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Strix and Emerald Valkyrie

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In a hidden, bus-like vehicle owned by billionaire philanthropist Téa Rodden, the two heroines were donning their respective outfits, ready to tackle crime. 

"I've been meaning to ask.." began Téa while fixing her armour in place, ".. about your costume.."

The giant redhead chuckled, "Why is so tiny and seemingly offer so little protection?"

Téa grinned, "Exactly."

"Some considerable thought actually went into it." said Kimberley, "Think of the silhouette it makes. These big shoulders, the wild hair, with my height it's quite imposing."

"And the rest of it..?" Téa gestured to the exposed milky thighs and every curve on display.

"I call it the Red Sonja effect.. If shoulders and height aren't enough, your eyes will naturally work their way down to these 'giant, jiggly funbags' as Katie would call them. From there the cut of the leotard draws the eyes down the belly and hips to the-"

"Fun zone.."

"- right. And there's there's exposed thigh to entice them. By the time their eyes have made their way down there, they've pretty much given up any tactical advantage they may have over me, and I've had ample time to put my attack in motion."

"Well, that's more thought than I expected if I'm honest."

"I'll try not to be insulted by that.."

"And with all that height, you wear heels? Just how tall are you, Kimberley?"

"Six-two" Kimberley grinned. "Without heels."

- - - 

Téa Rodden aka Strix appears courtesy of Jyger85 
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Hey, Kimberly's wearing her costume again!

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I like how EmeraldValkyrie is proving that her costume is NOT painted on. ;)

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Wow !!! this is an epic image and a great story! :heart:

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Emerald Valkyrie looks like she going to take off her outfit!

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A good explanation and fun banter :-) I’m from the mindset not to worry about these things too much anyway (super heroes are not real lol) but it’s nice you put some thought into it, and give us an insight into Kimmy’s mind.
And they look awesome :D
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Pretty much why Marvel's Black Cat wears such revealing costumes, Mark Bagley actually designed two of my favorite versions of her costume, One from the 90s with the plunging neckline and the First design used in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

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So with the heels, she's probably as tall as Cybertaur when she's in her walker. WOW.

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