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Started a new web fic.
It's called 'Sheryl Holmes' 221B Baker Detective Agency' and it's about Sheryl Holmes and her quest to becoming a great detective, like her idol, the famous Sherlock Holmes!
The first story of the serial is called The Case of the Smuggler's Wife.
Hope you all enjoy!
..., well, I've finally added the last G-Wars piece in the series.
It's not really impressive or anything, but at least the series is now finished.
The last piece was done some time ago as a guest entry by my friend solidgaunt, here's a… if you missed it before.
Once again, bravo solidgaunt, bravo! Great work!
Well, I finally updated with a story that has taken a long time to write.
Hopefully some of you will like it.
Uploaded three icons which are used in my Rock, Paper, Scissors game which can be found at:…

Oh, also added a link to my "website".
My friend, solidgaunt, did a guest G-War (…), it is absolutely stunning, and I suggest that you all go and see it..., it is just beautiful.
After so long I decided to make a new piece, and I decided to make a wallpaper.
It has two versions, a 1200 X 800 Version and a 800 X 600 Version.
Hope it's good...
Uploaded something in the scraps section, hopefully I will finish it soon.
Wow, University sure is busy..., I haven't been sleeping so well :(
Anyways, expect something from me soon.
Don't worry SolidGaunt, it's the thing I told you about, though you probably forgot.
499 Hits..., just one more, just one more...
Hate of the Infinites.
All the GWars have been edited too.
First off, new GWars, called Vira this time.
Next Celet has been edited a bit.
And I have a new  avatar which should show up any minute now...
First off, a new GWars, called Vira this time.
Added a bit to Celet, so look at that.
And a new avatar, which should show up any minute now...
I've uploaded one of the Infintes, it's Love this time.
Hate is next.
I've finally decided to do a Galactic Wars piece again, enjoy!
Uploaded a color version of Mark: The Comic
I've decided to upload smaller versions of "Legend of Heroics" and "Little Mark" because they were so big before than it wasn't enjoyable.
Uploaded a Legend of Heroics piece up today.
So, I have exams now, so I'll probably get a new GWars up a bit later. Probably in July.
for my free 1 week suscription has ended!
Why is it that when I get the free suscription, the search engine doesn't work... :(
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