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Presented in partnership with my collaborator TheCosmicBeholder 

In this exciting new series, the sole survivors of the Worst World Invasion try to stay one step ahead of Dark Centennia and her shadow army

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- - - 

Episode 12 - The End Is The Beginning Is The End

"You really thought you could escape?!" Kate's voice bellowed from up ahead, yet seeming to echo all around them. "I knew where to find you as soon as you killed my children in New Jersey!"

Cassandra and Lacrecia looked into each others eyes in silence, their grips tightening. 

"The two of you have managed to stay undetected for two years.." she shouted, almost with a hint of admiration, but the cruel smile twisting her face showed only malevolence. ".. and now you come here within sight of Centennia's throne!". The Worst Kate Five gestured towards Manhattan without taking her gaze from the girls. 

"That's because we got sick of running! We decide now is the time-" Cassandra shouted back, but was interrupted. 

"-to use Madison's lab against us? Put the timestreams back in their place?"

Cassandra's mouth hung open in shock. How could she know? She exchanged a look with Lacrecia who stared back with the same bewilderment. 

"I read your minds, dears, once we were close enough. I know everything now!"

"Bullshit!" shouted Lacrecia. "Kate Five isn't psychic!" 

The Worst Kate Five laughed, the mirth never reaching the black inky pools that were her eyes. "YOUR Kate Five was never psychic. That much is true. But I never was your Kate Jones. I learned from devouring your friends that my counterpart on your world was born with an identical twin. The embryo splitting in its surrogate was not intended, I'm sure. However in my reality I was born an only child, and developed fully into my intended powers.."

Cassandra and Lacrecia screamed as though a white-hot needle was rammed into their skulls. 

"I will take EVERYTHING from you! Your memories! Your emotions! Your hopes! Your dreams! Your FEARS! And then I will take your bodies to strengthen Centennia's horde".

"Fuck... you! And fuck... Centennia!" Lacrecia shouted. 

"Ha! Sadly my bride cannot be here today to witness this. She is busy conquering the multiverse of Earths. I exist with her in all those worlds, as each human who succumbed to my blackness. I see and hear everything they do! When you finally revealed yourself, your drew my attention. And so here I am on this wretched Earth you called home.."

"She must be spread pretty thin.." Cassandra whispered to Lacrecia. "If she is every shadow creep in every world, right?"

"Don't bother whispering, green-hair. I can read your thoughts, remember". 

Cassandra bared her teeth and flipped the Worst Kate her middle fingers, "Fuck off you British twat!"

"Ha.. charming..." the smile drained from her face, "I know you want to believe there's a God, Cassandra. You should pray to him now. The end is here"

- - - 

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Knight3000 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely done and written
TULIO19mx Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would they be able to escape!?
TheCosmicBeholder Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
 Love it! Kate is terrifying yet sexy, and we get to see her full scary potential- and a bit more. Love how the coloring worked in this one!
burstlion Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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