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Kirby's Exhausted

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So I was all like, "I feel like drawing something with exhaust pipes attached to it... and I could use some more practice animating smoke..."

I got carried away.

This basically contains every Flash based trick in the book that I know about.
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Airrider1Hobbyist General Artist
Bosozoku Kirby is best Kirby.
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JeikutwoHobbyist Artist
Kirby: :iconyeeaahplz:
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SlamJamSamStudent Digital Artist

God damn it.
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LinkKirbyMarioHobbyist General Artist
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that weele is huge!!!
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omg kirby ish eating pocky!!!! :XD:
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AnimatorsUnitedHobbyist Artist
This is aewsome!
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WireframewizardHobbyist Digital Artist
Talk about economy friendly... -_____-
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Moss257Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This kicks ass on so many levels...

Great job!
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Yeah,you did go overboard with the exhaust pipes. LOL Also how come theres no sound?
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The only real sound effect I think this could use would be just something for the motor. Just that probably would have gotten annoying after a bit.

If you mean music too, I'm still sketchy about DA's policy on music so I don't try putting it to the test.
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I guess your right about the annoyance thing.Also, Im sure DA doent care about music and what program did you use to animate it?
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It was all done in (a hideously outdated version of) Flash.
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Which one?
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That's some nice animation there.

Guess you could've used Flash CS4 for some pseudo-3D effects for the road though
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White-over-blueHobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty nice flash you got right here.
May I ask how did you make it possible for wheelie to leave tire marks on the ground?
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The tire marks movie clip itself is a fairly simple trick. It is 3 frames of a bunch of those > shaped marks in a straight line. After you set up the first frame of those, you make the second and push back the entire line of >s slightly. The third is pushing back slightly more.

The idea is to try to make the illusion that they are continually being made from the tire, but it's really just a movie clip with 3 frames being moved slightly.

With that done, I put it in a lower layer than the movie clip of Wheelie to block out the front of the line of >s.

I also did a similar trick in the Rosebolt's Throne animation with the conveyor belt as well.

I'm not sure how well I explained that so I apologize if that's a bit hard to follow, but I hope it helped some.
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White-over-blueHobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, don't worry. I have enough understanding of Flash to know what "movie clip" and "layers" mean. If it wasn't that, and your concern was your English, no worries either. I can crack up "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad without a problem. :lol:

Pretty much I just need to make a full line of ">" in one layer movie clip, and put the layer of the street on top, cropping out the "not-so-cool" part of the "cool" movie clip of the ">" shapes.

Thank you very much for taking your time in explaining me a bit! I really appreciate it!
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To clarify a bit further, the Kirby/Wheelie movie clip has all the individual pieces of them (the wheel, Kirby's various body parts, the pipes, etc.)

I used THAT movie clip and made a good chunk of frames in which he just bumps up and down in place. Along with it, on other layers, is the tire tracks, the road dust, and shadow.

All of that is then ITS own movie clip, and I use that one to make him move back in forth.

I did it that way so I didn't have to both move him back and forth and make the slight bumping motion on the same motion tween, which would have been rather painful to get down.

I'm not sure if the way I went about it was the most convenient but it certainly worked pretty nicely.
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White-over-blueHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! So you're saying that you grouped several movie clips into one whole group just to get those marks on the floor?
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And while I have your attention, I'm curious...

What is the difference between the "=" and the "+" next to DA names? As far as I know, they both mean you are subscribed to DA but that's it.
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White-over-blueHobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't seen the "+" at all. It is supposed to symbolized "deviant that volunteers for various position." From news administrators, to general admins.

But then, if you're referring to the asterisk (*), then that just means that you're subscribed.

The equal sign ( = ) means "official beta tester." It gives you a few extra benefits that the normal asterisk deviant does not possess. Like the ability to make your own portfolio, in case you need to get a job that requires proof of your talent or apply to post secondary. It's easy as just flicking a switch in your settings.
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Ah I see.
And yeah I meant the *, not a +.
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