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RWBY Date Night (S2) Part 1

"RWBY Date Night, Season II: The Nightmare Continues"
Been over two weeks since I uploaded something.

Alright, I meant to get this finished a while ago, but hey, it's me. So in other words I got caught up in things. Thank you for your patients. Anyways, so Jaune on the run again, but really can you blame him? It was really nice for Port to "sacrifice" himself for Jaune like that.
So now Velvet is going to enter into this, you can probably guess who is going to show up next. This short and scatterbrained description was added 18 hours and 56 minutes after upload. Go me. -w-"

Link to season one right here: RWBY Date Night (part 1)

All the characters seen here are owned by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum.
This comic was thought of and made by me. -w-;
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Should have hid under a rock.

Ash: HENSHIN!(Becomes kamen rider Gaim)

All Males and Nora: FOR THE GLORY

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We celebrate within the the city tonight

'Cuz the whole town's cheering for the ultimate time



We gather here today to remember a great man who saved a young lad from being torn apart by savage teenage girls. He was a Great Huntsman, Brilliant Teacher, and a good friend. May the Valkyries bring you to Valhalla and for them to sing songs of your Victories. God speed Professor Port, God Speed.

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I've been watching way too much TFS Dragon Ball...
Oobleck: He was a Great Huntsman, Brilliant Teacher--
Ozpin: And round.
Oobleck: Pardon, Oz?
Ozpin: Round, and short. And you are so very tall, and thin. We had a perfect little Yin Yang thing going on.

Oobleck: Is that really what you wanted to focus on? The man was torn apart by...

Ozpin: Yes I understand that completely, but the whole balance I had for this school is now thrown out of whack. Where am I going to find a short round man that never gets to the point fast enough? It's the middle of the School year, maybe Hogwarts can help me out. They seem to replace teachers all the time.

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Oobleck: Uhhhh...
Ozpin: OH GOSH, Hogwarts has fallen hasn't it?
Oobleck: Yeeeeah.
Ozpin: Did it at least fall with dignity?
*Cut to Voldemort preaching anti-muggle trash*

Ozpin: Well I guess this means that I have no other choice in the matter then. Excuse me Oobleck, I have to make a Scroll call.

Oobleck: Can I ask who you have in mind?

Ozpin: Don't worry, She's an... odd friend of mine. She can be trusted.

The Next Day

Ozpin: Hello students, I like to introduce you to your new Grimmology teacher. Professor Salem.

Salem: Hello students. Like Oz said, my name is Salem and trust me when I say that I have no evil plans to wipe out all life as revenge against two idiotic gods that cursed me to be apart from my lover for all eternity.

Ozpin: Yeah I made the right choice here,

Press F to pay respect to mister port for sacrificing himself so jaune could get away

see ya in Valhalla

You will be remembered with honour Port

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Professor port: Jaune run Get To The Choppa
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Jaun :Damn my boyish good looks
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I just notice something in Velvet's Hands. SHE'S HAS A BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE BOOK
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Peter fought in the Cell Games?

Thank you for the new headcanon that Peter Port is actually post-timeskip Mr. Satan. I did not know I needed this in my life until I saw this.
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He fought in them all right, as can now be seen right here.
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No no, my new headcanon is that after the events of Dragonball Super he started training with the Z-Warriors until he got caught up in some dimensional shenanigans set up by Beerus and was sent to Remnant where he took on a new identity. He will bring out pictures of Videl and Pan to anyone who asks because he's still the proudest grandpa in the universe but can't stop boasting and bragging about whatever crosses his mind.
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Could be worse: He could have been shipwrecked on a deserted island with them.

A dance only lasts a single night....
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RIP Prof. Port. A true bro to the end.
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I like that boop!  And It looks like Port might actually be living up to his bragging.  I remember a fanfic in which he did in one scene and everyone's reaction was awesome to him standing on a small mountain of giant Grimm while choking one out and slaughtering hoards of others with his axe, laughing like a gentleman.  I love awesome Port!

By the way, was Boi a reference to God of War?
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This was made a year before God of War was released.
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Finally someone put old prof. to good use :D
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