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The Megaman 9 Bunch

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Published: October 13, 2008
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The Megaman 9 Bunch.

It's a lot like the Brady Bunch.

...Only it's nothing even REMOTELY like the Brady Bunch what-so-ever.

(Note: Yes, this is, in fact, the order of weaknesses for each Robot Master, feel free to use this as some sort of really weird strategy guide.)

DEC 05:
Oh wow, a Daily Deviation?

You guys really love the crap out of this one, don't you?
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I think its safe to say that Galaxy Man has it worst.
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alahu12Student Digital Artist
Ice man: Mr. wily! *Knocks on restroom door* You have been in here for three hours now.

Dr. wily: I'm fine, go away!
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Do 5-8 please
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now for the megaman 10 and then megaman 11
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GroundStRiKeHobbyist Digital Artist
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Well that went badly. :lmao: Poor everybody!
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Splash Woman: Heya, sugar.... <3
Concrete Man: Hurr durr! Who lives in a pineapple under the seas?
Galaxy Man: (We're sorry, but Galaxy Man appears to be off-line. Please try again.)
Jewel Man: NO! NO! PLEASE!!!! I'M TOO PRETTY TO DIE!!!!!
Plug Man: ?
Tornado Man: (random gibberish)
Magma Man: WTF?
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Dilettante1337Student Writer
  Splash Woman wanted a place to rest her Laser Trident, but it hits Concrete Man, causing in to going mad with pain, slamming Galaxy Man on the head(though not using the Concrete Shot), and he spills out dark matter to conjure the Black Hole Bomb, pulling Jewel Man and his Jewel Satellite in, where it somehow is able to strike Plug Man. Plug Man then unleashes a Plug Ball on Tornado Man, where, in shock, uses the Tornado Blow on Magma Man, tipping him over and manages to damages Hornet Man without using the Magma Bazooka. Hornet Man's Hornet Chaser are accidentally set free, where they all attack Splash Woman, who seems oblivious to it.

Concrete Man: Oof, that's a hard hit!
Galaxy Man: [whizzing noises]
Jewel Man: No, not my precious jewels! Not me!
Plug Man: How are these supposed to hurt me?
Magma Man: What did I do to ever deserve this?!
Hornet Man: No, not the magma! IT BURNS!!
Splash Woman: I hope you don't mind the madness, Mega Man.
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MattyBoi02Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I suggest a Mega Man X one?
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BinaryrobotHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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PokePokeGavinHobbyist General Artist
*Looks closer at Tornado Man*
Looks like we might have a Papyrus on our hands.
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sonictheultimate970Hobbyist Digital Artist
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befree2209Hobbyist Digital Artist
Megaman looks suspicious.
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Dude... Splash Woman was never confirmed to be straight. Only portray characters as straight if there's evidence they're straight in canon.
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pendracoHobbyist Artist
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Why is Plug Man weak to Jewel Man? I don't see anything special with a plug and a jewel.
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"Alright, Plug man, did you cause this?"
"Cause wha-" PEW PEW PEW pew pew...
"... Okay then. Tornado man, did YOU cause this?"
"I-I-I DI-DID NOOOO-" PEW PEW PEW pew pew... 
"... Than did Magm-"
PEW PEW PEW pew pew...
PEW PEW PEW pew pew
".... I give up." PEW PEW PEW pew pew...
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Gabriel280Student Artist
It looks like Jewel man and splash woman don't seem to feel pain.
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Cue the Derp Song!
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YakkoWarner20Hobbyist Artist
Where's Megaman 5?
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PlugMan looks like: What are these :l?
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