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Kimberley and Tea third date

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Written in collaboration with Jyger85 

See their first date here

- - - 

We join our intrepid heroines, not in death-defying battle with the forces of evil, but during entrées at a fancy restaurant on the island of Tahiti. Billionaire playgirl and philanthropist Téa Rodden and amazonian super scientist Kimberley Jones, better known to the world as Strix and Emerald Valkyrie, had arrived via Téa's private jet some hours before. Their first date was a double date two weeks before, hoping to introduce Stella Masters and Samantha Reeves aka Cybertaur and Sway, to one another. Their second date involved donning their costumes and fighting crime on the streets. An exhilarating romp for sure, but not conductive to conversation. 

Kimberley had joked about Téa paying for them to go to Tahiti, and she was as good as her word. After some wine and appetizers, the pair were beginning to open up. 

"So Ms. Jones.." Téa began, ".. I've noticed that you're almost always wearing your green goggles. Today the only thing that's green is your watch." she gestured to Kimberley's wrist. 

"Oh, this?" Kimberley grinned, "I never leave home without some of my tech."

"And will this piece try and probe my private networks?"

Kimberley's eyebrows rose in mock-incredulousness, "Probing, Ms Rodden? Whatever-"

"Data mining." Téa interrupted, "Don't play coy, Ms Jones.. it insults us both."

A flash of red filled Kimberley's cheeks, "Ok, you caught me! My tech is always scanning for unsecured networks in the vicinity and records any data it finds. It's not targeted or malicious-"

"But it is illegal, and arguably unethical.."

"Well..." she squirmed, "Illegal, yes. Ethical? One could argue that the data I gather gives myself and The Odds an advantage in helping make the world a better place."

Téa did not look convinced, "It's corporate espionage-"

"If I was working for a rival company, which I am not.. The data I've gathered has been used to bring corruption to light-"

"You'll find no corruption in my company, I can assure you." Téa said with a hint of anger.

"Well.. I can't break for your network's security, so I guess we'll never know.." Kimberley said with a mock pout.

Téa smiled as they fell into a comfortable silence and continued their meal. 

"So, Kimberley.." Téa began.

"No "Ms Jones"?" she asked. "We're onto first names now. Excellent."

".. you agreed to be considered for a date with Samantha (Sway), and then ended up with me as your double date partner. How long have you been interested in women..?"

Kimberley paused for a moment, her mouth pursing to the side as she considered how to proceed. "If you'd asked me two years ago, I would have told you I was heterosexual.. My work kept me incredibly busy, but I would sometimes blow off some steam by picking up a partner at a bar, club or health spa, and although they were mostly men, there were also a handful of women who landed in my bed. In truth, the only real relationship I've been in was with a gigantic orange demon of vengeance (Merv the Griffin).." Kimberley let out a sigh and seemed to deflate, her shoulders sagging. "Since coming to New York and finding myself wrapped up in the craziness my sister brought on us, to forming bonds with the superteam The Odds, I've probably done the most personal growth of my life. I'm barely 25, and I guess I had to do some soul searching.."

"That was.." Téa said, a little off guard, ".. more honest than I was expecting. I'm sorry if I was being a bit aloof before. It's sort of a natural part of the circles I run in. Keeping your cards close to your chest."

Kimberley nodded, wiping the corner of her eye carefully. "I'm familiar with it. Keeping up appearances. You know, regarding sexuality, especially in our super community, seems to be very fluid. Statistically speaking there should only be one or two of us who are queer. But in reality, at least in my experience, everyone is very free with their love. There don't seem to be any barriers."

"Why do you think that is?" Téa asked, taking a sip of her wine.

"It must be down to the nature of what we do. We save the world every other Tuesday. Risking life and limb. We walk the razor's edge every day. That level of stress with the immensity of the powers we wield.. we have to be able to blow off steam somehow. Those in our community understand how that feels, and so we find solace in each other. The Fortress of Evening was a place of friendship and openness, where being naked was accepted and not taboo. When Katie and myself arrived with what remained of Section P, our sexual natures sort of bubbled over, and that openness of the Fortress turned into a place where sex became as common as eating, or bathing. An every day thing that we didn't need to place too much importance on. It's been... pretty great, actually."

Téa grinned, "That sounds very... liberating"

"Especially when you're as uptight as I am, you mean." Kimberley laughed genuinely. 

"I never called you uptight.." Téa added, still grinning. 

"So tell me more about you.." Kimberley said as she began her dessert. "Something I won't find on your wiki page."

Téa thought it over for a moment. In truth, after hearing Kim bare her soul as she did, it made her want to do the same, to share the secrets she kept closest to her chest. To tell how, in a former life, she was an owl belonging to Athena. To tell how she'd earned her family's riches via the lottery, thanks to her connection to Athena's wisdom allowing her to see the patterns in how it worked. However, secrets like those couldn't be shared with just anyone. The truth of her connection to the Greek pantheon could only be shared with those she knew would never tell anyone else. Still, even though she couldn't be THAT honest, there was one thing she didn't go around mentioning to her dates... "...I wish my family hadn't gotten rich and famous the way that we did," Téa admitted, looking down at her plate.

"The lottery...Vegas...all of it. Don't get me wrong, if I'm being honest with myself, I wouldn't trade away my lifestyle, or the resources I've obtained on account of being rich and famous, but I wish we'd gotten there differently."

Kimberley nodded intently. "That's your origin story.." she said with a smile, ".. I get it. Mine would paint me as a villain. The jealous twin sister, hellbent on my rival's destruction to the point of taking a job with an obviously amoral corporation."

"That was Ohmega, right?"

"Yeah.. I basically ran away from home after turning 18 and moved from small town South Wales to USA to peruse a career in science. Ohmega basically snapped me up before I'd finished my first year of studies. I finally felt I was working with people who understood my intellect, but all of it was to get back at Katie.." Kimberley paused as her eyes began welling with tears, ".. oh shit, Katie.. I'm sorry. I wasn't supposed to start bawling in the middle of a date!"

Téa reached out and put a hand on Kimberley's arm, "No! It's ok! You look like you need to let this out."

Kimberley sniffed and wiped her face with the corner of a her napkin. "My sister.. my twin sister is dead, and I miss her so much.." She paused for a moment, bottom lip quivering. "It's been almost a year now. She was murdered on the streets of New York City, and we're almost certain it was Ohmega.."

"That's..." Téa began, eyes widening. ".. wow. I'm so sorry, Kimberley."

"I hated her for so long. Until I realised how silly and infantile the rivalry was. Since we all landed in New York and were forced to live together, we became close again. Like family. It was wonderful... I worry that I didn't do enough to show her how much she meant to me.. and now I can't.." She let out gentle sobs, her massive shoulders shaking with each one. 

Téa bit her lip and signaled the host. The man rushed over discreetly. She whispered to him, "We'll be leaving. Send the bill to me at the InterContinental."

"Oui Ms Rodden" he said before speeding away.

Téa lifted Kimberley to her feet with a hand on her arm. "Why don't we continue this with a walk along the beach.."

- - - 

The sun was setting on the western side of Tahiti, filling the sky with purple and orange streaks as Téa and Kimberley walked along the beach with an arm interlinked. Kimberley's eyelids were a little puffy from all the crying, and her eye makeup was almost completely smeared down her cheeks. 

"I hate that you're seeing me like this.." Kimberley said quietly. Téa stopped and gently pulled on Kimberley's arm to stand her facing each other. 

"Kimberley, you are a fierce, strong, intelligent, beautiful woman.. You don't need to be ashamed of having feelings. This is still a man's world, especially in these upper echelons. We women need to be able to stand together and support one another."

Kimberley sniffed. "You think I'm beautiful..?"

"Snot bubbles and all" Téa grinned.

"Bitch!" she shouted, slapping Téa on the shoulder. "I'm going to get you for that"

"You have to catch me first!" Téa screamed as she took off down the beach. The six foot redhead was in hot pursuit

- - - 

To be continued!
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Beautiful, how did you make it? Is it a pencil sketch converted and postworked in digital?

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Close :) I draw with a tablet and then colour it digitally. I find I use lots of small brush strokes, so my work doesn't tend to have the crisp, clear lines that most digital artists have. I wish I could, but this is my way!

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Brush or pencil I cannot consistently make a line more than half a centimeter, I basically go back and connect the dots and erase the strays.

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Great work! :D And a most sharing and intimate chat they had! :D

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Fantastic work and attention to detail!!

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Fabulous! Really nice voices you gave them here, and so cool to revisit Kimmy’s life- I remember it all well and love it!
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