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Fellabot LIVES!

OH NO! :shocked: The dA Overlords have just given life to their most devious of all creations: Fellabot! It's out to terrorize the city of deviantsVILLE by destroying all of its artistic works! Who will save us and put an end to this abomination ONCE AND FOR ALL?! :fear:

Here's my robotic design of Fella for the Retro Future Design Challenge. This was drawn using only my mouse & keyboard (no tablet), Paint.NET and Inkscape.

• The only stock image used in this artwork is the [required] t-shirt template from the Retro Future Design Challenge Assets.
• I remade the dA logo from scratch. It's nothing much but it's not a borrowed stock image.
• This t-shirt design was made using only two colors: black & red.
• The font, Selznick Remix NF, is licensed for commercial use.

Download this image for a more detailed view of the design.

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naked-in-the-rain's avatar
Great design and a great concept. I like your Robotic Fella. This would make a great print too. I like how you managed to create something new and still keep Fella features in your design. It's very simple and eye catching, and I hope you will do more in the future. You seem to be really talented for this (:
Niraco's avatar
Love the design you gave fella :D
Philliewig's avatar
Ahahaha awesome :D Interesting twist on fella ;P
British-Prophetess's avatar
I really like how you redesigned Fella here :D
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Vissyscrafts's avatar
Cool. What a creative concept!
CyberLogic's avatar
Thanks very much! Glad you like it. :nod: If you're interested, check out [my other T-shirt design].
saylie1's avatar
I LOVE IT!!! I voted for him he rocks!! :D
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Evil Fellabot! :nuu:

Love the design! ;)
CyberLogic's avatar
Thanks! :D I have a much better version of this in the works but it'll be awhile before I post it online. ^^;
TheClosetStalker's avatar
sorry, but i dont see why its in the semi finals
CyberLogic's avatar
Fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion. But I personally am rather proud of this design. :D
Since I don't have a printer or a drawing tablet, I had to figure out how to redraw this design from paper using only a computer mouse.
Seems like it would be easy enough but I'm not a pro, yet, and drawing things like the hands took some figuring out. :p

But whatever the case, whether or not the judges select this design as one of the finalists, I am currently working on another version of this design. :)
Deviant666-AJ's avatar
congratz for being in d final
Deviant666-AJ's avatar
ur design is good i too don't hav a tablet i use a not so good mouse and at times have too only use the laptop trackpad
LittleNinjaNeko's avatar
last time i checked contest rules said they could not even use the mascot for DA
CyberLogic's avatar
Nope. Not against the rules. :)
Official Terms:
"Logos, symbols (such as fella or llama), trademarks and catch phrases of deviantART are permitted."
LittleNinjaNeko's avatar
for the love of poo D: when i was planning to enter i thought it said no..... rawr i had a great idea too
Ligfan's avatar
This is by far my favorite of the shirts. I hope you win.
CyberLogic's avatar
CyberLogic is greatly pleased that you enjoy this design so much! :D
Btw, the design itself may improve, I've just gotta finish it. :p
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GypsyMinx's avatar
oops wont let me vote grr
CyberLogic's avatar
No problem. Voting ended a while ago. But thanks anyway for the support. :D
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