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(OLD) Jesus said: ''You fricken fricks''



Ranger's PSA: Cover your mouth when you cough

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My Bio

Experimental artist. Kinda noobie. God of photoshopping memes.

Gender: Male: If I wasn't male I would be female.

Neogender: Non-binary genderfluid fluck: Yes, my neogender is basically genderfuck.

Xenogender: Apache attack Helicopter: I like to fly above the clouds luv.

Pronouns: God/Lord

Coronavirus card

Since my Twitter is gone and since I started to draw again from time to time, I decided to make a Da account instead. I draw from time to time and I'm far from being a simple noob.

Most of my older drawings were from my G+ account, but since G+ is gone, well it's gone forever.

I am an artist and a photoshop expert, I like to edit images found on Google Images.

Anyways, I'll upload here whenever I got something interesting to upload.

What I do:

  1. Sonic characters (Or any animal character with a Cartoonish artstyle for that matter like Animal Crossing and many others).

  2. Cartoon characters or characters portrayed in a Cartoonish artstyle (Super Mario Bros is a good example).

  3. South Park characters or characters in a paper-like artstyle (Here's an example of what it looks like).

  4. Comics (See the dedicated collection).

  5. Photo editing.

  6. Memes.

  7. Youtube videos and thumbnails.

  8. And pretty much anything that's not too overly complicated.

What I don't:

Reasons may be as follow: It's too difficult for me and ends up looking ugly or I just don't want to draw this kinda stuff.

  1. Furries, particularly in the traditional anime-like artstyle that they're best known for. Also, this picture here was the first time I ever attempted to draw an actual Furry and many ppl said the Furry looked unironically ugly.

  2. Anime characters or characters in an anime artstyle.

  3. Anything SJW (Steven Universe for example).

  4. Anything offensively horrid (Uncle Grandpa).

  5. Characters from baby shows (Teletubbies), there are exceptions.

  6. My Little Pony.

  7. Anything R34 and fuck you if you even assumed I would accept a request/commission for this shit.

Drawing softwarez:

  • Picsart (Former 2012-2016)

  • Pixlr (Former 2016-2020)

  • Paint.Net (2019 onward)

  • Microsoft Paint (2010 onward)

  • GIMP (Only used it once to turn a colour into transparency on a PNG, it was recommended to me after I found a neat Minecraft HUD picture on Google Images, but rather than being transparent, it had a green background. The HUD appears in this meme. So although I have GIMP I don't know how to use it. :idk: )

Labels don't solve problems
Attack helicopter 2
There are only 2 Genders stamp
Anti-feminazi - stamp
Block People Because A Opinion
There There *pat pat*
You block you lose
I'll Get Your Sippy Cup
Like you even have the guts.
Anti Fetish Requests Stamp
Fuck your fetish stamp
I am an open minded person
Don't like, don't look?
:Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else.
Stop raping my childhood
Anti-Porn Stamp
Animal Testing
PETA - Do you know?
Anti Pedophilia Shippers/Shipping Stamp
Anti-Incest Shippers/Shipping Stamp
Fuck your ship stamp
ANTI Sonic Couples stamp
As In, Teaching Your Kids About...
'Female Privilage' Confirmed
You're not quirky, you're annoying stamp
Cringy satire is still cringeworthy stamp
[Comm.] Tails Adventure Stamp
Fascism Stamp
Weaboo Stamp
Stamp - MSPaint User
Just a word, guys
Quit'cher Bitchin'
Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron
SJWs Hate Me
Agnostic Stamp Lrg
Screw Transphobic Feminists!
Request: Tumblr, Neo genders / pronouns...
Racism against whites
Pro-Life Stamp

Racism in america

Racism in america

I decided to compile articles related to cross-racial misdemeanours and crimes, and man like damn there are far more shit than I first expected both toward white ppl and black ppl, the US is fucked up! Hate crimes towards white ppl: Title is: "White guy puts his hands on a black guy. What happens next will shock you." / "Racist white guy gets a beat down" "Victim's and suspect's families react to beating of elderly man in nursing home" "Teenager arrested in elderly man's beating" "Black gang beat and

Wear your fucking mask for Christ's sake

Wear your fucking mask for Christ's sake

I've already done a similar post speaking about misinfo on covid 19, but I guess I have to do again with the masks because some niggas don't want to wear them. But here's your TL;DR of each article if you don't want to read all of this shit: No, Masks don't prevent you from breathing oxygen, unless you buy literal fucking garbage like one of those plastic respirators and I also don't recommend surgical masks, I recommend you wear a mask made out of fabric. I wore shit that was thicker than that and could breathe just fine. In addition to what I said above, people who are asthmatic or have any respiratory disease should wear masks too, they don't risk anything. Though if you have a respiratory disease, you should look at this: and wear the correct mask. Masks are used to
Found a random forum post that aged like milk

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