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Section P Season 4 Episode 20

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Presented in partnership with my collaborators TheCosmicBeholder & maltorramus 

Life continues for the denizens of the Fortress of Evening - Captain Evening's New Odds, and Kate Five and Centennia's New Section P teams. In this brand new chapter it's time for Kate to learn about her origin, and the truth behind Project F.I.V.E. which gave her her powers

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Episode 20 - Back In Black

I awoke to the pain of a new existence. In a dank womb of darkness and decay.
-Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996)

That was one of my favourite video games growing up. You start off as this knight who gets murdered, and then the necromancer Mortanius gives him the choice to go back and have his vengeance. Only Kain wakes up in a crypt, and now he's a vampire. He finds his world has changed while he was dead, and everything is dark and horrible. He's put on a quest to fix everything, and he's manipulated by the powers that be the whole time until the very end, when he's given a choice - sacrifice his life to make the world right again, or burn it all down. The rest of the games in the series take the 'bad ending' as the real one. I always liked that..

- - - 

Kate! Please! I need you!!

I heard you shouting for me. In whatever that 'in between' place I'd been living since I got murdered is. When was that? Like, before Christmas? Sometimes it's hard to remember things here. Ghede (pronounced Geh-DEE), my slimy companion, calls it the Astral Plane. But truth be told I don't really know what that means or understand it. But what I do know is that I'm dead. But apparently I've been dead for a while now, like before I got shot in the head. Or at least that tall girl from South Wales is dead. She took Ghede into her body, and they merged, and became something new. I still feel like I'm that girl, but apparently we don't have organs. And Ghede exists as a voice in my head. But that was before I got murdered. I'd been trying to make my way back, but shit's hard, you know?

Ha! You probably don't, Cen. You've never been dead. And I pray you never will. So I can tell by the baby I'm cradling right now, that I've been gone almost a year. Time is so weird where I've been. Sometimes it feels like I've been gone years. A lot seems to have changed. On the way over here I noticed phrases I've never heard before, like "social distancing" and shit. People are wearing masks like they do in China when SARS appears. You're here in Captain Perfect's bedroom, and he's on the other side of the door with Jeanette and Claire? Did you join a harem while I was dead? Ha! I'm not even mad! I was gone, and you thought I was never coming back. Shit, i thought I was never coming back.. 

The 'coming back'.. man, that was some crazy shit too. I felt my world start turning, like that scene in the hallway from Inception. Glass shattered, and I hit your bed like water. Only it was in the really real world. I recognised where I was. I was in your place outside the city. All the lights were off, and there was a little bit of dust everywhere like you hadn't been there in a few weeks. And my whole body was like a fucking puddle! I can't describe how weird that is either. Like being able to feel, but knowing your body is like a bowl of soup someone's thrown on your bed sheets. But then the soup starts moving. Hundreds of tentacles, like dick-fingers, all wiggling and slimy. It was super gross, but it was my body. Way worse than finding a long nose-hair. But this is me now. I'm some weird alien blob thing. Only we're not alien. Ghede was a person once. A German person! Ha! For real. So Eros, and Balthus, they're technically German not aliens.. But that's best left for another time. Point is, I may not exactly be human anymore, but then you're not exactly human either. And maybe that's what drew us together. Or maybe it's because of the ladyboner I've had for you since I was old enough to get wet! Damn, I can practically hear Kimmy's disapproval.

I'm getting off-track, as usual. So I was this mass of tentacles, and then I was pulling my body out of this slimy mess. Like I was giving birth to myself! Into your world. Shit was wild.. There was an episode of Ren & Stimpy I saw once, where Stimpy climbed into his own belly button. It was like that, except kind of in reverse.. I crawled out of my own body, until all that was left was me. I can't think of a better way to explain it. But I was here. In your place! And I knew I had to find you. And now I've found you, I'm never leaving you again. You're asleep now, so I know I'm basically talking to myself here..

I love you, Centennia.

- - - 

An hour earlier

"Something's wrong!" the paramedic said. "The head is crowning, but the water hasn't broken and I can't pierce the membrane."

"I don't know what that means!" Gary said in a panic. "And why is it purple?!"

"We knew this birth wasn't going to be normal-" said the other paramedic, "- so we're just rolling with it right now. Sometimes the water doesn't break on its own during labor. Sometimes we have to help it. Also if the baby's head can't pass the cervix itself, it puts it and the mother in danger." 

"It looks like a purple blob.."

"Gary!" Claire shouted. "I'm kind of a purple blob! That might be me she's giving birth to."

"Why don't you try breaking the water then?" he said.

"Shit, no! If that is me, what if touching it causes a time paradox that like, destroys the universe or something?!"

Gary thought for a moment and nodded as if that made perfect sense. Then came a knock at the door. "Uh, I'll get it, I guess.." Gary said, giving him an excuse to leave the room. He looked through the peek hole in his door and saw a gigantic brunette. He pulled the door open with a surprised frown wrinkling his mask. "Kate...?"

In his doorway was Kate Five. Centennia's deceased lover and the 'father' of her child. "Hi Gary. Is, uhh.... Cen here?"

The two looked at each other awkwardly for a moment. "Yeah, sure... in the bedroom..."

"Great!" Kate said, stepping into his apartment. She gave him a quick peck on the cheeks, "Sorry for stealing your girlfriend. We'll, uhh... talk about this later, yeah?"

Gary rubbed his cheek in disbelief as Kate rushed over to the bedroom where Centennia's cries could be heard. Kate stopped in the doorway with eyes wide, taking in the scene. There was the love of her life, in Gary's bed, her legs spread, two paramedics between them and hoooooboy that was a baby's head coming out of her hoo-ha. 

Kate covered her mouth with her hands as tears began falling down her cheeks. "Cen!" she croaked. Their eyes met, and for a moment Centennia forgot what was happening to her body.

"Kate.." she whispered, fresh tears welling up in her eyes as they both began ugly-crying. Kate rushed to her side and took her hands in hers, squeezing them tightly in reassurance. 

"I'm here, honey. You can do this!"

"How..?" Centennia cried. Kate leaned in and kissed her forehead tenderly. 

"It doesn't matter. Let's get our baby out of you, then we've got the rest of our lives to talk about this." she grinned. 

- - - 


We can confirm that Section P has been picked up for fifth season! What will come of Centennia and Gary now that Kate is back? Stay tuned! Excelsior! 
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Just in time for the baby arrival! :D

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Kate’s return from the dead couldn’t have come at a more dramatic- or needed- moment!

A well done dark image for a very happy ending!

Well crafted!

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Something tells me Kimmy will be overjoyed that her sister is back.

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But now all your little schemes are whirling around you in ruin, aren't they? All because I chose to exert MY will for once, rather than obey the demands of sorcerers and spirits and demons all singing the same tiresome refrain: "Kill Kain!"
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WOW!! that was an epic story and a great season I didn't expect this story to end the season !! but Amazing Season finale!!

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I take it's that time of the month again! :o

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I'm baffled, but intrigued! :D

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Good story beautiful piece

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