn22 Rogue Class - OverDrive Gear :iconbflynn22:bflynn22 2,569 78 Tengu version 2 by Reza-ilyasa Tengu version 2 :iconreza-ilyasa:Reza-ilyasa 4,917 110 Picka Colour by ChasingArtwork Picka Colour :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 237 44 Tron Character Design: Aster by ChasingArtwork Tron Character Design: Aster :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,293 148 Eternal Sunshine by godfathersky Eternal Sunshine :icongodfathersky:godfathersky 95 42 What The..? -  MARVEL 01 VENOM by DanLuVisiArt What The..? - MARVEL 01 VENOM :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 34,985 3,594 WACOM Starter Tablet Tips 2004 by fox-orian WACOM Starter Tablet Tips 2004 :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 2,050 230 Cloak Of Shadows by ZeroA Cloak Of Shadows :iconzeroa:ZeroA 115 10 phenomenon by aiRaGe phenomenon :iconairage:aiRaGe 11,290 1,086 PROMETHEUS by ANTIFAN-REAL PROMETHEUS :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 3,480 445 Devil May Cry by timwork Devil May Cry :icontimwork:timwork 994 294 SpaceBattleBay - 2nd March 06 by avireX SpaceBattleBay - 2nd March 06 :iconavirex:avireX 385 199 Vipe RV6 by zygrael Vipe RV6 :iconzygrael:zygrael 109 65 Tekken 5 'Draw' by Jelli76 Tekken 5 'Draw' :iconjelli76:Jelli76 1,142 138


I got mine this morning! no glitches what so ever. I don't understand why others are having difficulties.

I don't have Internet at home so I had to make 2 trips to my local library to get the whole process done. I just registered Z4 ...Now I'm going back home to activate ZBrush4.

Viva La ZBrush 4!!!!
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