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Section P Season 4 Episode 19

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Presented in partnership with my collaborators TheCosmicBeholder & maltorramus 

Life continues for the denizens of the Fortress of Evening - Captain Evening's New Odds, and Kate Five and Centennia's New Section P teams. In this brand new chapter it's time for Kate to learn about her origin, and the truth behind Project F.I.V.E. which gave her her powers

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Episode 19 - The End Is The Beginning Is The End

11:23 on a Tuesday

Centennia grit her teeth in pain and gripped the bedsheets tightly as another contraction took hold. 

"They're gettin' closah togevah, Gawwy!" Jeanette called out with a hint of panic to Captain Perfect.

"I know!" Gary shouted from the other side of his luxury apartment. He looked desperately at his phone again, "I've been tryin' to call Madison (New York's resident super scientist) all frickin' morning, but I keep getting a message "she's off-world"!! What am I supposed to do, doll?!!"

Claire Jones, the daughter of Centennia and Kate Five from a possible distant future, looked up from her phone. "Yahoo search asks how much she's dilated.. and something about a mucus plug?" she said deadpan despite the situation. 

"What'sa yahoo search?" Jeanette asked seriously. 

(Somewhere, the 'Always Sunny In Philadelphia' theme music is playing)

- - - 

Several hours later

"So I'm on the phone to a OB-GYN.. and cuz of the pandemic, they say it's probably safer for you t'have the baby here than at a hospital.." Gary said, trying to stay calm. He knew his sheets would never be the same again after this. 

"O-ok...?" Centennia said shakily.

"Buuuuut... they're gonna try sending over some paramedics to help out."

"Oh thank god.." she exhaled as she leaned back into the mountain of pillows behind her. Earth's Most Powerful Hero, known the world over for her beauty and grace, was soaked in sweat. Her usually pristine golden curls were tied into two messy plaits. Her sapphire eyes were tinged with red after almost 24-hours of contractions. 

"It's funny-" Claire began, "-most of what I know about childbirth is from movies and TV shows. I figured the baby would be here by now. Doesn't the water break suddenly and then the baby arrives a few minutes later?"

"I know, right!" Jeanette exclaimed. "It's been like a day, and she ain't even broke da waddah yet!"

Claire chuckled to herself at Jeanette's Boston accent pronouncing 'broke the water'. 

"Ok, Cen?" Gary asked with trepidation, "Doc says we need to check how far you're dilated.. but I, uh, can't be dealing with that.."

Centennia's eyebrows rose in defeat. 

"I mean, I could do it.." Claire said, ".. but that's my mom, you know..?"

"I'll do it!" Jeanette shouted, full of spunk.

Centennia looked from Gary to Claire and to Jeanette pensively. I wish Kate was here, she thought to herself desperately. Kate! Please! I need you!!

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Alas! Where is Kate? :D

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So who is the father anyway?

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OHH YEAH!!! epic story my friend!!! also so sweet!

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Oh dear God. Poor Centennia. XD

So, IS it bright where you are? HAVE the people changed? =P

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