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Galactic Wars: Planet Weto

By CyberPFalcon
(continues from Galactic Wars: Planet Vira [link])
Representing Water on the Panel of the Four Judges of the Galactic Wars.
Although not a participant, Planet Weto is known to all the planets in the Galactic Wars.
The quietest of the judges, none of the planets are sure about its mysterious abilities and its enigmatic Waters of Weto...
(continues to Galactic Wars: Planet Ancelexi [link])
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JessLogan's avatar
Publish man. :3 You always had a knack for in depth development - it's so cool.

Hope you're well~
CyberPFalcon's avatar
Thanks for your comments!
Long time no see! Read your journal post, that hole in your heart sounds very seriously, but I'm glad to hear that you'll be just fine.
Hope to see the comic that you and your artist are working on soon!
JessLogan's avatar
Haha, XDD! Aww it's actually not too bad as long as I don't push myself! But thank you for your kind words and concern!

It's been TOO long! How are you? What are you up to these days? Odd question but do you have Facebook? lol
CyberPFalcon's avatar
I'm doing alright. I'm currently finishing up what I'm hoping to be my last term of school.
How about you?

Speaking of Facebook, I just added you :)
JessLogan's avatar
Oooh~ Last year eh? Long time spent? I'm still in school too lol, lots more to go! I can't get enough of it... *om nom noms school* Whatcha going to be graduating with? (aka going to be potentially doing)Either way - CONGRATS XDD!!!

Doing well~ In for English (Professional Writing) now. So weird that I ended up here. But I might also take Patissiere school either during or after my Eng degree. : D I took art and modeling : P Fun, and got the certificates but not my future >3<... You still at home? Living on your own? I'm home~ It's a fam of three since my Dad left us, but we're a cozy three and it's been better! XDD *happy*

YEY FB!!! *accepts* X33

LOL you're a vampire too?? (I read someones comment.. Alice's I think...) Lucky you don't sparkle.. I glow - it's pretty embarrassing, or jokes.. BUT ALAS! Nice to chat again : D
CyberPFalcon's avatar
Haha, thanks, I will be getting a BCs hopefully.

I hope you're having fun with your new English degree, what school are you getting it at (for the fun of guessing, is it still Sherdian)?

I'm currently living off-campus, since Waterloo is waaaaaay too far from Mississauga. I'm actually living with my brother and a friend right now, so it's fun :) (let's just say that I've had some bad experiences with getting random people for roommates).

I'm sorry that your father left you guys..., but I'm glad to hear that you guys are doing just fine.

LOL, yeah, apparently I'm a vampire too... I've never read the series..., and I was thinking, that since it was so popular, I'd give it a shot... until I found out about sparkly and glowing vampires...
But, do you read the series (or watch the movies)?

Oh yeah, MSN seems to have deleted you off my contacts list for some reason... (you're the second person that has mysteriously disappeared from my contacts list... hm... maybe I should look into this...), do you still use MSN?
JessLogan's avatar
Huzzah sounds awesome!

(Sorry for the late reply)
I'm actually at York University. I commute everyday OTL... But next year I hope to be at George Brown! I'm taking a two year break from English (life finding~) to take baking and pastry art management. Assuming I get it, I kind of applied after the highschoolers and ended up on a waiting list... Wish me luck~ And hey do you like pastries?

Wow, sounds fun. I mean rooming with people you know and trust - the events prior to that sound unpleasant D:! But I guess they were an experience?

No worries about my Dad, life happens. I mean bs happens all the time and it's better to be strong and keep moving and knowing what really matters~

Haha! So you didn't suffer by finding out the hard way with Twilight?? Okay so I read the first 3 books, but the concept killed me.. it's so bad OTL... I like a blood thirty evil vampire thank you. I mean- yeah... but I respect those who like it X3 And I joke about it all the time since I'm still super pale XDD

Do you miss highschool? Ever? Admittedly I don't... I miss some of the people, but not the maturities, lack of confidence and overall status. But it's weird! I ran into one of the teachers at a party once, and he added me on FB after lol. We're all growing up o3o...

OOH? Well probably since I stopped using that account years ago! I like went through this silly phase of wanting to get away from everything. So I have a new MSN! Which I will GLADLY send you through a note~
CyberPFalcon's avatar
Well, I hope you do get into George Brown!
And yes, I do like pastries!

I don't really miss high school, I mean, it was nice, but I think I've moved on. Of course..., now I'm about to move on from university..., kinda nervous about that..., but oh well, life goes on.

Got your note, hope you see you online soon!
solidgaunt's avatar
'enigmatic waters of weto" - well-worded. Another nice piece! may i recommended maybe you can make the planet have more depth -> maybe use the spherize filter more, or give it an outer glow like an atmosphere of vapour~ What's ur next series?
CyberPFalcon's avatar
I don't really have a next series in mind.
I think I might be moving away from digital art, since I don't really have a feel for it anymore...
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