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Nack in SMK

In the adapted Marvellous Queen he used in the Chaos GPs, Nack the Weasel enters the Mario Kart GP! Will he steal victory?

Custom by NICKtendo DS. ©SEGA Sonic Team.
Credit if used!
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Hey man who shall i give credit to NICKTendo DS and you? cause i', using a pose for a huge Pizel Piece before the new year and want tio give a massive credit to people for the sprites
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Just NICKtendo DS. Cyber himself had zero involvement in this piece.

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Ok i will thannx Nick i wanted to give the right thanx to use some of the Sprites or pretty much all of the SMK for a project so i wont be targeted by people saying im stealing
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These are very cute and well done, but I have to point out he only has one big fang...