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dAsintegrate T-Shirt


Many thanks to all that voted on this design! :la:

Here's my first ever t-shirt design and...oh what!? No! It's disintegrating! :noes:

—— Resources & Stock ——
Just the t-shirt images and the dA logo, which I manipulated, from the deviantWEAR Design Challenge Assets Pack.
Everything else I drew/rendered on my computer with just a mouse and keyboard.

—— deviantART Features ——
Week 5 Feature (: && Updates by Ch3M-X —— Great works here! Come check them out! (: by Ch3M-X —— Feature by AbysmalFire

—— Software ——
The ever improving Paint.NET!
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Oct 15, 2011, 2:45:00 AM
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Philliewig's avatar
THIS is really nice. I'd totally wear this :)
dEsIrEdCuPcAkE's avatar
That's really cool!
InuHalfDemon's avatar
Cahotic's avatar
Great design, I would wear this :D It looks really cool :D
HiBa-JaMal's avatar
i like your design ..very creative !
CyberLogic's avatar
Ah! Thanks! :D I'll have a new awesome design posted tomorrow! :w00t:
SweetEvilAngel66642's avatar
Love this.. I want xD
Dodgerblue99's avatar
Nice! I love the designs and textures.
NightElf86's avatar
I love it! I'd totally wear it! dA should make those T's, in my opinion. :) Great job!
VisuallySpeaking's avatar
Nice! I really like the feel and texture to it. :) I'd totally buy that shirt. :)
Wyrd-Sister's avatar
Hi! I'm from the group #1-to-10.
We recently had a change in management, and we're currently going through and rating the backlog of deviations. Sorry for the wait!

I gave this work an "8," and it can be found here: [link]

If you would like a critique, please send a note to the group.


Spashai's avatar
Aww, this should totally have won! The winning tees are rubbish compared to this one... I would buy it, but I'm too young for a start...
CyberLogic's avatar
Thanks for the support! :dance: Maybe mine was just too difficult to print or something. :shrug:
Whatever the case, what's done is done. On to the next contest. :lol:
Spashai's avatar
You're welcome! But that colourful skull tee looked more complicated than yours...:hmm:
Yep~ :D
CyberLogic's avatar
Maybe so maybe so. There was no comment given by the judges as to why those three were chosen, so I don't know what I did wrong or what I should do differently for next time. :shrug:
Spashai's avatar
Yeah, but I still think yours was winner-worthy~
IchigoB's avatar
Gosh, this should've won. I can't see myself wearing any of the real winners. But this is total awesomeness.
CyberLogic's avatar
Awesomeness? That's awesome! :la: Thanks! :thumbsup:
LJofSpades's avatar
This should have won. Awesome.
CyberLogic's avatar
mahirh's avatar
Yay, Paint.NET FTW!
CyberLogic's avatar
Indeed indeed. :nod: You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I'm now creating with this free program. :wow: I just haven't uploaded it yet. :p
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