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Content Warning: This story does not depict rape; however, it does mention and discuss rape.
A story about the three Gorgon sisters.

In older versions of the myth, Medusa and the Gorgon sisters were already monsters to begin with.
Later versions, such as the one retold by Roman poet Ovid, added in the backstory with Poseidon and Athena.
There are also variations dealing with Stheno and Euryale - sometimes they're also transformed into Gorgons, sometimes they're not, and sometimes they don't even exist.
As for Chysaor and Pegasus, there are instances in Greek mythology where children of the gods are born fully-grown - this is basically the case with Chysaor and Pegasus as well. However, I don't think that this detail really matters for this reinterpretation of the story - so, feel free to imagine a baby flying away on a baby winged horse, if you want.
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