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Darkness Has Come! :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 1 0
Primtooth MYO - Disastercase by Cybersix-Data7 Primtooth MYO - Disastercase :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 28 11
Some Days
Salem cursed under his breath as he tripped on a rock on his way to see Hexxus. The man just having been slapped with the failure of his newest attempt at flirting. It'd been a long day already, and he was having a hard time hiding the anxiety that was trying to peek through, leaving him tense and not completely paying attention to where he was going. Thankfully for him no one was around to see that little bit of embarrassment. It was hard to have a swagger when you were tripping over things you couldn't see. Damn depth perception. The walk felt too long, even though it probably wasn’t very long at all. The tenseness that had been bunched in his shoulders slowly seemed to ease away as Hexxus came into view. The Stryx’s feathers fluffing up for a moment as he caught sight of Salem in return and ruffled them so they’d sit more smoothly against him, giving a half flap half hop so that he could he could get to his rider faster.
It was enough to make Salem give a smal
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 4 2
Untitled by Cybersix-Data7 Untitled :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 6 0
My story is a long one... a ve
My story is a long one... a very long one, and a tiring one, and it is not for the faint of heart. Nor is my story for those who are skeptic of the world around them, those who are not willing to believe in magic and creatures they have never before seen with their own eyes. My story is true, every last word of it. Every second is the truth, and is a part of my life.
Not all of you will reach the end of my story, for some of you will think it simply too ridiculous, to wild and crazy, impossible for all of this to happen to only one. Some of you will stay, and let your mind open the impossibilities, yet undeniable truths to my tale... some of you will not.
Some may stay for the simple fact that it is ridiculous, and want to see what else could possibly happen. Some are simply too closed minded to think and believe in what is not in front of their faces, and that is okay. Whatever you choose, weather it is to stay or go, I will not judge you, nor will I be angry.
I only hope you will
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 3 0
Mature content
Scars :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 6 4
The Darkness in me
Dark.... it's so dark here.
Inside of me... too dark.
Sad thing is,
I don't even know what it is that's dark...
My heart?
My mind?
Or maybe I'm just blind...
I don't know, I can't tell at all.
But I know I don't like it, this darkness...
I need...
Something to get rid of this horrible, crippling darkness that eats me, consumes me... buries me. I'm scared, terrified... save me. I'm afraid of this darkness within me... I Fear it, because I love it. It's strong, powerful within me. I use it, to protect and keep those I love safe... But it's eating me, and I know it. Just like back then... when she still had hold on me... Just like that...
Could it be her? Still trying to keep control of her daughter? To put me back onto the path of destruction and death she had so wanted? Maybe... or maybe it really is just me, this darkness that consumes me... confuses me. It grows and shrinks, and swirls all around me. It makes me confused, makes me forget...
I no longer feel anything... W
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 5 6
I'm sitting there crying
Don't know what to do
Wishing and knowing
I cannot help you
There is no hope
That is all gone
I pick up the phone,
Please help me Jon!
She's hurting,
She's crying,
She's suffering!
She's suffering I'm done!
Dying and hurting
I can't let this go on!
Please wake him up,
We need a ride.
While I wait,
I prepare to say goodbye.
It's so hard,
It hurts,
I'm dying inside.
But I'd rather do this
Then watch you suffer and die.
Still I try,
to say goodbye.
I hear the honk,
I still don't feel ready.
I pick you up,
My heart feels so heavy.
You can't even stand,
You won't take a bite
I know that I still
Have to say goodbye.
The ride is long,
Too long for me,
And I feel,
It's not long enough.
I don't want to say goodbye
I carry you in,
Like a big baby
The chance you survive
There is no maybe
I know what I'm doing and
When I leave,
I'll leave alone
You won't be with me
At that moment...
It's really goodbye.
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 11 0
Woman from Mag by Cybersix-Data7 Woman from Mag :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 5 0 Dot art butterfly by Cybersix-Data7 Dot art butterfly :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 7 2 Barry the chopper by Cybersix-Data7 Barry the chopper :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 2 3


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I'm not an artist but I buy a lot of characters and I love em all. My TH for all my favourite babes


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Everything was ready. Everything had been carefully and meticulously planned for this very day. Nightmare stood there, staring at the cages full of trapped and fear filled toskals. Others simply sitting and waiting, willing victims and sacrifices that would be used on this blessed night… the night that would bring the darkness down to the earth. The giant couldn’t help but feel a tingle of excitement.

Was it really true? Was he really coming down? Or was it all going to be for nothing? Would all this hope, and the belief that his God would grant him what had been promised to him turn fruitful? All he could do was hope that everything spoken had been the truth, and that all this work wasn’t for nothing in the end.

“It begins.” the suave voice of the vampiric toskal beside him noted, wings rustling as both of them looked to the sky. And indeed, before their very eyes, darkness began to creep bit by bit over the moon to cover it.

Had it still worked, he had no doubt in his mind that his heart would have been racing in excitement. Dracula starting to speak in raised tones of some unknown incantation that was known only to him. As he did, the willing sacrifices stood and walked over to the large ornately carved slab of stone that had been made for this very purpose…That had taken ears to carve and perfect and make perfectly round. All of them willing sheep coming to the slaughter. Bending down along the edges and bowing their heads, Nightmare giving a cruel grin as he stepped forward.

All it took was one swipe of his claws and one by one, their throats were cut. Blood soaking a small dip in the stone and filling, slowly the blood began to fill in the ornate carvings further into the stone. The Melanistic creature swallowing thickly as his throat burned with hunger with all the blood in the air. But he ignored it none the less as he continued his duty. Drac, not far off was repeating an incantation with a witch, lighting an herb that stung Nightmares nose even from here and made him give a small huff and shake his head.

As he worked, dark pelted grunts worked behind them, shackling the sacrifices feet and stringing them up to let the blood continue to flow… not a drop was to be waisted for this.

“We need more.” Drac insisted, making the alpha give a low ‘tsk’ before heading over to the cages. It had been expected, and they had brought unwilling sheep as well. Yanking open one of the cages he reached inside and grabbed a weakened toskal by the throat and forced them out. Ignoring their fighting and their begging and the force of it’s shocks as he dragged it by the mane to the stone and dragged his claws against her throat, smirking as she gave a few shudders and wet, choked sounds before she went still in died.

He continued the action for a good half a dozen toskals. All of them being strung up so all their blood would pour within the divot, smiling as he watched the blood soak the stone and blood rise in the creases, making it a stark contrast to the otherwise white stone. Turning his head to the dark. “Come.” he demanded.

Out of the shadows crept an Apex. Tall, even for that of an Apex and reaching a height as big as Nightmare. The apex striding to the dais and going up three stone steps to walk to the center before bowing down and joining in the incantation.

As they had worked, the moon had slowly been swallowed up, only a sliver left before that too was swallowed up, and all around them a thrum of excitement seemed to go through them. What sacrifices were left were filled with dread. The air thick and charged with some indescribable sensation.

It was then that he saw it. At first, it didn’t seem like anything. A trick of the stars as something black seemed to go across them. One of the flying night creatures perhaps. But then as he stared, he knew it wasn’t so. Black, shapeless substance was coming down, shapeless and moving and alive. Like ink and smoke at all once it seemed coming down and swirling around them before finding it’s way to the apex. Converging around it and sliding inside, swirling suddenly like a storm. A shout of pain from inside of the storm from the Apex as bones sounded and snapped within this vortex of blackness.

Everyone now seemed to be holding their breath, the only sounds being the incantation before that too died in the air. Nightmare stared, the mass now looking more formed. Deep and black, horns raised high and pointed sharp and the steady rise and fall of breath. The entire night having gone still to witness, fearful and afraid.

Suddenly, eyes opened. Not black, but a reflective white a head raising, and then soon enough the shadow itself seemed to rise, shadowing even Nightmare now in height, a low creak sounding and then wings bursting from it’s back, far greater than even Drac’s, spanning the length of the stone dais. It’s head turning slowly from Dracula, to Nightmare, a slow smile coming to it’s features. Toskal, but not, the odd shadowed substance seeming to waft off of the creature. “My children. I am finally with you.” it sounded, making Nightmare give a low intake of breath at it spoke. It’s voice deep and holding an odd echo of power to his voice that made the blood inside him thrum.

It was all true… the words Drac had spoken… all that he had suffered, all that he had gone through… It now all of it seemed worth it now that their God stood before them, hulking and grand.

He moved then, stepping off of the dais. Every movement he made seeming calculated and deliberate. Like nothing he did wasn’t thought about first. A creeping, proud sort of grace that could only be expected from something so grand as he was. First going to Dracula, who spread his wings and gave a deep, sweeping bow. The two talking before his gaze finally fell to Nightmare. His muscles tensing on instinct as he walked towards him. For the first time Nightmare was face to face with a predator that was bigger than he was. The god somehow seeming to have added a foot to his height and now towering over the Melanistic pelted creature, and it was an odd sensation for him indeed.

As he came close, Nightmare bowed his head before such greatness, and went down to one knee. “My Lord.” he whispered, unable to hear the slight ‘tsk’ Dracula made behind them. No doubt thinking he was yet again trying to one up the creature that had granted him immortality.

“Stand.” he whispered, Nightmare obeying and standing tall before the other, chest puffed out and standing proud. The creature reaching out to place a cold hand to the side of his face, the odd smoke that came from him and dissipated also wafting against his fur, the feeling cool. Like… a cool winter breeze in the mountains. Cool and gentle, but deceptively piercing and touching the skin, regardless of skin.

Even with the cool touch, he did not move away. Even daring to turn his head just the slightest bit. Encouraging the touch. “Ahhh… My greatest follower… you have done well.” he told him, fingers sliding up and through the thick mane between his horns. “You have killed countless in my name, and spread me all throughout the world… where once no one knew of Darkness, had long forgotten in the name of the moon... now it’s hailed and praised openly, and whispered about. You have been my most devout, my most faithful of them all… you have given me a strength I had long forgotten, and for that, you will be greatly rewarded.” The god promised, smiling some as he stepped away.

The god closed his eyes, saying some incantation long forgotten and ancient. Something that made his bones ache and his fur stand on end as he watched. As he watched, something seemed swirl within the gods hands, swirling around. Glowing and yet somehow intangible all at once. Like a mirage made of light. “Your reward. Which had been promised.” he told him, Nightmare sucking in a breath as he reached out, hand skimming along the edge, fearful of finding him.

“But there is another price I’m afraid that was failed to be told to you.” the god said, sounding almost apologetic, Nightmare meeting the Darkness’ gace. “What?” he asked, pulling his hand away. “The dark god giving a small smile before focusing on the soul swirling within his hands, blowing on it gently and it rose into the sky and floated away. “It must find it’s own body, on it’s own time.” he told him. “Your mate will find a body again and be reborn… but you will have to look for him.” he told him, bowing his head. “Always a task for you I’m afraid.” he told him apologetically. “But I do hope that this one will be worth it for you.” he told him stroking his fur once more, Nightmare bowing his head and understanding, distressed that he still had to wait. Still had to look…. But at least now he had hope.

With that, the Great God turned away, wings spreading wide and spanning several feet. Grand and magnificent. “Now, it is time for me to depart, and see what this world has to offer me.” he informed, a single flap had his wings catching air, scooping it and having him rise slowly from the ground, another had him rising higher, and another. “We will see each other again, I am sure.” he promised. One more flap had him above the trees, the wind catching him and carrying him up, up, up without any need to flap any longer, angling them away, and sailing away, nothing but a silent shadow.

Nightmare stood in silence for a long while, until the God was fully out of his sights. Head turning to meet the gaze of the vampire. The two bowing their heads to one another. Without another word, the two departed, leaving the stone and bodies behind. Dracula, back to his castle of comfort and his harem. And Nightmare, stealing himself for another long search that would finally take him back to Driskol… no matter how long it took, he would find him again.

Darkness Has Come!
Soo, I never submit things to Deviantart and I figured I should change that. More a writer then an artist so... have some writings?  This is a noncannon writing for my character Nightmare Ft. Mah boy Dracula. It's all legendary noncannon stuff for Toskals  Dracula turned Nightmare into a vamp like him and their both summoning their god darkness to walk among them. Will probably post other stuff for them too. I write semi-regularly for my tosks <3…
[OPEN: Custom Auction] Dragiathan Anni by BunMuffin 
So amazing, deserves much love, check it out <3 
This is both on DA and Discord. It's important to note that he discord tends to be the faster of the two, but this too will also be looked at. This is where you post to have any corrections or changes done to the masterlist. This includes ownership changes, gender changed, name changes if you'd like to have your toskals name listed instead of the adopt name ect. This can also be used to register you're bred and MYO toskals to be added to the masterlist. Do note that if it's an adopt there's no need for you to register it as it will automatically be added to the masterlist with the next update. Though you should still post here or on the discord for adopted toskals regarding ownership changes, if alpha horns are added(or removed), ect.  If you've already done it on discord please don't do it here. Only do it on one or the other. 

Link To Masterlists


Toskal Link: 
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