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Presented in partnership with my collaborator TheCosmicBeholder 

In this exciting new series, the sole survivors of the Worst World Invasion try to stay one step ahead of Dark Centennia and her shadow army

Previous episode -

- - - 

Episode 10 - That's Me In The Spotlight..

"I just.." Cassandra stuttered, "I need a minute.."

Lacrecia looked on with a worried expression as Cassandra walked away. She took the time to find a source of water to clean off the blood that covered her from head to toe.

- - - 

Cassandra entered an abandoned church nearby. Covered in graffiti and rubble as it was, broken alter and all, it was the closest to a cathedral as she was going to find. She staggered in the dark towards a shaft of moonlight that pierced the broken roof and dropped to her knees, tears staining her cheeks. 

"God..?" she began, but was met only with silence. Her tears intensified, her hands closing in fists. "Fuck you!!" she screamed. "How can you call yourself a god?! Don't even bother to interfere.. Created in your fucking image!? What kind of a creep does that make you anyway?" she shouted angrily. "There is no Hell! We're already here!! And why do I fear death if I'm already dead..?" She looked down at her hands. "Why should I be able to hate? Why all this envy? Should I be able to kill for this land? IS THIS WHAT YOU ARE?!". She paused, sobbing before raising her voice in rage again, "And what is evil? If this is the Light, then what is darkness? Just a brick in a game?! Answer me... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!!"

Only the crushing silence. She collapsed, her tears flowing freely. 

"Angel of God.." came Lacrecia's voice from the broken doorway of the church. ".. my guardian dear. To whom God's love commits me here.." Which each verse she moved closer to Cassandra. "Ever this day, be at my side.. To light and guard.. Rule and guard.." She reached out and stroked Cassandra's wet cheek.

"A-amen.." Cassandra whispered. Lacrecia smiled down at her, her hair lit by the moonbeam like a halo. "Are you sure you're not an angel..?" Lacrecia merely smiled back at her, her red eyes glowing in the darkness.

- - - 

They decided to spend the night in a diner, barricading themselves in a store room. They sat together, helping themselves to cans of pudding and fruit. Cassandra's head leaned on Lacrecia's shoulder. 

"How did you know the Guardian Angel Prayer?" she asked. 

"Hell's a pretty open minded place." Lacrecia smiled. "We learn all sorts of things about religion in school. Hinduism. Buddhism. And of course Christianity."

"Isn't that weird? Being demons and all? Having the Devil as like a celebrity?"

"Sure." she shrugged. "But it's pretty hard to be an atheist when you're a demon. We're taught that God created everything. Whatever He, She or It is, all religions come from men as they try to understand the nature of the universe. Just like early men might have worshiped the sun and the moon. Doesn't mean they were right or wrong to do that."

Cassandra nodded thoughtfully, "I guess.. So you don't think me being Catholic is stupid..?"

Lacrecia smiled, stroking Cassandra's face. "Stupid!? Hell no! But I don't envy you. You Catholics really beat yourself up over your beliefs. The doubt and shit is part of the deal I think. If it makes you feel better, I believe God is real. I just don't think he owes me anything."

"What do you mean?" she asked genuinely.

"Like, if you believe in destiny or fate, it means everything's mapped out for you already. And if that's true, then free will is a lie. From what I know, Lucifer rebelled against God because He gave humans free will, but not the angels. If everything really is 'God's Plan', then it doesn't explain why everything is so fucked up.. Disease, famine, war.. Does that sound like something a loving god would have in its plan?"

Cassandra nodded again. "Wow.. that makes some sense.. He would be pretty cruel otherwise.. But then what does that make Him? Some kind of absentee father figure?"

"I guess. But then if there's no-one steering the ship, then it means we can do anything! Be anything! That's pretty powerful don't you think?"

"Yeah... so, why did you pray with Excalibur before?"

"Because of you. Because I respect what you believe. Even if I don't think God is really going to help me, it's important to you. I wanted you to know that your faith means something to me"

"Even after you told me that God isn't going to intervene?"

"Sure. But that doesn't mean He's not watching, or gives a shit"

Cassandra stared up at Lacrecia's face silently before a smile lit her mascara stained face. "What the fuck did I do to deserve you?"

- - - 

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