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Section P Season 5 Episode 1

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Presented in partnership with my collaborators TheCosmicBeholder & maltorramus 

The last year has been a wild one for Centennia and Section P. Kate was murdered by Ohmega, and Centennia discovered she was pregnant! Lacrecia, Lucifer's granddaughter, is dating a young man from Coney Island called Nate. Cassandra struggled with her residual feelings for Lacrecia following the Worst World Invasion (in Season 3!) and then met the girl of her (and Eros') dreams - Impact Star. Kimberley discovered the strange and terrible origin of hers and Kate - they were a genetic project of Ohmega with the aim of creating the perfect super spy. The project was abandoned when the embryo split and the babies were less than the perfect they were looking for. Kimberley fell into a downward spiral of despair, losing her sister and then her sense of identity. She broke up with Merv the Griffin, and sought to find solace in anonymous sex at the Bleeding Rose. Instead she met a young heroine named Lumi!

Centennia struggled with the prospect of going through her pregnancy alone, and tumbled back into the arms of her former lover Captain Perfect, much to chagrin of his current girlfriend Jeanette! After coming to blows, the trio moved forward and became a strange foursome with Claire Jones - the possible daughter of Centennia and Kate from a distant future! With the birth imminent, a miracle occurred. Not the miracle of childbirth, no! Kate Five was back from the dead!

How will these developments shape Section P in the days, weeks and months to come? Stay tuned to find out!

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Episode 1 - Greatest Love Of All

"Ma'am, the head is almost out! On your next contraction, I want you to push, ok? Push!"

Centennia nodded, trying her best to breathe through all of the pain. She looked around at her at the faces smiling encouragingly back at her. Captain Perfect, her on-again-off-again lover, smiling despite the look of barely controlled panic on his masked face. Jeanette, the young powerhouse she shared Gary (Captain Perfect) with. Claire, her future daughter who also seemed to live with Gary. And Kate, her lost love, back from the grave. "You can do this!" they all seemed to say. She knew that there would be some difficult conversations to come, but right at that moment was the more pressing matter of a new being about to be born into their world. She grit her teeth as another contraction began.

"Push!" the paramedic urged. Centennia cried out loudly, and then it was over. "I've got it!"

Centennia collapsed back into the bed, where Gary and Jeanette were ready to heap congratulations on her. Centennia tried to catch her breath, but why hadn't she heard the baby cry yet?

The two paramedics tried to clean up the baby and check its airway, but it was covered a purplish pink goo that seemed to resist their efforts to remove it. "I-Is something wrong..?" Centennia called from the bed. 

"Ma'am, we knew that a superhuman birth was going to be a little unorthodox, but we don't know what we're doing! We can't find a pulse and it's not breathing."

"No!" Centennia cried out. She tried to sit up, but collapsed back into the bed. 

"Honey.." Kate said softly. ".. I've got this." She extended her hands towards the paramedics, who placed the unmoving pink mass into her grasp. All eyes were on Kate and the newborn. "Twinkle twinkle little star.." she began to sing softly. ".. how I wonder what you are.." As she sang, her hands became black and like liquid, stretching out and merging with the pink goo. ".. up above the world so high..." The more she sang, the more of her body turned to black. ".. like a diamond in the sky.." Soon her entire body was liquid. ".. Twinkle twinkle little star.."

The gathered group stared on in awe as the black shape slowly took form again until Kate was standing before them with a newborn baby cradled against her chest. A perfectly normal-looking human baby. It let out a little cough, and then the room was filled with the sound of the baby's first cries. 

".. how I wonder what you are.." Kate finished softly, looking to Centennia with a proud and gentle smile. Tears filled her eyes and dropped softly to her cheeks. "It's a girl."

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Wonder of wonders!! Kate is back and a new life arrived too! :D

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This was a nerve-wracking birth at least the baby's alright!

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A joyous picture of a very joyous occasion <3
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This has to have been a weird experience for Claire seeing a version of herself being born.

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Nyaaaaa!!! Cheerful !!!! so cheerfull

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AWWWW! Look how cuuuuuute! :heart:

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